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The Five: Top 5 Teen Sex Moments

In honor of Ryan and Marissa finally doing it on The OC, here are my picks for the Top 5 Teen Sex Moments of all time (or within the time I've been alive).

5) Dylan and Brenda on Beverly Hills 90210: I waited forever for these two to have sex. And when they did it was pretty cheesy. They did it in a hotel room after the spring dance. That's so typical teenage sex. Don't a lot of teens lose it at the prom? Well, I guess they get points for being "realistic," but they lose a million for lack of creativity.

4) Kevin and Winnie on The Wonder Years: This big moment didn't happen until the series finale, but I was so glad when it did. I really had my doubts about them ever hooking up. And when they did, it was in a horse stable during a rainstorm. That seems pretty romantic, but the more I think about it, I don't think that the smell of horse ass is very romantic.

3) Jordan and Rayanne on My So-Called Life: It was a low moment in teen sex history when Angela's best friend, Rayanne, humped her super crush, Jordan. It was a low moment, but a compelling one. Plus, they did it in the backseat of a car. Rayanne was such trash. I remember when Brian Krakow showed Angela the tape of it and how upset she got. She confronted Rayanne about it and it was tear city all night -- on both sides of the tube.

2) Summer and Seth on The OC: This was great because it happened so non-chalantly which is so atypical for Seth. Seth makes a big deal about everything! He thinks and talks too much. But him and Summer jumped into bed like it was nothing. That's very strange for a teen drama. And what was even stranger was their response to it. A responsible teen drama would have had a pregnancy scare, but not The OC. No, the big hoopla was not about being responsible (although they did use a condom), but that Seth was bad in bed. (They did something similar to this on That 70s Show.) I think the way Seth described it to Ryan was something like, "I felt like Nimo. I was lost and I just wanted to go home."

1) Kelly and Zack on Saved by the Bell: I don't think this teen sex moment ever happened, but it should have. (I'm not addressing The College Years...that show is dead to me) but Kelly and Zack dated forever! If they would have done it, it would have been the biggest thing to hit teen sex since the New Kids on the Block went on tour. When the Bell started doing "serious episodes" about Jessie getting addicted to caffeine pills and Lisa wrecking her dad's car, I sorta thought it might be on deck, but apparently not. But I think if they would have done would have been at Max's in a neon, paint-splattered booth.

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