If every generation gets the American Pie or Porky's it deserves, then the arrival of The Virginity Hit in 2010 makes sense. This tale of four high-school friends agreeing to lose their virginity is entirely seen through the lens of a video camera, as the guys themselves document the process. Actually, three of them are dispatched within the first couple of minutes; mostly we focus on Matt (Matt Bennett), the geekiest of the bunch, who's been going out with Nicole (Nicole Weaver) for a couple of years. They've finally "set a date," and--perhaps appropriately for the communal, no-privacy zone of the Facebook age--they've shared their intentions with all their friends. In fact, some of Matt's bumbling preparations for the big night end up on YouTube, as do the disasters that surround the scheduled liaison: Matt learns that Nicole might have cheated on him at a frat party, and he goes into a tailspin that includes a confrontation with his absent father and a date with a porn star (played by porn star Sunny Leone). All of this is digitally documented by the pals, of course, a process directors Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland seem to consider perfectly normal rather than sadistic. Their angle (they also wrote the faux-documentary The Last Exorcism) could be perfectly acceptable if the movie were funnier and maybe had a few characters who weren't repellent. The film makes a half-hearted attempt to pass itself off as real, but it can sustain itself even if you don't buy that--the jokes about bodily functions and transsexual blow-up dolls require no particular gimmick to translate them into lowbrow humor. But that's about the best that can be said for this buffoonish exercise. --Robert Horton

Editor's Note: This is the 2010 version of the 1995 movie KIDS. Both movies are R rated and actually should be rated PG-13 just because many of the kids already know all this stuff and the parents are the ones that need the wake-up call.

What It Really Means To Lose Your Virginity Today

Do you remember your first time? Kate Monro's new book "Losing It" tells the true stories of how Americans lost their virginity and documents the stories of people who remain virgins. HuffPost Live looks at how we view virginity today.
Source: live.huffingtonpost.com/r/archive/segment/5387a7e578c90a1b76000126?cps=gravity_2156_-7008507297694407672

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