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Unless you are lucky enough to own a laptop with a modem connection, then accessing the internet when working away from home can be a problem. This is really bad news if you want to check out the Cabin's Jobs Guide. All is not lost. You can often get access at the local library. There are even Cybercafe around where you can get connected?

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Cybercafes are simply cafes or bars, that for a small fee, will allow you to access the internet.

They can be found in most towns and cities now, and to help you locate one, we have linked to Cybercaptive who operate a superb database of cafes and other internet access points.

The database is global, we tried it out for various locations including the UK, Holland and the States. The results were impressive.

You might have a problem when viewing or sending your e-mail from these cafes, if you don't know your e-mail settings or your I.S.P. does not provide facilities for checking e-mail from any computer.

If this is the case, then we suggest you create another e-mail account at one of the many websites that allow you to log on from any location. (, etc.)

Source: lists almost 6200 cybercafes in 177 countries. At is for RVers to get online on the road. And, RV parks with internet connections can be found at among other sites.

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