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Male nurses have to fight stereotypes and discrimination every day just to get the same training and professional experiences as female nurses. To help you find support, inspiration, academic programs and professional leads, we’ve compiled a list of 100 different networks and useful resources just for male nurses.


Stay motivated with theses real-life stories of success and inspirational messages for male nurses.

Support and Forums

Below are links to nursing forums and messages about male nursing. Get in on the discussion to ask questions, get advice from other nurses and stay connected.


This list features resources for nursing students and men who are wanting to go back to school to enter a nursing program.

Men in Nursing: This page gives an overview of the number of men in the nursing profession, the daily duties of a nurse, and what schools are doing to recruit male students in nursing programs.

Recruiting Men into Nursing School: This article takes a look at the strategies nursing schools design in order to attract and retain male students.

Male Nurses Move Beyond Stereotypes: This story from the Goshen College alumni bulletin takes a look at discrimination in male nursing education, as well as the progress that’s been made in this field.

AllNursingSchools: Search nursing programs and learn about different nursing careers on this site.

Male Nursing Scholarships: Learn about scholarship opportunities just for male nurses here. Search online nursing degree programs and traditional school programs on this site.

The Male Nursing Student: This article has information about finding the right nursing school and getting involved in male nursing organizations to help you get support and find connections.

Accredited Online Nursing Schools: If you want to pursue a nursing degree online, use this guide to help you pick the right program.

Discover Nursing: Discover Nursing is another website that lets you search schools by state, school type or enrollment size. You can also find articles and resources to introduce you to nursing as a field of study and a profession.

RN Builder: Check out the interview with a nursing student to find out what you can expect in school. This site also has informative articles and videos to help you with your search for the right nursing program.


Join up with other male nurses by becoming a part of these networks.

Ultimate Nurse: Look for jobs, participate on the forums, and learn about educational opportunities on this network. On this site, male nurses can find school scholarships, read about men in the nursing profession, get an overview of nursing in general and even search for jobs. Visit this site to take part in the link exchange lounge, members lounge, education location, Nursing Board lounge and other spots to learn about nursing, education programs, statistics and more. This all-in-one nursing community has forums, plenty of nursing articles, news stories, a job board, a section just for students and even a nursing gear store.

Nursing for Nurses: Nurses and nursing students can share ideas on the forums on this site.

Reality RN: This online nursing community is for "new nurses" needing "real conversations." You can find blog posts, interviews, job tips and more.

Nursing Link: Nursing Link is "where nurses call the shots," and the site features information about scholarships, jobs, finding a work-life balance and a members’ community.

Campus RN2RN: Nursing students can meet up with employers, other nursing students, mentors and friends on this networking site.

National Network of Career Nursing Assistants: This particular page has information about male nurses and ensuring "adequacy of staffing" for male nurses.

Nurse Groups Network: This social networking site is just for nurses, so you can build up your contacts to find support and jobs.

Professional Organizations

For help finding a job or the right nursing program, or just to find support and keep up with industry news, consider joining one of these professional nursing organizations.

The American Assembly for Men in Nursing: This organization supports and advocates male nurses and male nursing education. Any male or female nurse can become a member.

The National Nurse: This nonprofit group advocates quality health care and promotes public awareness and research for professional nursing.

Men in Nursing: UNC-TV’s North Carolina Nurses page gives an overview of how male nurses fit into the profession and a brief summary of The American Assembly of Men in Nursing organization.

US Nursing Network: The USNN aims "to provide qualified and competent nursing professionals to hospitals and/or long term care facilities." Join the network to find jobs and make new contacts across the country.

National Student Nurses’ Association: There are over 50,000 members enrolled in the NSNA, a group that offers mentorship, professional development advice, scholarships and more.

American Nurses Association: This official organization’s motto is "caring for those who care." Members have access to career advice, job searches, certification help, and plenty of news about health care policies, legislation and more.

Nursing associations by state: View this list of nursing associations by state to link up with the right group.

Minority Nursing Associations: As a male nurse, you’re already in the minority, but this list provides information for the National American Arab Nurses Association, Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association, Alliance of Minority Medical Associations and others.

Specialty Nursing Organizations: This page links you to the sties for specialty nursing groups like the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, American Radiological Nurses Association, and many more.

National Nursing Organizations: For all other national nursing groups in the U.S., turn to this list.


These articles and news stories consider how the landscape of nursing is changing and how male nurses fit into the female-dominated profession.

Why so few male nurses?: This story follows a male nurse who went back to school and continuously confronts the stereotypes of being a male nurse.

Is There a Male Nurse in the House?: This news article wonders why male nurses are leaving the profession "at almost twice the rate of their female counterparts."

Men in Nursing: This lengthy article discusses the changing landscape of the nursing profession and how men and women are working towards "neutralizing the gender issue."

Stereotypes Down for Male Nurses: This article jokes that "aside from the WNBA, it’s hard to find a career as thoroughly dominated by women as nursing." Keep reading for profiles of four male nurses and nursing students to learn how this stereotype is being fought.

Male Nurses are Becoming More Common: This 2003 article reveals how more men are entering nursing. Find out if it’s still true today.

Insider Knowledge and Male Nurses: Why Men Enter Female-Dominated Occupations: See if you agree with this paper that aims to find out why men enter traditionally female occupations like nursing.

Male Nurses are Few, But Proud: An NYU male nursing student "feels like Barney when he walks through the hospital in his purple scrubs. But in NYU’s nursing program, seeing a dinosaur in a hospital corridor wouldn’t be much more rare than seeing a male nursing student," according to this article.

Do Male Nurses Handle Stress Better?: Consider this stereotype in favor of male nurses and against their female colleagues.

Increase in Male Nurses Causes Social Change: The landscape of nursing is changing, and this student newspaper article takes a look at the possible social effects.

Male Nurses Receive a Touch Tutorial: This informative article tackles the unpleasant issues of how male nurses should touch and evaluate their patients, especially female ones.

Blogs and Resource Centers

Read personal stories and get general information from nursing guides from these blogs and resource centers online.

St. Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst - Male Nurses: This Australian blog focuses on male nurses and nursing at this specific hospital but proves to be a good read for male nurses anywhere. Turn to this resource for access to health directories, inspirational stories, links to personal nursing websites, and articles about all other nursing topics.

Men in Nursing: For a general synopsis of men in nursing, take a look at this Wikipedia entry, which has statistics, a history of male nursing and insight into prejudice and discrimination in the field.

Men in Nursing: Menstuff lists photos, links and other resources on this page to give a brief history of men in the nursing profession.

The National Nurse Blog: Here is the blog for the nonprofit group, The National Nurse. YOu can find news, legislation updates, and advocacy events.

Licensed to Ill: This is the diary of an "angry male nurse" from California. Recent posts include "Search and Destroy" and "The Racist Medical Field: Racist R.N’s: Race Warfare."

NurseSean: Nurse Sean is a "29 year-old, gay, partnered nurse." His site includes a blog, a manifesto of his vision for the future of nursing and a bookstore.

Richard Ferri: On this site, you can find blog posts, essay and fiction writing, and medical writing from Richard Ferri, a writer/journalist/nurse. Nursing Blogs: Read blogs by student nurses here, and then visit the rest of the site to find nursing jobs and nursing news articles.

Mediblogopathy: This network of nurse blogs features a seemingly unending list of bloggers and new posts to keep you entertained and updated about nursing news and trends.

Joe’s Resource Center for the Male Nurse: Categories on this site include How Nurses are Made, Software, Equipment, Traveling Nurse Agencies, Adult Education and other helpful resources.


For a laugh, take a look at these humorous gag gifts and stories.

Murse Mug: Check out this mug for the male nurse.

Male Nurse Action Figure: Keep your patients and colleagues laughing with this action figure designed from a male nurse.

Bad Handwriting Nurse: Check out this funny cartoon of a male nurse with bad handwriting skills.

Be Nice to Male Nurses: Wear this t-shirt that warns "be nice to me when you’re in the hospital! You’re butt is in my hands!"

Surrounded by Hot Male Nurses: Read one female patient’s account of her trip to the hospital, during which she was surrounded by hot male nurses at her beck and call.

Medical Terminology for the Layman: Some Words You Should Know: This silly glossary includes words and definitions like "dilate: to live long" and "protein: in favor of young people."

Focker School for Male Nursing: If you want to perpetuate the stereotype or just show Ben Stiller’s Meet the Parents character some love, carry around this oversized mug.

Medical Humor: Find nursing jokes and funny health care stories here.

Nurstoon: Find nursing comic strips online in this list.

General Medical Resources

Here you’ll find medical resources that will keep you informed, from quick references to medical search engines to nursing glossaries.

Modern Medicine: Nursing: Read nursing news stories and search the reference shelf on this site to stay informed about industry news. This site has a section for student nurses, as well as for those who want to move up in their careers, learn about nursing news and link up with travel nursing gigs.

Study Tips from Former Nursing Students: Get valuable tips to survive nursing school here.

PubMed: Search for medical articles, studies and more on this government website.

Glossary of Nursing/Medical Degrees and Certificates: Brush up on the acronyms for every nursing and medical degree or certificate here.

MedTerms: Look up medical definitions, diseases, symptoms, and health stories on this website.

Omni Medical Search: This medical search engine brings up authoritative results as news, stories, images and more.

Trustaff Glossary: Understand all of the terms associated with travel nursing on this site.

Medical Word Search: Look up medical terminology, health statistics, papers, medical domains and more on this site.

Essential Nursing Resources: NYU’s site lists books, websites, databases, forums, guidebooks and more resources for all areas of nursing, including alternative medicine, grants and other areas.

Jobs and Career Links

For help finding a job to understanding the job outlook for male nurses, turn to this list.

Male Nurses: This career website gives insight into what male nurses can offer and how old stereotypes about males in this field are illogical.

Travel Nurse Source: Learn about the benefits of travel nursing on this site, which also connects you to featured agencies and job searching advice.

Should Male Nurses Work with Female Patients?: Consider this question when applying for your next job in nursing.

Nursing Poll: If you currently work in nursing, take a minute to complete this poll to share with which area of the field you work in: oncology, hospice, management, ER, pediatrics and others.

Nursing Jobs Help: Browse articles, get job hints, find out what nurses really do and get help preparing your application on this site.

Mid-Career is Common Entry Point for Men in Nursing: Find out why the many male nurses enter the field after years of work in another field.

Men at Work: Male Nurses Hit the Road: Get statistics, job outlook information and travel nursing trends in this article.

The Role of Men in the Nursing Profession: Learn about nursing shortages, nursing salaries, and the career path for a male nurse in this article.

Going Beyond the Jokes: The Truth About Male Nursing: Discover how being a man in a female-dominated field can mean good job security for you.

AACN Professional Nursing Network: Search for jobs and opportunities on this network.


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