Children Act Fast...So Do Poisons!
Poison Control Center
Nationwide 24 hour crisis line - 800.222.1222
Or check at
Or check Front of Yellow Pages for Poison Control Numbers
Or call 911



For information on National Poison Prevention Week and poison prevention information materials and resources, contact:: Ken Giles, Poison Prevention Week Council, Secretary, Poison Prevention Week Council, P.O. Box 1543, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, DC 20013, kgiles@cdsc.gov or (301) 504-0580, x1184

Inhalant Info:  Don't wait - if you or someone you know needs help, talk to parents, teachers, or a doctor. The following organizations offer counseling referrals, free brochures and more:

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Of the 5 million poisonings that happen each year, 53% happen to children under 6.

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