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Some women get turned on by seeing men's nipples so shouldn't men be required to go back to the one-piece swimsuit that covers their nipples? I'd say bikini but I don't think many men could handle that. Then again, there are actually bras produced for men.

There are some women who shouldn't go out in public in a bakini. Maybe there are some men who shouldn't go out without one, like this famous Hollywood actor/director.

Since, in many states, it's still illegal for a woman to breast feed in public, maybe we should regress to the 30s and require men to also cover their breasts in public.

It's wasn't until, I believe, sometime in the 30's that Santa Cruz, CA struck down a law that required men to cover their breasts at a public beach. Previously, men had to wear one-piece swim suits that covered their tops and bottoms. It took another 70 years or so for the law requiring women to cover their breasts, to be struck down.

Before New Law
After New Law

Then again, how ridiculous would that look to have all men wear a full one-piece or a bikini top?


Now you see nipples.
Now you don't.*
* This is a Hand-Bar. See more.

About as ridiculous as the other way around.

Moira Johnston has one answer

Hear what Moira, a topless activist from New York City, has to say.


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