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Extra Steamy Man Survey

It's been nearly 15 years since our first (and nosiest) major men's survey, so we asked those crazy questions again (along with a few new ones) to see if-and how-guys have changed. The verdict, according to the 1,013 men we polled? They're less likely to fake an orgasm, more supportive of your career and just as terrified of going bald. Laugh a little, then love men more than ever.

Sex dealbreakers for men: If a woman you were interested in told you she was bisexual, what would be your reaction?

39% It wouldn't make any difference to me
35% I'd be even more interested
26% I'd be less interested

Which of the following would make you stop in the middle of intercourse?

61% If she called out her ex's name
60% If she took a phone call
35% If she seemed really drunk and out of it
25% If she farted
10% Nothing-not even the sound of a fire alarm

Sex can be good even if you don't have an orgasm.

76% True
24% False

Men tell all: Have you ever…

Measured your penis?

67% Yes
33% No

In 1995, only 55% of men admitted to getting out the measuring stick.

Faked an orgasm during intercourse?

24% Yes
76% No

Had sex with a woman you actively disliked?

27% Yes
73% No

In 1995, 58% of men said they had!

What if…

You could be certain that your wife or girlfriend would never know that you had sex with any of her friends. Would you?

29% Yes
71% No

Let's talk about sex partners

Approximately how many sexual partners have you had in the past 12 months?

12% None
74% 1-2
10% 3-5
2% 6-10
2% More than 10

If you had sex with a new partner in the past 12 months, did you use a condom every time?

62% Yes
38% No

Would you rather marry a woman 20 years older than you or 20 pounds heavier than you?

53% 20 years older
47% 20 pounds heavier

Which would you rather be:

68% 5'2" tall with a seven-inch penis
32% 6'2" tall with a three-inch penis

If your friends threw a bachelor party for you, which would you prefer?

47% A night at a casino or sporting event, followed by bar hopping (no topless bars)
47% A boys bonding weekend in the woods
22% A night in a strip club with lap dances

About how often do you look at porn?

11% Never
26% A handful of times a year
23% Several times a month
28% Several times a week
9% Every day
3% Several times a day

What men really want


If your girlfriend could be good at only one of the following, at which would you want her to excel?

48% Oral sex
45% Cooking
7% Sports

If it were painless, safe and free, would you encourage your wife or girlfriend to get breast implants?

25% Yes
75% No

Note: In 1995, 55% of men said they'd go for bigger boobs.

Men's sex fantasies

Would it turn you on to see your girl have sex with another guy?

12% Yes
88% No

How often do you fantasize about other women during sex with your partner?

41% Rarely or never
41% Not very often
15% Frequently
3% Almost every time

Angelina Jolie has a proposition for you: First, she wants to watch you have sex with Brad Pitt, and then she'll have sex with you. Do you go for it?

19% Yes
81% No

What men think about women's roles

Can a woman be a good mother and keep up a fulltime career?

81% Yes
19% No

Will a woman be elected president in the next 20 years?

78% Possibly. I'd certainly consider voting for a woman
15% Possibly, but she won't get my vote
7% No way. Americans will never elect a female president

In 1995, only 29% said they would elect a Madam President.

Which of the following would make you the most uncomfortable? Dating a woman, who, compared with you, is:

31% More sexually experienced
17% A better athlete
17% Smarter
16% More successful in her career
11% Wealthier
8% Funnier

What men think about men's roles

Would you take advantage of paternity leave if your office offered it?

83% Yes
17% No

Whom would you respect more?

69% A man who has a successful marriage
31% A man who has a successful career

If your wife earned twice as much as you and wanted to continue working, would you agree to stay home with your child for a few years?

85% Yes
15% No

Would you want your wife to take your last name?

44% Yes, I'd insist on it
41% Yes, but I wouldn't insist
12% It'd be up to her
3% No

Men on morals and more

Which of the following scares you more?

68% Random violence
32% Going bald

Complete the following statement: Breast-feeding in public is…

78% Natural and a mother's right
22% Really gross

Do you feel that men are as victimized by society today as women are?

52% Yes
48% No

Your partner's pleasure

Compared with other men, how good do you think you are in the sack?

18% I'm in the top 10 percent
45% I'm better than most
34% I'm average
3% I'm worse than most

Which part of your body gives your partner more pleasure?

62% My penis
38% My mouth

Who do you think gets more pleasure out of sex: you or your partner?

57% Me
43% My partner

Two more musings from men

Which best describes how you felt when you lost your virginity?

63% It was a wonderful experience
6% It was emotionally difficult
31% It was a big nothing

What's your view on the "bro-zilian" (men waxing down there)?

41% I'd rather not, but I'd do it for her
33% Who do I look like-Michael Phelps? Men are supposed to have hair
25% I'm pro-bro-zilian. A tree looks larger in the desert than surrounded by bushes-plus it's cleaner

Source: Galmour magazine

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