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Menstuff® has compiled the following information on potential long-term financial responsibility for children born from donated sperm or eggs.

Sperm Donors Watch Out
Jason Patric Inspires Controversial Sperm-Donor Rights Legislation in California
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Sperm Donors Watch Out

One of our columnists, Wendy McElroy, makes us aware of the potential for anyone who has donated their sperm or eggs, regardless of the agreement made with the people involved in using the sperm or eggs. The agrement may be deemed unenforceable due to "legal, equitable and moral principles." The main abrogating principle: biological parents cannot waive the interests of a child -- a third party -- who has an independent 'right' to support from each one of them.

And, while the case being reviewed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court only focuses on the financial responsibility of men who donate their sperm, we would think, in this day and age of striving for equal rights under the law, that women who donate their eggs would be equally responsible to any children born from those eggs. - Gordon Clay

Jason Patric Inspires Controversial Sperm-Donor Rights Legislation in California

What started as a child custody dispute between Jason Patric and a former girlfriend has evolved into a controversial, high-profile case that could change California law.

Patric, 47, star of The Lost Boys, Sleepers and My Sister's Keeper, has become intimately intertwined with a California state bill that would give sperm donors the ability to sue for parentage rights.

As part of a fertility treatment, Patric donated sperm in 2009 to a former girlfriend, massage therapist Danielle Schreiber, that resulted in her pregnancy, according to ABC News. He then decided he wanted to help raise the child, Gus, now 3, but was thwarted in his attempts to gain partial custody.

Patric told the Los Angeles Times that he and and Schreiber agreed to have a child together and that he has had a "loving relationship" with his son.
Source: www.people.com/people/article/0,,20717444,00.html

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