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Some men are longhaired for religious reasons. For some such as "trans" people, it is seen as an issue of femininity. But that is certainly not the reason for a guy who is longhaired because all his biker buddies are! Some have long hair because it fits a social or work image, such as a rock musician. Some have long hair for a medical reason. And for some of us it is an identity issue - we care about none of the above but we have yearned to be longhaired from our earliest memory and it is a powerful drive that will never allow us internal peace until it is listened to.

This is also very much a men's issue. Longhaired women face none of the problems we face. If a woman chooses to grow her hair long, she will generally be allowed to do so in peace. She will not be denied employment nor hassled constantly by police. As a young woman she will not be harassed continually by her parents or her school. And if imprisoned she will not be held down by ten people and forcibly shorn as occurred to one American Indian man in a prison in Texas - a man who in all his life had never cut his hair.

Harassment of longhaired men is very much an aggression issue. Raj Singh, in his research at Valparaiso University www.choisser.com/longhair/rajsingh.html , "The Significance of Male Hair", found that shearing of men has been a technique used by human tribes for eons. In effect, if a village were overrun, if its occupants were not outright killed, the women were generally raped and the men were generally shorn. This "rape of the men" became a signal to all that a man had been subdued - that he was not his own man. Haircutting never caught on as a technique to be used against women because women were presumptively subdued, and it was not perceived as necessary. But Raj found evidence of forced shearings of subdued men from the present day all the way back to Roman times, in both the West and the East. (Ed. - And more resently when signing up for the military.)

First used to indicate subdued tribesmen and prisoners, shearing became a method to show submission in the military, and thereafter in other segments of society, until in recent times it has become pervasive. But aggression against the man shorn is always the underlying issue. For example, when the Nazis first began harassing Jews they would be arrested and then released. But they would return home with their hair having been forcibly removed.

Thus long hair on a man very much conveys the message that the man before you is a man who is independent and thinks for himself. He just may not "fight your war", but he is not a coward. On the contrary, he is perceived as a warrior unsubdued, and this can be particularly unsettling to those who have allowed themselves to be shorn.

Longhaired men are a minority today. Our estimates are that we run between 2 and 5 percent of the adult male population, depending upon what length of hair one calls "long". Though our reasons for being longhaired vary much, our issues are very much the same, and we have come together on the Internet for support, often lacking same from close friends, co-workers, or relatives. The place we gather is a message board run by Victor Engle (the-light.com/mens/wwwboard.html ), "The Men's Long Hair Hyperboard".

As with any message board, many issues come up over and over. In time it makes sense to collect those issues and wrap them into an FAQ, a document that provides answers to frequently asked questions. That has been done in Bill Choisser's www.choisser.com/longhair/ "On Being a Longhair", which provides answers to everything from the speed of hair growth and hair care, to dealing with discrimination, all issues that longhaired men often face with little support or information provided by those around them. - Bill Choisser bill@choisser.com

See the "Links" as mentioned in the POV:
Men's Long Hair Hyperboard - a web bulletin board for info & support the-light.com/mens/longhair.html
On Being a Longhair - an FAQ for men with long hair www.choisser.com/longhair/
The Significance of Male Hair - extensive research on persecution www.choisser.com/longhair/rajsingh.html

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The Man Bun

The man bun as a trend was started by hipsters. Previous to their taking of the manbun as their flagship hairstyle, hipsters had used the slicked back undercut and the side swept contour as their main representative hairstyles. Tired of these two medium length hairstyles, hipsters decided to grow their hair long and try a hairstyle (i.e. the man bun) that, until then, was reserved for die-hard long haired guys. A common hipster look is the wearing of the man bun with a beard, with the beard being shaggy and unkempt (i.e. a hipster beard).

Man buns have also been worn by non-hipsters alike. Outside the hipster-culture circle, the man bun was popularized by the aforementioned male celebrities and thus guys associated with other urban tribes started to wear manbuns from 2014 onwards. I’m talking of heavy metal dudes, hippies, long-haired guys (who have no urban-tribe affiliation) and even metrosexuals. Ergo, the man bun has become more and more popular and has even become a common sight in hipster-friendly cities like New York, San Francisco, London and Copenhagen.

Lastly, the man bun has slowly but surely been introduced in the African American community and among the hip hop community. Dudes who live by the so-called “playa” lifestyle and who recreate a tough image have too started to wear manbuns, which is quite interesting as this sub-group would have rejected and even laughed at the man bun trend a couple of years ago.

Where was the man bun started and where is it most popular?

The man bun hairstyle was started (as a trend) in New York (particularly in Brooklyn), a city which could be called the hipster capital of the world. The man bun trend soon spread to US hipster-centric cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle. Just as the man bun trend was spreading across the United States, it too started its virus-like spread across Europe and, soon enough, cities like London, Berlin, Copenhagen and Vienna were full of hipster with man buns.

By 2015, the man bun has become a common sight in just about all Western-world cities. Likewise, Asian cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Mumbai have been saturated with bro buns.
Source: www.manbunhairstyle.net/

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