Important New Books for Therapists

Menstuff® has prepared a special listing of book reviews for the therapuetic community. These reviews are being done by one of our monthly columnists, Gary Hoeber.


Click on the book cover for the review.

Childhood Stress in Contemporary Society, James H. Humphrey
Handbook of School Violence, Edwin R. Gerler, Jr., editor
Family Therapy Around the World, William C. Nichols, editor

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Gary Hoeber has been working as a psychotherapist since 1976, helping a broad range of people successfully deal with a wide variety of life challenges. He is a leading practitioner and teacher of group psychotherapy. An Instructor at John F. Kennedy University since 1988, he offers classes on "The Practice of Group Psychotherapy." His approach to group therapy is highly interpersonal, assisting in the development of effective communication and relationship skills and increasing the capacity for intimacy, friendship and community. His work with individuals focuses less on pathology, and more on the unfolding of one's life purpose, using a depth psychology informed by poetry, story and mythology. Gary is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and has offices in Berkeley and San Rafael, California. or or Gary is also a monthly columnists on Psychotherapy as Soul Work.

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