Bulding Trust?

Menstuff® has compiled the following stories about women's revenge on their male lovers, all confirmed by Snopes.com.

The following are all items of indeterminate origin.

Legend: A wife punishes her husband's infidelity with a hot curling iron up his backside. Unconfirmed. However, a variant of the "curling iron in the nether regions" motif can be found in Florence King's 1982 novel When Sisterhood was In Flower. Mention of this form of cruelty as a way of doing someone in also shows up in the 1983 film Sleepaway Camp.

Jilted lover makes long-distance call from boyfriend's phone and leaves it off the hook.*

Wife sticks a hot curling iron up her philandering husband's bum.

Woman superglues cheating partner's penis to his leg.

Bride cancels wedding after announcing that groom slept with the maid of honor.*

Jealous husband fills car of wife's suspected lover with concrete.*

Wife traps husband and his mistress in the back of an recreational vehicle.*

Wife sells husband's sports car for $50 after he runs off with a younger woman.*

AIDS victim exacts revenge on opposite sex by deliberately infecting lovers.*

Jilted soldier receives "Dear John" porn video starring his wife.*

Man who vomits on his partner during sex finds a steaming pile of excrement on his chest.

Jilted woman sews shrimp into curtain hems.*

Source: snopes.com/risque/revenge/revenge.htm#revenge  

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