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The Club was founded in 1962 by Mary Wheeler MBE whose aim it was to:

Our objective is to promote WOMEN IN MOTORSPORT, and we are keen to encourage and assist any woman who is, or wishes to become involved in any form of the sport. As a member of the BWRDC you will have the opportunity to tap into the wealth of experience and guidance that a specialist club like ours can offer and the opportunity to receive recognition for your achievements through our prestigious championships.

Our club has secured a voice at the Motor Sport Association Ltd., the Governing Body for Motorsport in the UK, through the Women in Motor Sport Working Group, so let us know what YOU want to see happening in motor sport.

We offer exclusive club insignia and a club magazine for the latest news, views, interesting articles and social events, results and information.

Although we do not organise motorsport events, the BWRDC Championships are based on members' performances in their own formulae.
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