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Predictions for this Fall's Football Season

The following is an update on the predictions of the Super Bowl and the power houses in each conference. Each division is ranked as to how they are expected to finish the season. The Washington Redskins have an outside shot while the Kansas City Chiefs have a good possibility. Each division is expected to be won by one of these two top teams.

AFC East - New England Micks over Buffalo - Bohunks
AFC South - Indianapolis Klan over Jacksonville Peckerwoods
AFC North - Cleveland Coons over the Pittsburgh Pussies
AFC West - San Diego Beaners over Denver Sissies

NFC East - New York Spicks over the Dallas Sand Niggers
NFC South - New Orleans Gippos over the Tampa Bay Yids
NFC North - Green Bay Herring-chockers over the Minnesota Squareheads
NFC West - Seattle Chinks over the Arizona Pale Faces

Did you find any of these team names offensive? If so, were you immediately offended by the very first paragraph of this story? Particularly the thrid sentence where I mentioned the Washington Redskins and the Kansas City Chiefs? Well, hundreds of thousands of people are offended by those names. If your high school or college uses such racist names, speak out against it?  If you do, maybe the pro-football owners and particularly those in Kansas City and Washington, DC will start to honor, respect and really understand that Native Americans aren't mascots, they're people. Think about it! (Get a Free Bumper Sticker.) (For a prediction of the out-come for each division this year, click here.)

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