Urban Internet Legends are Just That - Legends

Menstuff® has compiled the following list of some of the Urban Legends spamming our e-mail that are just that - legends. Check out Snopes.com before sending these or other e-mails that preport that something is true when there is much evidence to the contrary. Don't forward the spam you get. Stop adding to it by passing on these "urgent" messages.

Claim: Signing and circulating online petitions is an effective way of remedying important issues. False

Claim: Women in Afghanistan are subject to severe violations of basic human rights (but signing a petition isn't likely to help them). True

Claim: A little girl named Amanda Bundy is dying from a deadly form of cancer. Status: Not any more. Please, don't rush this request to everyone you know — the crisis is long passed - it ended in March 1998.

Claim: A little girl by the name of Kelsey Brooke Jones is missing, and your help is needed to find her. False Before passing something like this on, check with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Claim: The artificial sweetener aspartame (Nutrasweet) is responsible for an epidemic of cancer, brain tumors, and multiple sclerosis. False

Claim: Photographs show the approach of Hurricane Isabel. False Interesting thing is that they aren't even pictures of a hurricane.

Claim: Quranic verse speaks of the "wrath of the Eagle cleansing the lands of Allah." False

Claim: Comedian Robin Williams came up with a plan for how the U.S. should handle foreign affairs. False

Claim: There is a virus named: JDBGMGR.EXE. Hoax

Claim: Mel Gibson was the inspiration for the film The Man Without a Face False

Claim: A widely-circulated essay known as "The Paradox of Our Time" was penned by a student who witnessed the Columbine shootings. False

Claim: A large number of UPS uniforms are "missing" and presumed to have been acquired by terrorists. False

Claim: A new can design for Pepsi includes the text of the Pledge of Allegiance with the words "under God" omitted. False

Claim: Atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair is trying to get religious broadcasting banned from American airwaves. CBS forced to discontinue Touched By an Angel False

Claim: The size of a man's nose, hands, or feet is a reliable indicator of the size of his penis. False (Editor's note: It's actual tied to the size of his car's/truck's tires. The bigger the tires, the smaller the penis.)

Claim: A celebrity makes a trip to the emergency room to have a gerbil removed from his rectum. False

Claim: A college student engages in cybersex with a man she encounters in a chat room. When the two finally agree to get together and consummate their relationship, they discover to their horror that they are father and daughter. False

Claim: On average, men think about sex every seven seconds. False According to the Kinsey Institute's FAQ, "54% of men think about sex every day or several times a day, 43% a few times per month or a few times per week, and 4% less than once a month."

Claim: A drug called Progesterex is being used by date rapers to sterilize victims, thus preventing the rapists' identification through paternity. False

Claim: The U.S. Postal Service is going to impose a 5¢ surcharge on every e-mail message sent via the Internet. False

Claim: Congress will soon be voting on whether or not your phone company will be allowed to charge you long-distance rates for accessing the Internet. False

Claim: Men who drink Mountain Dew soda develop shrunken testicles. False Maybe this will happen to the person who started this spam.

Claim: Zero Population Growth terrorists have taken to boobytrapping toilets in men's restrooms. False 1999's deadly lurking butt spiders have been replaced with a spring-loaded slice-o-matic with a jones for male equipment. I think this one was created by a man who was tired of putting the toilet seat down.

Claim: Designer Tommy Hilfiger shocked the world when he appeared on a television talk show and said, "If I knew that blacks and Asians were going to wear my clothes, I would have never designed them." False

Claim: African-Americans are entitled to a $5,000 slavery reparation tax credit. False

Claim: Twenty-five Congresswomen staged a walkout during a vote on a resolution to authorize the use of military force against Iraq. False

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