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The American economy may be rebounding in some areas, but many people still are compelled to find unique ways to provide for their families and take care of their children in a job market that remains difficult. One solution that is becoming increasingly popular is for the father to stay at home and act as the primary caregiver to children, while the other parent is the principal breadwinner. Hogan Hilling, the author of The Man Who Would Be Dad and "an elder statesmen of the at-home dad movement" (Brian Reid, The Washington Post), provides tips to new stay-at home fathers on how to adjust to their new job.

He tells the story of how he became the father he is today. Written in lyrical vignettes, he passes along wisdom and humor in the stories he tells about being a stay-at-home father for his three sons, one of whom is severely handicapped. He is completely genuine in his desire to be the best dad he can be and to help other dads achieve this too. Here are tips from the newly released paperback edition of his book, for both parents when one of them becomes a stay-at-home father:

Source: Author Hogan Hilling is the founder of Proud Dads Inc., a national consulting firm that sets up and conducts fathering programs for hospitals and other family-oriented organizations and business. In 1995, he received the California Courage to Care Award and the Parents’ Parent of the Year Award. Hogan has appeared on several national television and radio talk shows.

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