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Menstuff® has information on The call to legalize all illicit drugs The "War on Drugs" has cost billions upon billions of dollars and has been a disaster. The War itself has torn families apart, has driven users underground and away from help, and has negatively impacted a generation of children. It happens each time there is a raid on a home suspected of drugs. The majority of these incidents don't turn up dealers but they negatively impact the children in the household being invaded and those children in the neighborhood. And it feeds a system of crime that would be much smaller, if not nonexistent, if all illicit drugs were legalized. The usage of illicit drugs in the U.S. has created its own economy, not only in production and distribution, but a criminal incarnation system that would put thousands of correctional officers out of a job if drugs were legal. And thousands of lives would be saved which are now lost every year to cartel violence.

STOP. Before you poo-poo this concept, examine the 10-year program that has followed the legalization of all drugs in Portugal. Then watch these two BBC Documentaries.

1:32:52 57:20

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