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Legend: Conferences are listed alphabetically by title. We have included the state code where the conference is being held. If you find something that interests you, contact the organizations directly for their current schedule, fees and location information.

The Matrix - The Pill Scene 4:13
Join other men in learning about your place in The Matrix and how to break through.



Activation: Yoga for Men Conference, Not Your Girlfriend's Yoga with Scott Blossom, Edward Harrold, Mark Schillinger, Carl Speizer, Antonio Sausys. Men with the busiest of schedules will know how to incorporate yogic principles and practices specifically suited for the male body and psyche in just a few minutes a day. What if you could be more virile than Hugh Hefner, more motivated than Tony Robbins, calmer than Buddha and cooler than James Bond? Well, you can! We've distilled the best practices from Yoga to provide modern men with tools to become more satisfied physically, materially, mentally, spiritually and sexually. Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco 415-258-2830 or (11/11-13/11)

Addressing Our Nation's Youth Gang and Violence Problem. The 3rd National Youth Gang Symposium. This event will focus on innovative and successful gang-related programs and strategies, as well as providing current information on youth gang activities and trends from top national experts. The workshop and plenary sessions will be exciting, challenging, and filled with cutting-edge information that you can take back and use immediately in your community. Orlando, FL (6/10-13/02)

Adult Children, Recovery and Trauma (Tenth Renewal Convention) Many speakers; John Lee has keynote and workshop. This 4-day enlightening and empowering event allows participants to explore contemporary issues as well as share personal stories regarding experiences in recovery. Don't miss this rare opportunity to connect with the leaders of the adult children movement! Receive up to 24 Continuing Education Credit Hours and hear lectures presented by many of recovery's top pioneers. Las Vegas Hilton, 9am-12:30pm. $130 US Journal Training, 800.851.9100 or or (3/30/06)

African American Family Reunion Conference 2002 (12th Annual). Temple University, Baltimore, MA $175. Info at or 215.204.8623. (10/25-27/02)

African-American Male Empowerment Summit: Celebrating Urban Fatherhood through Mentoring, Business, Family and Community Development. The National Exchange for Urban Leaderhip (NEULSM) created these summits in 1998 to promote entrepreneurship, fatherhood and youth leadership programs, while celebrating the accomplishments of individuals and organizations which enhance the lives of Urban Americans through mentoring, community development and partnership creation. NEULSM was inspired by the vast number of untapped, entrepreneurial opportunities and the strong, yet largely unknown, network of urban male mentoring, family and community development organizations across the United States. It was created to profile young urban leaders and the elements which enable their success. The theme of the summit is "A Little Child Shall Lead Them" - Isaiah 11:6. NEULSM explores Career Development, Fatherhood, Mentoring, Relationship Building and Community Development, while focusing on all aspects of youth development and leadership. Drs. Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson lead a list of high profile keynote speakers and panelists for these three weekend series of workshops and activities. or or 877.AAMES77 New York City (1/25-26/02); Philadelphia (3/14-15/02); Newark (5/17-18/02); New York City (9/27-28/02); Oakland (10/4-5/02); Atlanta (10/18-19/02); Chicago (11/15-16/02); Newark (4/11/03); New York (5/9/03); Philadelphia (6/14/03)

Aging Male: 3rd World Congress, a very exciting platform for the exchange of ideas and information related to the field of male aging. It is an excellent opportunity to explore and merge the Eastern and Western treatments for the problems experienced by the aging male..Topics for the meeting will include updates on hypogonadism – its diagnosis and treatment, other hormones related to male aging, erectile dysfunction and the physiology of androgen deficiency on the bodily system, and prostatic diseases in the aging male. Sponsored by the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male (ISSAM) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Call for papers is available on the conference's website (3/1-4/01) (2/7-10/02)

Aging Male 2nd World Congress, Jed Diamond. W&M  Berlin, Germany. or (2/2/01)

Aggression in Girls. The Ophelia Project presents a special conference "Creating a Safe Social Climate: Understanding Relational Aggression" at Edinboro University, near Erie, Pennsylvania. Featured speaker is Rachel Simmons, author of the best-selling "Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls." See (10/25-26/02)

AICR-WCRF International Research Conference on Food, Nutrition and Cancer, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC e.htm (7/11-12/02)

American Compensation Association 2000 Internationl Conference and Exposition. W&M  Seattle, WA. (5/21-24/00) 877.951.9191 or

American Men's Studies Association 16th Annual National Conference. Globalization and the Critical Study of Men and Masculinities. Keynote Speakers: Susan Bordo author of The Male Body: A new look at men in public and in private, and R. W. Connell, author of The Men and the Boys. Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC W&M. AMSA Membership Office, 22 East St, Northampton, MA 01060, (4/11-13/03, 4/4-6/08)

American Psychological Association annual meeting. Washington. Those who are interested and in the area might want to let the members of the association know your reaction to an article that appeared in their professional journal in June, 1999 about the unimportance of the father. Washington, DC. (7/4-8/00)

American Speech-Language-Hearing Assocation Convention. Scientific sessions help on language, speech disorders, hearing science and hearing disorders and matters of professional interest to speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Est attendance 10,000. San Franciso, (11/18/21/00) 301.897.5700

Archetypal Psychology, An International Symposium. Psychology at the Threshold. Out of the cradle endlessly rocking... Robert Bly, Edward Casey, William Doty, James Hillman, Michael Meade and many others. A momentous shift in the reckoning of time puts closure to two thousand years of historical psyche. We look back, take stock, shift, commemorate, grieve. Despite business as usual and the comfortable familiarity of daily continuity, another epoch is emerging with its needs, its passions, its symbols. Below the historical psyche and the movement of time lies the timeless psyche of archetypal urges. To sort out the receding from the oncoming, the dying from the living, and to honor the dead without succumbing to their numbing power, all the while trying to discern the soul's moving images within the passing parade - such are the tasks of psychology at the treshold. Lectures and workshop leaders from the fields of literature and poetry, psychology, music, mythology, philosophy, political science and public policy, ecology, theater, film and the natural sciences will be presenting. W&M Pacific Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, or 805.969.3626 x 103. (8/31-9/4/00)

Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health Conference (APPPAH) is featuring a session titled, "From Circumcision to Genital Autonomy: Protecting the Rights of the Child," co-presented by Marilyn Milos, Hida Viloria, Soraya Mire, and Steven Svoboda. Hida is Chairperson of the intersex genital autonomy Organization Intersex International United States, Soraya is Executive Director of Persistent Productions, Steven is Executive Director of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, and Marilyn is the Executive Director of NOCIRC. This event is a reprise of the May 1, 2015 first BirthKeeper Summit ( ) at which the same team spoke. The event will be videotaped thanks to filmmaker Troy Christian, who is Marilyn's son.

Brief Description: To help create a peaceful world, we must begin with how we welcome babies into the world and how we treat them once they're born. Protecting infants from unnecessary pain and trauma is crucial to health and wellbeing and non-therapeutic genital cutting is one of the first medicalized interventions from which babies must be protected.

There is considerable controversy today about the practice of non-therapeutic genital cutting of male, female, and intersex infants and children. This session will begin with an overview of the issues; female genital cutting will be discussed by a survivor; protecting intersex infants and children from years of surgeries, secrecy, and shame will be addressed by an intersex person; and an attorney will explain the legal and ethical issues of cutting the normal genitals of non-consenting minors and the importance of protecting children's rights to genital autonomy.

2-3pm, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina(link is external) 200 Marina Blvd., Berkeley, For more information visit:

At-Home Dads Convention, 9th Annual. Most at-home dads break from the traditional male career path for a single reason: We believe our children benefit. And even a vast majority of those dads who have taken on their at-home roles for financial or other reasons come to believe the presence of a nurturing father in the home is of huge importance to their children’s development. It is with this knowledge and confidence that we gather for the ninth annual convention of men who serve as their children's primary caregivers. Whether you are a new at-home dad, a seasoned veteran or considering joining the ranks, this conference is for you. This yearly assembly of extraordinary men from across the country (and, often, a few international neighbors) finds each of us with unique circumstances and expectations, but more significantly, bonded through our common role. The convention’s open, free-flowing format includes thought-provoking speakers, give-and-take discussions and plenty of time for networking and friendship. W&M 8a-4:30p, Des Plaines, IL (11/18/00, 11/20/04). To register using a credit card, call 847.635.1812.

Attending to the Spiritual Needs of the Dying and the Bereaved,18th International Conference on Death and Bereavement - pre-conference workshops. Seeking the Lost Spirit: Our quest for spiritual renewal in the workplace, David Adams. The Connection between Spiritual Development and How Children and Teens Think and Feel about Death, Ellie Deveau. Spirituality and Suicide, Gerry Cox. Living, Dying, Grieving in the Margins, Richard Gilbert. Using the Breath in Healing from Loss and Trauma, Tom Golden. Grief on the Tube, Ricahrd Gilbert, Healing the Loss, Paul Alexander. Creating Sacred Space, Paul Alexander, Joy Johnson, Steven Merwin.W&M, King's College, London, Ontario, Canada. (5/13-14/00) 519.432.7946 or or

Attending to the Spiritual Needs of the Dying and the Bereaved,18th International Conference on Death and Bereavement. Charles Corr, Pittu Laungani, Thomas Lynch, Kevin Ann Oltjenbruns, John Morgan, Rabbi Daniel Roberts, Kevin Paul, Rabbi Earl Grollman, Jeff Nisker, MaryAnne Kelly, Darcy Nichols, Peter Ford, Dan Festa. And those are just the plenary speakers. There are alot of concurrnet workshops also. W&M, King's College, London, Ontario, Canada. (5/15-17/00) 519.432.7946 or or


Better Man Conference, Ray Arata, Ed Gurowitz, and Dale Thomas Vaughn. A ground-breaking synthesis of the work that we New Warriors do so well - building safe circles and emotional intelligence - with the evolution of corporate leadership for equality; bringing men and women together as partners in creating gender equality and equity in the workplace. The event will feature globally recognized speakers, educators, filmmakers, researchers, activists, and corporate leaders coming together to discuss the future of business and leadership.

If you are a Corporate Executive, a Business Leader, or a man invested in creating gender equality and equity in the workplace - this is a conference where you can bring men's work and intercultural competence to bear on improving your business. Engage with your team and attend as a group - the event is open to all - men and women from across the country will be in attendance.


Terra Gallery, San Francisco. or Get tickets $191-205 + R&B (4/7-8/16)

Beyond Boundaries: Research and action for the third millennium, X International Symposium on Victimology. Plenary Sessions: Rights and Obligations Toward Victims. Assistance to Victims and Secondary Victimization. Ethical Questions in the Field of Victimology. Prevention of Victimization. Victims and the Media. Many additional workshops and training sessions. W&M  Montreal, CAN 514.287.1070 or or (8/6-11/00)

Boys and Men: Profeminist & Systemic Research and Clinical Perspectives. A small, but intensive and relaxing gathering of about 70 people with first-rate programming that blends science and practice. Designed to encourage and support active audience discussion, the conferences have a strong and lasting impact on their participants. Information sharing and group participation in activities provide an environment for personal as well as intellectual interaction. Topics include Boys and Young Men in Multicultural Perspective, Men's Health issues, Men's Violence and more. 202.333.3690 or American Family Therapy Academy's 6th Annual Clinical Research Conference. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, (10/17-20/02)

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, 9th Annual Confernece on Child Abuse. Hamilton Campus of Bevill State Community College, Hamilton, AL. (4/5/00) 205.921.2186

Breaking the Patterns of Depressoin: Brief therapy strategies & interventions, Michael Yapko. Innovations in Couples Therapy: Turning fights into intimate conversations, Daniel Wile. The Cutting Edge: Updates in understanding, evaluating and managing ADHD, Sam Goldstein, A 7-night Alaska cruise conference. (714-21/00) 877.200.4722 or or or

Bridging Heart and Marketing II, Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski/Producers. “Bridging Heart and Marketing II” is the only Internet marketing conference dedicated to the specific needs of the care-giving, soft sell community. Build your conscious, inspired, and profitable marketing platform. 3 days of training from world class Internet marketers. Priceless business networking with like-minded colleagues plus special events. Ayres Hotel, Manhattan Beach, CA 9a-6p Daily. $997.00 877-810-7653 or (9/12-14/09)

Bringing Excellence to Rural America
Twenty-fourth Annual National Rural Institute on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. This unique rural alcohol and drug abuse conference provides participants the opportunity to personally interact with other rural alcohol and drug abuse professionals, federal agency representatives, and nationally known institute faculty and resource persons. Key resource persons from throughout the United States will present 12 hour in-depth tracks, 4 1/2 hour mini-workshops and 1 1/2 hour special topic sessions on current, innovative and emerging topics. Scholarships are available. (The scholarship application deadline is April 15, 2008.) University of Wisconsin-Stout (6/1-5/08)

National Rural Institute on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
University of Wisconsin-Stout Outreach Services
140 Vocational Rehabilitation Building, 221 10th Avenue
Menomonie, WI 54751
715-232-2793 or E-mail Full Conference brochure available online (pdf)

Building Spirit: Building Health, 2nd National Indigenous Male Health Convention, Richmond. The Aboriginal definition of health is holistic - social and emotional, cultural and spiritual as well as physical. It includes the health of the whole community. We create an environment supportive of good Indigenous male health by re-empowering ourselves, re-discovering our strengths, by building our spirit. Building on the work of the 1st National Indigenous Male Health Convention at Ross River homestead, NT, in 1999 the 2nd convention aims to: Promote the positive well-being of indigenous boys and men; Address the cultural, social, historic and political context of indigenous male injury, disease and death; Generate acceptance of our roles as leaders, fathers, uncles and grandfathers as essential to our communities; Reinforce traditional ways and integrate these with contemporary good practice; Challenge the way health is promoted and delivered; Re-discover our strengths, build our spirit. Proposals for presentations are currently being received, the final date for submission of proposals is 31st July, 2001. For more information go to the MHIRC website and follow the link to the 2nd National Indigenous Male Health Convention. The date for the submission of proposals is 30th July, 2001. University of Western Sydney, Richmond, (9/24-25/01) NSW NSW

The Business & Education 2000 Conference, W&M New York Hilton & Towers, NY. (5/3-4/00) 212.339.0345 or


The Call To Men: It's Time to Work Conference is a training is designed to encourage greater participation among men in the struggle to end domestic violence, support our sisters, and mentor young boys into positive males. We will provide men with the skills needed to resist, reduce, and prevent violence against women, and provide concrete techniques to involve men in the community in this struggle. Some activities include the following: Presentations from Artist, Poets, Singers…Giveaways from local business leaders, etc. Some topics:  Why We Are Here - Welcome to the Movement; A Call To Men: What roles and responsibilities are we willing to take within this movement:; Working with Men and Boys: Creative Organizing to End Violence in our communities - a plenary discussion of programs working with males; and workshops on issues such at: "Who's Da Man!?!" Defining Masculinity - How current definition can lead to violence in our communities; "This far by Faith" - The church and domestic violence; Self-Defense 101 - a 12 Step Process to Ending Domestic Violence in families and communities; *Our Next Steps - Closing Ceremony; and the Stop The Violence Coalition. This training conference is the FIRST of its kind in the state of Delaware and the region. It is an exciting new resource for men, and women in our community working with males, and we are expecting over a Hundred participants from the community. And, we are encouraging all to attend. Let’s really get to work! For More Information Contact: Kevin Ladaris at 302.658.2958 or The conference will be held at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware. (1/22/05)

Changing a Culture:  Peace between men and women. The purpose of the conference is to share what is being done to reduce the polarization between men and women. Headlines concerning men entering with guns and killing spouses, lovers, and friends are almost common place occurances. The incidents of violence perpetrated by those in relationships have escalated at an alarming rate. Changing strereotypical paradigms and bringing together these desperate roles to reduce the polarization is key to creating a culture of peace. Fellow-Ship Farm, Pottstown, PA. Sponsored by Men's International Peace Exchange, PO Box 36, Swarthmore, PA 19081-0036. (10/20-22/00)

Child & Family Maltreatment Conference, 23rd Annual San Diego International Conference. Town & Country Resort and Convention Center. Sponsored by the Chadwich Center for Children and Families. Information here. Or phone 858.966.4972. (1/26-30/09)

Child Sexual Abuse Awanress 6th Annual Northern California Conference. Veterans Memorial Center, 315 14th St, Davis, CA (4/8/00). 800.441.7886 or

Child Welfare League of American Conference. 202.638.2952 (8/2-4/00)

Clinical Symposium; Creative Impulse in Theory: A holistic approach. Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, Keynote and Workshops, John Lee.W&M (CEU's available) Abingdon, VA. (6/7-8/00) 540.469.4014

Coming Together to End Sexual Assault: National Sexual Violence Prevention Conference. Bringing together representatives from the public and private sector including state and local health departments, agencies of the DHHS and other Federal departments, education agencies, academic institutions, private foundations, professoional associations and commuity-based organizations. Participants will discuss innovative community responses to sexual violence prevention, state-of-the-art communication strategies, promising interventions, policies, and programs, and the latest scientific information on the nature, causes and prevention of sexual violence. W&M, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, (5/16-19/00) 770.488.1506 or or

Communities Conference. A networking and learning opportunity for anyone interested or involved in cooperative communal lifestyles. Subjects include forming communities, sustainability, appropriate technology, community economics, intentional relationships, group process, collective childraising, creating culture, music, dancing, slide shows, original theater, campfires, swimming, and magic. or or 540.894.5126. Louisa, VA(8/30-9/2/02)

Comunity Service Conference, Naitonal. Children and Youth. The 2000 conference will offer more than 300 training sessions to choose from in the following areas:  Assessing our progress, building diverse collaborations, building public awareness, developing strategic leadership, leveraging technology, mobilizing to deliver all five promises, building and managing effective programs, sustaining momentum. W&M Orlanda, or 202.729.8101 (6/24-28/00)

4th Annual National Symposium on Overcoming Barriers to Condom Use. Focus is on trends in attitudes and usage, advertising, media and social marketing, new technologies-urethane, elastomer, female condom, chemical barriers and looking at special populations: men, women, gay/lesbian, youth communities of color, immigrants. Condoms, ethics and the safer sex message, and innovative programs. $205, San Francisco, (2/16-17/01)

Consuming Kids: Marketers' Impact on Children's Health Summit by Stop Commercial Exploitation of Children Coalition (SCEC) is open to everyone concerned about the well-being of children. Plus, in another part of the Yale Club, the annual Advertising and Promoting to Kids conference announces its Golden Marble Awards - the advertising industry's "celebration" of marketing to children. Once again, SCEC will protest the Golden Marbles to call public attention to the harm inflicted by intense marketing to children. or

Creating Safe Harbors: 10th annual Delaware prevention forum. W&M  Ruddertowne, Dewey Beach, DE. (4/17-18/00) 302.892.4500

"Cultivating Our Queer Community: Learn It, Live It, Love It", UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA (2/13-15/09)


Data Users Conference 2000. This year's Conference emphasizes current NCHS data activities and their relationship in addressing today’s health issues. Through presentations, interactive workshops, roundtable discussions, and other innovative approaches, the Conference offers a forum to help attendees acquire a true understanding of the importance and relevancy of public health data. W&M Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bethesda, MD. (7/26-28/00) The 3-day Conference will feature over 40 workshop sessions on NCHS data systems and topics of current interest such as aging, minorities, women’s health, and new technological advances. NCHS data users will also have the opportunity to attend a session on all NCHS data systems before attending the in-depth workshops. (No men's health issues appear to be being addresses, though men out-die women in all 15 of the major causes of death.)

Diversity 2000 Conference: A chance for organizational success. W&M. Grand Hyatt, San Francisco, CA (5/1-2/00); or Marriott World Trade Center, New York, NY (6/7-8/00). 212.339.0345 or

Domestic Violence, 9th National Coualition Against Domestic Violence Conference:  Envisioning Our Future: Peace with Justice. Of 105 workshops, the only two that might imply that violent women take responsibility reads: "What are feminists saying about women as perpetrators of violence" and "Female domestic vioelnce defendants: Fact or fiction?". A third sounds like a total put-down of "Men as Activists Against Male Vioelnce Agaist Women" titled "Bicycles Among Fish", probably in reference to Gloria Steinem's famous statement "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." What justice? Tread lightly in this mine-field. Portland, OR (7/16-19/00)


Embracing the Paternal Instinct: A liberating force for men, women, and children., a professional conference. Keynote: Kyle Pruett. Like maternal instinct, it is a metaphor for the spectrum of male behaviors and attitudes toward family and children throughout the lfe cycle. W&M Tarrytown, NY,   or 212.337.3737 (Call for Papers) (11/10-12/00)

Endocrine Society of Ameria, Jed Diamond. W&M  Toronto, Canada. (6/21-23/00)

International Conference on Masculinities: Engaging men and boys for gender equality. The Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities will host and has partnered with the American Men's Studies Association, and the MenEngage Alliance to build opportunities for dialogue, critique and inspiration across three days of presentations, panels, workshops, and trainings.

The twin goals of the conference are:

To infuse men's activism in support of gender justice with the rigor and insights of the most up-to-date research; and

To increase cooperation and ties between academic researchers who address various gender issues, and feminist activists, practitioners, and advocates.

The conference will discuss issues relating to men and boys, from boys' healthy development and education to fatherhood; from balancing work and family life to men's friendships; from promoting men's health to supporting women's reproductive rights; and from joining the global struggle against men's violence against women, sexual assault, trafficking, and harmful traditional practices to engaging men in policies to promote gender equality in education, employment, social life, and the political arena. Read the full conference announcement here. Read additional into here. Any questions may be directed to, Registration costs here. Hotel extra - here. The Roosevelt Hotel, New York City (3/5-8/15)


Family Expo, North Bay, 12th Annual, Over 100 exhibitors, children's carnival, petting zoo, free child immunizations (Saturday only) starring Jesse Colin Young & Sons, Gregangelo & Velocity Circus Troupe, Tim Cain, James K, Big Band Clown, Jean-Paul Valjean's Short Attention Span Circus. Sponsored by California Parenting Institute. 10a-6p, (3/00) W&M  Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, 415.585.6108

Family Resource Coalition of American, National Conference:  Putting family support on the map for the next century! Powerful partnerships. New linkages across disciplines. More fields than ever joining together to strengthen families. That's what this conference is all about. The best opportunity to work in exciting new collaboration to strengthen families, build communities, promote health and prevent problems. Themes:  Evaluation, cultural integrity, networks, public policy/advocacy, training, skill building, outreach/communication, youth development, systems change, collaboration, mobilizing resources, flexibility, modeling family support principles, relationship building. Presenter applications welcome. Chicago, IL (4/26-28/00) Downtown Marriott. W&M 312.338.0900 or

Family Support The Time Has Come! 9th Biennial National Conference for strengthening famililes, your community, youreslf! Covering all of today's family support issues. Includes Camp Family Support America that keeps your kids busy, happy and safe - on-site, free. Child & Family Welfare. Community Bulding. Cultural Competency. Early Childhood. Fatherhood. Health. Organizational Development. Parent Education. Work and Family and much more. 877.338.FSA2 or Chicago (4/22-25/02)

Fatherhood Conference 2001 (International), National Center for Strategic Nonprofit Planning and Community Leadership. The conference will address the many complex issues connected to fatherlessness and those fathers who are present in families and communities throughout the world. Workshops will feature presenters from the U.S, U.K., Egypt, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Jamaica, Japan and New Zealand. The conference theme is "Affirmations of Fatherhood." Opening Reception 5:30 p.m. May 28; 8:30-5:15 May 29-30; Closing Banquet 7:00-9:00 p.m. May 30, $350 until May 4; $400 after May 4. Charlene Meeks, 202.822.6725 or or Atlanta, GA, (5/28-30/01)

Fatherhood is Leadership Conference - 7th Annual. The Largest Native American Fatherhood Conference In the USA! This Conference will promote and highlight the importance of fatherhood and motherhood by focusing on topics in the area of Education, Criminal Justice, & Health and Human Services. Unique workshops designed to increase knowledge build skills and provide networking opportunities that support Native people and will benefit program directors, managers, supervisors, case managers and parents will enhance your conference experience. Individual Conference Fee - $300 Registration includes: Conference Admission Wednesday through Friday, banquet and Friday lunch. Phoenix Marriot Mesa Hotel, 200 North Centennial Way Mesa, AZ. or or 480-833-5007. (11/3-5/10)

Fatherhood Past, Present and Future Conference, 2nd Annual, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Open to everyone, it is a memorial to beloved husband, father and popular local broadcaster Ed Whalen. Bill Jarema, author of ³Fathering the Next Generation² will be the special guest speaker on Friday. Other guest speakers will include Warren Redman, author (³Achieving Personal Success²) and president of the Mens Conference Association of Calgary plus Dan Gascon, humourist and author ("Humour For Your Health" ).

Saturday will be packed with interactive workshops on topics of the participant¹s own choosing using the dynamic and powerful ³Open Space² environment. An Ed Whalen memorial banquet will be held Saturday evening, with Nomi and Tony Whalen as special guests.

A Community Drumming Circle, storytelling, humour and music throughout the conference will add to the celebration of fatherhood.

The Calgary Family Connections Society were so impressed with what they saw at last year¹s conference that they offered to put together a FREE family potluck picnic for us, which will take place, rain or shine, at Bowness Park on Sunday. Seating is limited.

The Open Space Technology format engages guests and participants alike in initiating conversations. It is intended to go beyond suggestions, recommendations, rubber-stamping, and past expectations. In these times of swirling change and complex webs of responsibilities and relationships, dialogue and interaction is essential for meaningful connections with others ­ it's never been more important. Open Space Technology is a simple, powerful way to catalyze effective conversations and connections and truly invite people and organizations to thrive.

The conference is presented by the Men's Conference Association of Calgary, a not-for-profit organization. President Warren Redman describes their vision as "creating a world of respect acceptance and fairness for all through love, joy and personal integrity². Mission Statement: To provide an interactive forum and rich source of information, knowledge and understanding that will assist men to be the best father they can to their children, the best partner they can to their spouse, and the best role models within the community.

For registration, more information about Fatherhood: Past, Present and Future or interviews with any of the above personalities please call 403.245.5463. You can also visit our website at The Calgary Family Connection Society can be reached at 403.288.8111. Location: S.A.I.T., (6/7-8/02 plus family picnic at Bowness Park 6/9)

Second World Congress on Men's Health. A partnership of organisations based in Vienna is organising the Second World Congress on Men's Health, to be hosted in the City-Hall of Vienna, Austria. The aim of the Congress is to promote the health of men by: Creating awareness for the medical scientific community; Addressing current issues around men's health; Providing a platform for the medical community, men's health organizations, and the pharmaceutical industry. Vienna. or +43 1 40400-2292 (10/25-27/02)

From Addiction & Dysfunction to Wellness: 14th Annual Conference on the Family in Stress and Crisis. This conference provides a unique opportunity to participate in an intensive study of the family system from many perspectives, including analysis of disruptive, compulsive and addictive behaviors. Individual experiences, couple dynamics and multigenerational patterns will be considered in developing effective and innovative treatment and intervention strategies. W&M  La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, NM (4/17-20/00) 800.544.9562


Gay & Gray in the West: A conference for graying LGBT men and women who live in western states, and for the people who are concerned about them. A day dedicated to issues (health, housing, finaces, etc.) of being gay and aging in Western states where there are limited population centers and services for LGBT people. Executive Tower Hotel, 1405 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 8a to 5:30p $35 to $60. 303.733.7743 or or (6/1/02)

Gay and Lesbian Couples: Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. Presented by: Joe Kort, Ph.D., LMSW As a straight clinician, it's important to be gay informed, more than just gay-friendly. It's especially important to recognize the differences between the relationship dynamics of gay male and female couples. In this workshop, we'll compare the distinct differences in relationship dynamics and problem areas that arise for gay men and for lesbians: responsible sexual practices and the need for more connectedness among gay male couples and diminished sexual desire and the need for separateness among lesbians are just a few. You'll leave with specific interventions and assessment tools that promote gay-affirmative couples therapy. Washington, DC. More info here. (3/22/13)

Gay & Lesbian Youth Safe Colleges Conference First Annual Western/Central Massachusetts Governor's Commission for. Spoonsored by Acting for Campus Transformation, for lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered and allied heterosexual people. W&M  The Stonewall Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. 413.545.4824 or (4/15/00)

Gay Pride Rockland (4th annual): An event for everyone! A fun filled program will feature welcomes by elected officials, addition of a free outdoor children's carnival as an adjunct to a wide range of vendors along the outside of the Nyack Center, Nyack, NY. Sponsored by VCS Community Change Project, 845.634.5729 or (afternoon of 6/9/02)

Gay Spirit Conference 2000 (International). A day of personal, community and spiritual renewal will feature workshops, performance, and lectures. Featured speakers: Mark Thompson, author of Gay Spirit, Myth & Meaning; Will Roscoe, author of Changing Ones, and Christian de la Huerta, founder of Q-Spirit and author of Coming Out Spiritually. An evening performance based on the work of visionary gay poet Walt Whitman will be presented by acclaimed actor, David Cohen. Don Kilhefner, moderator and founder of Tumescense, a gay men's spirituality group, and co-founder of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Los Angeles, CA (5/20) 323.735.5092 or

Gender Medicine (2nd International Congress of...) 8:30a-6:30p (6/2-3/07)

Gender 2nd Annual National Conference on, and the 7th annual National Gender Lobby Day. Who: GenderPAC, the national organization working to ensure every American's right to express their gender free from stereotypes, discrimination, and violence. What: A 3-day conference on gender policy, strategy, and policy. Where: The Washington Hilton and Towers, Washington, D.C. Where the President often holds press conferences! The Washington Hilton and Towers combines the amenities of a grand hotel with those of a sprawling resort in a convenient location right in the heart of friendly Dupont Circle. When: (5/18-19/02 followed by National Gender Lobby Day 5/20/02). More info at or

Gender Diversity: 8th Annual Conference Theme “Closing the Gap-Scaling the Heights: Men and Women Working Together”. Dynamic, interactive conference designed for organizational attraction, retention and promotion of the ‘best’. Planned topics will include “White Men as Full Diversity Partners”, “Creating & Executing Mentoring Programs”, “The Language of Culture”, “Gender Best Practices” and more. For acilitators, see Sunburst Resort, Arizona, 480-473-0426 or, $1,195, (10/31-11/2, 8a-4p)

Gender Symposium. Format includes round table discussions, presentations, small and large workgroups, and facilitation. A highly interactive and participatory symposium. Open to professionals interested in furthering the overall continuous improvement in business standards, programs and initiatives on gender issues in the workplace. Meet with other professionals noted for their expertise, research and work on gender issues in the workplace. Organizations are encouraged to send a male/female team for greater internal effectiveness. Limited to 20 such teams. or or 480.473.0426 (5/2-3/01)

Genital Integrity (7th International Symposium on Human Rights and Modern Society). Georgetown University Conference Center, Washington, DC. The symposium will focus on the genital rights and body integrity of all children. International experts will address medical, legal and human rights aspects of male and female genital cutting, the right of children to genital integrity, and social activism for cultural change. MORE All presentations in English. $375+Room & Board. NOCIRC, POB 2512, San Anselmo, CA 94979 (4/4-7/02)

Girls Summit. A daylong conference of engaging speakers (including a keynote address by DADs' Joe Kelly), enlightening discussions and amazing workshops for girls and adults at Agnes Scott College. Atlanta Girls Summit (10/17/02)

The Great Mother & New Father Conference, Martin Prechtel, Robert Bly, Doug von Koss and others.2000's theme was the possibilities as the century changes. People have noticed that art often changes abruptly at the turn of the century or the millennium, bringing up what the previous century has ignored. What has been ignored in our culture? What has been missing in your own life? What can we expect - what evidence is there of new attitudes appearing toward culture and toward discipline? Orcas Island, WA. (6/3-11/00) W&M  Elaine Stanton 510.558.1591 or or The aim for 2002 is to create an environment in which participants are able to move toward an understanding between men and women, young and old, and people of diverse cultures, ethnic backgrounds, mythological and ritual traditions in conversation, movement, writing, music and the visual arts. 28th year.Nobleboro, MI or (6/1-9/02)

Grief Across the Life Span: Dealing with hurt, grief and loss in changing times. 20th International Conference on Death and Bereavement. Responding to the needs created by the current world situation - dealing with traumatic grief. We will examine childhood grief, the grief of families when a child dies, including neonatal losses, grief after the death of a spouse, and grief in later life. King's College Centre for Education about Death and Bereavement, London, Ontario, Canada or (5/13-15/02)


Hard of Hearing People, 7th International Congress of, International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH), Helsinki, Finland

High School Hazing (1st Nat) Psychological, Legal and Educational Perspectives. What you need to know. Adelphi University, NY CAPS 516.621.0552 or Sports Leadership Institute 516.877.4248or $50 8a-1p. (9/22/06)

Healing Sexual Victimization of Boys and Men, 9th International Conference on Male Sexual Victimization. Mic Hunter, Richard Gartner and others. The conference will provide an opportuinty for discussion as well as mutual growth and understanding between survivors, clinicians, and researchers. There will be four tracks: healing, training, prevention, and research. Two Plenary Panels: The first will be a panel of experts from the fields of trauma, sexual abuse, and dissociation who have not primarily written about work with male sexual victims. We anticipate that this panel, (Christine Courtois, Mary Gail Frawley-O’Dea, Karen Hopenwasser, and Richard Kluft) will discuss what their fields have to offer us in treating and understanding male survivors, as well as explore why male sexual victimization has been largely missing from the literature. Our second Plenary Panel will relate to working with diverse populations. This panel will consist of experts from varied cultural backgrounds with expertise in trauma, abuse and/or the the ways that disparate populations react to sexual abuse and to treatment situations. We expect that this panel (Neil Altman, Carlos Loredo, Eugene Porter, and Kirkland Vaughans, with Ernesto Mujica as moderator) will address the specific needs and problems encountered in work with sexually abused men of African-American, Latino, Asian, and ethnically marginalized backgrounds. We are also working on a major presentation related to masculine gender socialization. We expect that there will be workshops involving clinical technique for mental health and other professionals. In addition, however, there will be healing work with survivors and their partners as well as panels and workshops related to such varied topics as working with the police in situations related to male sexual victimization, artistic expressions of the healing process, making films on the subject, using native practices and techniques in work with sexually abused men, and men’s experience of writing first person accounts of sexual abuse for publication. Selected presentations from the conference will be published in "Men and Masculinities", a journal edited by Michael Kimmel, a sociology professor at the State University of New York. W&M John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York, New York. Contact Richard Gartner, 212.580.3187 or for the most current information. (10/25-28/01)

Healing Through Art: A conference & Memorial Service for Sexual Abuse & Ritual Abuse Survivors & Their Suporters. It will provide attendees with an overview of the breadth and depth of art therapy. It will cover the topic of art therapy from a clinical point of view as well as providing an understanding to survivors of how art therapy can help them heal. Oakland, CA or

Health, Immunity & Disease (Psychology of) Conference, Caroline Myss, Emmett Miller, Norman Shealy and many others. Experience a practitioner-oriented educational opportunity designed to rejuvenate your spirit, enhance your productivity and strengthen your practice. With our distinguished group of teachers, authors, and practitioners, this unique gathering is sure to exceed your expectations. Choose from a variety of concurrent sessions, intensive training institutes, master classes and inspiriational conversations. W&M  Hilton Head Island, SC. (12/4-10/00) or 800.743.2226 (12/9-15/02)

The Health Medicine Forum: Movement for Health and Healing with Eastern and Western Perspectives. Without movement there can be no life. How we move not only affects the mechanics of how we get around, but also the quality of our lives. Motion and rhythm are primary characteristics of all life forms; they begin very early in intrauterine life and continue to have a profound effect on our health and well-being throughout life. Our panel of experts will explore the nature of movement and its effects on our physical, mental and spiritual life. Participating on this unusually distinguished panel are Francesco Garripoli, Rama Vernon, and Peg Jordan. The interface of Qigong, Yoga, and other movement disciplines will be explored in the context of their effects in supporting health and well being as well as in the management of many diseases. Oakland (4/17/01) The Health Medicine Forum. Dedicated to Health Medicine: Integrative, Holistic, Person-centered, Preventive Care Presents "Healing With Energy: The Cutting Edge". (Mini-Health Faire from 6:30-7:30 and 9:30-10:00 With Healthy Gourmet Food and Music) Preservation Park (Nile Hall) in Oakland. Martin Luther King Jr., Way and 13th Street. Take the 11th/12th St. exit off Highway 980. Panel: Maurice Bales. Research Director and developer of the Photon Stimulator/Infrared technology. Francesco Garripoli, Producer of PBS documentaries on Qigong, teacher of Eastern healing arts for over 20 years. Len Laskow, M.D. OB/GYN, energy healing researcher, international presenter, Author of "Healing with Love". Len Ochs, Ph.D. Clinical psychologist and developer of neurofeedback for CNS disorders. Beverly Rubik, PhD. Cutting edge biophysicist and former NIH advisor to the Office of Alternative Medicine; Len Saputo, M.D., Panel Moderator; Director, HMF, Donations requested $10 ($5 for members) (6/26/01 - 6:30 - 10:00 pm)

Heartland Men's Conference 2000:  Men's Health - Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, John Lee, Robert Moore, Bill Kauth, Robert Bly, Swami Beyondananda and Marshall Rosenberg, the director of The Center for Nonviolent Communication are presenting at the conference. Plus twenty-five additional workshop presenters on a wide range of topics related to men's health from the use of healing humor in your life to men's physical health concerns. When we show compassion towards ourselves and others, we can take care of ourselves, and build healthy families and communities. Plus networking opportunities for men related to men's work and a wholistic view of health. Women are welcome. Some workshops are men only. W&M Ramada Inn Conference Center, Columbia, MO (11/10-12/00) 573.449.0120 or or


Idaho Prevention Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependency, 7th Annual. Some areas of concern in 2000 were Adolescent Substance Use Disorder, Drug Court in Ada County, DUI Evaluation in Idaho, Effects on Children of Witnessing Domestic Violence, Gay and Lesbian Support Services, Gender-Specific Programming for Adolescent Females, Implementing an Effective Drug Policy in the Workplace, Integrating Child Welfare and Substance Abuse Services, Matrix Model of Outpatient Treatment, Motivation and Consequences for Indigent Clients, Perinatal Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Self-Care for the Therapist, and Women and the 12 Steps. Sun Valley, ID 800.624.1120 or (4/18-20/01)

Increase in Coronary Heart Disease in Central and Eastern Europe: Stress and Gender related Factors, NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Objectives:: To bring together a group of international and multidisciplinary researchers to (a) critically assess existing knowledge of traditional, psychosocial, and new coronary risk factors, (b) promote working relationships among participating scientists, and (c) identify directions for future action. The focus will be on gender differences in stress-related factors and their associations with cardiovascular risk. Specifically, the workshop will address the increasing gender gap in mortality in many Eastern European countries, which appears to be primarily due to a cardiovascular disease epidemic among middle-aged men. The workshop will attempt to answer the question why the Eastern European experience has affected men's cardiovascular health more dramatically than women's. Co-directors: Gerdi Weidner, State University of New York at Stony Brook and Maria Kopp, Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest. Topics such as "Psychosocial risk factors, inequality and self-rated morbidity in a changing society" and "Trends in Gender Differences in Ischemic Heart Disease Mortality -- Relationships to Trends in Health-related Behavior and Changing Gender Roles" and "Gender and age differences in perceived social support" are some of the many topics to be covered. Co-Sponsored by the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research at the National Institutes of Health, the Wellcome Trust, and the Hungarian Ministry of Health, Budapest. Attendance is mainly by invitation, but a few places are available for particularly well-qualified scientists upon application. Inquiries may be addressed to Gerdi Weidner W&M  Budapest, Hungary. (5/20-24/00) Note: IOS Press will publish a book on the theme of this workshop (as part of the NATO Science Series) entitled "Heart Disease: Environment, Stress and Gender" edited by G. Weidner, M. Kopp and M. Kristenson. Tentative publication date is December 2000.

International Men's Conference presented by the Men of Today and focused on men's issues. This powerful conference will feature five keynote speakers and 30 workshops ranging across a broad spectrum of issues, including multiculturalism, conflict resolution, men's health, intimacy, sexuality, relationship and finances. The keynote speakers and presenters scheduled at this time include Robert Bly, Warren Farrell, David Deida, Jed Diamond, Joe Laur, Bill Kauth and Rich Tosi.

Women will also be welcome at the conference and many of the workshops as they will deal with broader relationship and gender issues. The highlight of this event will be Saturday night's program. Beginning with a panel of luminaries discussing contemporary issues of interest to men (and those in relationship with men), this segment will be moderated by a nationally syndicated NPR host. A keynote speaker will follow the panel. The evening will conclude with a musical program.

Tickets for the event are $199 until Sept. 1st -- $249 after Sept. 1st. Out of town guests can arrange special discounted pricing at the adjacent Holiday Inn Express Hotel at a rate of $59 double occupancy per night. For full details on schedules, accomodations or to register, visit our website at Warren, MI a suburb of Detroit and 20 minutes from Windsor, Ontario Canada. Men of Today, 11200 E. Eleven Mile Road, Warren, MI 48089, 586.758.3050 x132 (11/7-9/03)

It Takes a Rainbow: Bridging the Mountains to the Bay 2nd LGBTQIA Conference for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and Ally conference. We are excited to welcome college students and community leaders from around Northern California to what we know will be a fun, exciting and educational event. Stay tuned to this website for more information as we get closer to the event. University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA

Contact Us - eMail or 209-946-7707
Facebook Event, $30 (2/7/08, 2/20/10)




Latin American - Caribbean Regional Expert Seminar: "Implementation of the Durban Programme of Action: An exchange of ideas on how to move forward. Organized by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights with the support of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Mexico City, Mexico. Source: (7/1-3/02)

Learning Disabilities Assocaition of America International Conference, 412.341.1515 or New York Hilton (2/7-10/01)

LGBTQIA College Conference (20th Western Regional) Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo, CA

Travel & Housing
Contact eMail or 805-756-7153 (2/19-21/10)

Life@50+/National Event & Expo sponsored by AARP, Washington, DC (9/4-6/08)

Listening to Boys' Voices: Understsanding their crisis and responding, Dr. William Pollock, Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and autho of Real Boys: Rescuing our sons from the myths of boyhood. Sponsored by American International College. $119 includes lunch, handouts and CEUs. Springfield, MA 413.747.6525 (4/28/00 - 9a-3p)

Love Letters to the Flowering Earth, Martin Prechtel, Robert Bly, Gioia Timpanelli. Making a climate where some of the natural seeds of language, writing, music and ritual can be planted, flowered, and inspired into fruit to make more viable seeds to keep them alive so they can be palnted beyond out time. W&M 877.333.3136 or or The Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM. (10/5-9/00) Sipapu Lodge, Vadito, NM (10/2-5/02)


Making It Safer for Children and Their Pets: Collaborative approaches in the prevention and treatment of child and animal abuse. This workshop highlights the need for collaborative investigations of animal abuse cases involving children and adults. Effective therapeutic aproaches involving animal care will be presented, with a focus on innovative programs sponsored by humane societies and municipal animal care and control agencies. Recommended for therapists, social workers, probation and judicial officers, district attorneys, law enforcement, animal control and state humane officers, and community members who are interested in establishing effective programs for the treatment and prevention of animal and child abuse. Santa Rosa, CA, W&M, 9a-4p, (8/13/02)

Making the House of the World: Singing the world back to life, Martin Prechtel. Friday night lecture and weekend conference. W&M Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO (4/7-9/00) 303.245.4800 or 800.603.3117 or or

Male Sexual Victimization: 9th Interdisciplinary Conference W&M John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York. For information about submitting proposals and/or registration for the conference, contact Richard Gartner, Program Chair, at or Eli Zal, Conference Chair, at You may contact NOMSV PMB 103, 5505 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015-2601 or 800.738.4181 or or or Ken Singer, President of the Board of Directors, (10/25-28/00)

MaleSurvivor 2010 International Conference, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NYC, The only conference dedicated to the needs and interests of both clinicians and survivors. You will hear first-hand input from male survivors as well as discussions with psychotherapists, social service professionals, lawyers, law enforcement personnel, legal advocates, researchers, and educators. Download PDF of MaleSurvivor 2010 Conference Program Schedule and Pre-Conference Schedule here From (3/18-21/10)

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse, 2nd Annual Conference. Steven S. Richmond, author of "Terms of Enforcement" (Trafford, 2002) will be a featured speaker at the Battered Men's Helpline's 2nd Annual Conference. 1-6p, University of Southern Maine, Luther Bonney Auditorium, Portland, Maine. Free. Contact Jan Brown, 207.683.2515 or or (10/19/02)

Mankind Project Summer Conference, John Lee, Robert Moore & others. W&M. Quebec City Hilton Hotel; Quebec City, Canada. (7/28-30/00) Drury Heffeman at 800.870.4611or or

Manly Man Conference IV This year, we are challenging all men to escape the Matrix. What do we mean by ‘Escape the Matrix’? We have energized speakers including Mark Gungor, Craig Gross, John Branyan and Mystery Speaker to help men make the right choice. There are manly activities including Beer Tasting, Great Lakes Sport Fishing, 18 Hole Golf Scramble, Tour Lambeau Field and of course, the Monster Pig Roast Dinner. We promise, there will be no singing, no crying, and no holding hands. This conference is geared towards 1,000 men of all ages! Celebration Church, 3475 Humboldt Road, Green Bay, WI 54311 More information $49 plus specific activity and meal fees. Lodging not included. (8/3-4/12) Christian based DVDs

Manly Man Conferenc IV - Escape The Matrix - DVD Set -

Manly Man Conference III - Time to Man Up - DVD Set -

Manly Man Conference II - Worth the Fight - DVD Set -

Manly Man Conference - Men's Business - DVD Set -

My favorite: Mark's A Tail of Two Brains - DVD set -

Media Literacy. The Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME) holds an excellent conference October18-20 in Albuquerque, NM, addressing strategies to teach media literacy skills to children and adults so they can become more critical, active media consumers

Men Alive Center, Third Age Wellness Center, Jed Diamond, W&M, Palm Springs, CA (4/14-17/00)

Men & Masculinity Conference - 37th Annual National Organization for Men Against Sexism by NOMAS, Preserving Our Roots While Looking to the Future plus the 15th National Conference on Domestic Violence (NCADV). Special Keynote Speaker: Ellen Pence. Join the many advocates, activists, survivors and allies working to end domestic violence for this critical conference aimed at challenging and informing those working within the movement and/or "system" to provide the most effective solutions and support to domestic violence victims. At each NCADV conference, we work to connect and empower victims and survivors of domestic (and other forms of) violence through specialized workshops and discussion sessions, strategy sessions, survivor institutes, caucus meetings, our Survivor Speak-out, and other organized events aimed at providing a space for victims and survivors to process their experiences, connect with others and heal. Our conference themes, workshops, presenters and events are structured to provide victim service providers and allied professionals with the information they most need to guide, challenge and improve their work. The National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) is an activist organization of men and women supporting positive changes for men. At NOMAS' Men and Masculinity conferences, we evaluate and examine diverse aspects in gender identity, gender roles, the construction of masculinity, and the experiences of men's lives, specifically as related to the role of men as allies to the women's and sexual assault domestic violence movements. or or 303.666.7043 or M&M, PO Box 455, Louisville, CO 80027. (8/5-8/04, 8/4-6/05, 8/3-6/06; 10/28-30/09; 7/31-4/10, 4/1-3/11, 7/22-25/12)

Men of Unity Conference (1st) Dan Millman, Dr. Steven Vazquez & others. This event brings men together to explore how to unleash our spiritual power as peaceful warriors. Internationally acclaimed author and teacher Dan Millman presents the keynote address and an afternoon workshop on “The Warrior Spirit”. Other quality workshops will be offered as well as powerful rhythms from the Mondo Drummers. Lunch included. Registration/Social Hour 8 - 9 am; Conference 9 - 5:30 pm $65 Unity Church of Fort Worth, Rev. Ed Conrad, or or 817.423.2965 (1/22/05)

Men's and Boys' Health Conference (4th National-Australia). The conference aims to promote the health of boys and men by: (1) Building on what boys and men are doing right; (2) Highlighting good practice which promotes the health of boys and men, (3) Challenging some of the stereotypes which build on a deficit image of men and (4) Addressing current issues around men's health. The Conference sets out to support and celebrate programs and research which build boys' and men's health. A social view of health is presumed, as well as a positive view of boys and men. We would like participants to leave with an enhanced sense of this positive view as well as with a greater knowledge of networks and programs which support boys and men. The conference will create an opportunity for interested people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and societies to express their experiences and perspectives on men's and boys' health in a variety of formats. The Conference will be held at the Richmond Campus of the University of Western Sydney, about 60km north-west of Sydney at the foothills of the Blue Mountains on the Hawkesbury River. All fees include GST: $440 for fully funded Government institutions; $330 for Community Groups (non-profit); $220 for non-funded individuals/student concession. Abstract/Presentation Proposals. or (9/26-29/01)

Men's Equality Congress. The Second National Men's Equality Congress will consist of two days of activism and meetings in an effort to draw attention to issues of urgent importance to men as citizens, fathers, and human beings. Speakers include, Warren Farrell, Glenn Sacks, Stephen Baskerville, Jack Kammer, Carnell Smith, David Burroughs, Scott Garman, Thomas Ellis and others. Washington Court Hotel at 525 New Jersey Ave, NW. $110. Friday 11-8:30, Sat 8:30-4:00p. Matt Campbell, 703.945.0027 or or (7/15-16/05)

Men's Health and Well-Being Symposium. The symposium will be held at the campus of Minneapolis Community and Technical College bringing health professionals, practitioners and men looking for health knowledge and wisdom together. It can serve to educate and inspire men to improve their own health (self-care) and provide the means to achieve greater health and well-being. Self-responsibility includes nutritional awareness, stress reduction, environmental sensitity, and physical fitness. Holistic health in support of wellness focuses on nurturing our immune systems. Minneapolsi, MN $60. or or 612.822.5892 (10/20/01)

Men's Health Conference: Health Issues for Men and Woman: Andropause (male menopause) & Menopause (2nd International) A number of the top leaders in the field of men's health will be presenting including:, Malcolm Carruthers, M.D., Chief Andrologist, London, England, Norman Mazer, M.D., Ph.D, Senior Medical Research Fellow, U.S.A., Clement Williams, M.D., Research Director, The Men's Health Institute Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Jed Diamond, LCSW, Director, MenAlive. A few of the many topics include:Viagra and Testosterone: The Dream Team? Prosexual Vitamins and Nutrients Testosterone Replacment Therapy: The latest research findings from around the world. What Women Need to Know About Men's Health. San Rafael, CA For more information or to register go to (10/27/01)

Men's Health (2nd World Congress) Sex and Gender Matter: From boys to men, from science to practice. The program meets the special interests of family physicians, urologists internists, and hem's health organizations. Special features are interdisciplinary presentations in practical and clinical topics combined with psychosocial sex and gender issues. From prostate cancer to hypertension, lipid disorders to osteoporosis, congitive dysfunction to male sexuality. hormone replacement therapy to sexual dysfunction. Hosted by the medical faculty of the University of Vienna and the International Society of Men's Health. Vienna, Austria. or or +43 1 494 99 (10/27-29/02)

Men's Issues, (Nat Conf), - Raising the Standard, National Conference on Men's Health Issues - Victoria, BC, Canada - The Well Foundation and The Prostate Centre. Aimed at a national, high-level professional audience drawn from medicine, bio-psycho-social science, and public policy, the Canadian Conference on Men's Health will deliver leading edge research, engage policy discussions, and outline options for turning policy into practice. Our goal is to raise the standard of men's health as a way of developing healthier males fully supported by the right policy and best practices. 7 - 9 hours per day. $600; early bird $500 before Feb 15th Contact Marischal De Armond, 250.472.7644 or or (3/21-23/07)

Men's Ministries, National Coalition of. Learn the skills to build, lead and maintain a vibrant, ongoing and effective ministry to men. Practical ideas and resources you can put to work the day you get back home. An encouraging update on what God is doing among men today, the challenges before us, and a vision for reaching the men in your church. An opportunity to interact with top men's ministry leaders from across the nation. Resources from more than 70 national men's ministries. For Senior Pastors, Associate Pastors, Men's Ministry Leaders, Church Leadership Teams, Parachurch/Servant Ministry Leaders, Lay Leaders, Denominational Leaders. $95+R&B. Atlanta Airport Marriott - Atlanta, GA or 877.626.6266 (10/12-14/00)

Mind Your Head: Improving The Wellbeing Of Men And Boys Conference which will take place in London, England. The conference will raise awareness of all the mental health issues that impact on men. It will look at these issues, however, from a positive standpoint, exploring how problems can be tackled through gender-sensitive practice in a wide range of settings and life stages. The aim is to ensure that each delegate goes away with at least one working model for their own practice, inspired by all they have seen and heard. A constant theme throughout the day is the needs of black and minority ethnic men, who are often marginalised and unable to access appropriate services. The conference is sponsored by the Men's Health Forum in conjunction with National Men's Health Week 6/12-18/06. The cost is less than £150 for an action packed day, with a healthy option lunch, lots of coffee breaks, 3 parallel symposia, 12 workshops, over 60 speakers, and a sizeable exhibition. The flyer for the conference can be obtained by clicking on the following link: Contact Mrs. Margaret Pettifer, the Conference Manager at E-Mail or phone 011 44 01608 674410. (6/14/06)

Minorities, the Medically Underserved and Cancer (9th Biennial Symposium on..) From Awareness to Action: The Unequal Burden of Cancer presented by the Intercultural Cancer Council and Baylor College of Medicine. Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC (3/24-28/04).

Ms. Millennium Conference: Achieving social, political and economic equality, Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, Marcia Ann Gillespie. Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York City. 877.463.3867 or register online at (10.21.00)

My culture, your culture, our opportunity congress provides an opportunity for building connection, sharing knowledge and creating innovations in thinking and practice, as we live in turbulent times, characterized by religious and identity militancy, economic shifts, heated debates between the G8 countries and developing nations about agriculture, medicine and wealth distribution, and the uncertainty of many Europeans about the shape of their future in the global community. The 2005 Congress will offer a rich variety of keynote speakers, workshops, research reports, and practical tools and exhibitions that address these concerns. Over 100 presenters worldwide. La Colle sur Loup (close to Nice) France. 09.00-?. 400. Contact Dr. George Simons, +33 4 92 97 57 35 or or (9/21-25/05)


National Daughter-Daddy Reunion Tour. An unprecedented movement to restore the sacred relationship between daughters and dads, while arresting pronounced community problems, returns to the District this fall. The National Daughter-Daddy Reunion Tour, the signature project of Esther Productions, Inc., runs October 6 through October 7, 2006 at the National City Christian Church, 5 Thomas Circle Northwest in Washington, DC. or 202-232-0780 or 202-232-0781 or or (10/6-7/06)

The National Fatherhood Initiative's 3rd National Summit on Fatherhood. Goal is to mobilize and equip several of the most powerful sectors of American society, including public policy, social services, education, religion, entertainment, the media, the civic community and business to effectively promote, support and encourage responsible and committed fatherhood. W&M Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. Sponsored by the National Fatherhood Initiative. 301.948.0599 or (6/2-3/00). 7th National, Atlanta, GA (6/7-9/04)

National Fatherhood Summit. The Jan 4th 2008 National Fatherhood Summit will bring together husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and grandparents in an effort to begin the New Year recognizing the need for repair of fatherhood nationwide. The 2008 National Fatherhood Summit is the first event leading up to the 2nd Annual Family Preservation Festival which is to take place on August 15th-17th 2008 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Numerous elected officials, authors, religious leaders, family preservation organizations, experts, advocates and a Michigan District Court Judge will be speaking at this historic event! Location: Abundant Life Ministries, 1725 Division SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Contact Information: Minister Ronald Smith 616-301-1515. (1/4/08 - 8:30am-4:30pm)

National Health Interview Survey on Disability 1994-95 (NHIS-D):Findings and Applications. Populations of interest include: children and youth with chronic health and physical impairments, people with mental retardation or developmental disabilities, non-elderly adults with chronic physical impairments, adults with chronic diseases, people with psychiatric disabilities, and aging persons. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: defining populations, describing characteristics, service needs, access and use, expenditures, and policy implications; and data access, analytic challenges, and methodological issues. W&M Holiday Inn-Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN. (6/12-13/00) 612-624-6328

National Men's Conference, "How vulnerable is a man?" is the title of the National Men's Conference that Father's Center Adam organized in The Hague on Tuesday, February 20, 1pm on. You are cordially invited to attend.

The vulnerability of the man is best shown in figures:

Loneliness among men is great. Almost 330 thousand men are lonely, compared with 220 thousand women. Men have a problem with power and sexuality, as witnessed by the # MeToo discussion.

And now more girls are studying than boys. What does that mean for their labor market opportunities?

It is high time to examine the vulnerability of the man with scientists, experts, artists, policymakers and politicians at the first National Men's Conference to be organized by Father's Center Adam in The Hague on February 20th from 1 pm onwards.

Check out and register via, W&M Vadercentrum Adam, Onderdeel van Mooi welzijn, Jonckbloetplein 24, 2523 AR Den Haag, 070-2052410 The Hague, Netherlands (2/20/18)



Pacific Northwest Prostate Cancer Conference, 2nd Annual, U of Washington in Seattle e/pdf/mj0305.pdf (7/12/02)

Partnership for Community Leadership, 6th Annual National. Detroit, MI (6/7-9/04)

PC Screening Guidelines: The Experts Explain. We have gotten together the top people in the field, including Otis Brawley from the American Cancer Society and top UCSF docs will take different positions. This a free event with multiple community sponsors. There will be dinner and a Q and A period - Oakland..RSVP Stan Rosenfeld at 415.459.4668 or 5:30-9:00 PM (9/15/10)

Positive Strategies for Buildilng Parental Involvement Across the Continuum. Renowned speakers and educational sessions, networking opportunities for 600 to 800 professionals from throughth who work in the fields of health care, health education, social services, public education, child care, research, policy-making and advocacy. Sponsored by the National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention, the only national organization focuseing solely on adolescent pregnancy, parenting and prevention issues. W&M. Sheraton World Resort, Orlando, FL (11/15-18/00) 202.293.8370 or or

Preferred Provider Conference. Topic: Trauma, Compulsivity, Eating Disorders. Sponsored by The New Orleans Institute at River Oaks Hospital. Call 800.598.2040 for information or visit the (1/30-31/09)

Preparing Youth for the 21st Century, Worldwide Summit Conference. A conference that focuses on the skills critical to success in life! Learn ways to reduce teenage violence, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, and dropouts. Over 30 workshops. 831.662.0642 Burlingame, CA (6/22-25/00)

Prostate Cancer Conference. Breast and prostate cancer educational conference to be held at the University of California at San Francisco. This is the first time that prostate cancer will be included. (11/18/00)

Prostate Cancer Conference, 16 speakers, lectures, break-out sessons at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel. Register online at or call 310.743.2117 (9/12-13/09)

Prostate Cancer: Dealing With the Issues, Mark C. Scholz, MD. Prostate Cancer Research Institute's (PCRI) Regional Conference in Los Angeles for men recently diagnosed with PC, family members & healthcare professionals. Covering PC101, Treatment Options, Erectile Dysfunction, Incontinence, and Couples Session. FREE PSA tests for all men. CME/CEU available. Register online at or by calling PCRI at 310.743.2117. USC Health Sciences Campus, Mayer Auditorium. 7:45 AM - 5:00 PM. $15 incl parking & lunch. Contact Diana Garnand at 310.743.2117 or or (10/9/04)

Prostate Cancer Update, 11th International, Vail, CO 800.442.6632 (1/31-2/4/01)

Psychology at the Threshold, Archetypal psychology festival, Michael Meade, James Hillman and many others. W&M University of California at Santa Barbara, CA. (9/1-4/00) Contact Pacifica Graduate Institute, 805.969.3626 x 172 or 173.

The Psychology of Health & Immunity Disease


Queer Masculinities Conference: What is a Man?  Topics include gay masculinity and sexuality, addiction, racism, sport, film, literature and other cultures. Co-sponsored by The Nashoba Institute and Mount Ida College. Newton, MA or 617.928.7314 or 978.345.2802 (4/20-23/00)


Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control, 15th Annual Conference. The purpose of the conference will be to help survivors of ritual abuse and to help stop future occurrences of ritual abuse and mind control. The conference will be for survivors, co-survivors, helping professionals and others interested in the above topic. For the safety of all participants we try to exclude current members of secret organizations, current perpetrators, and/or members of unsympathetic organizations. We recommend always bringing a support person to all conferences and staying with that person or another safe person at all times. For survivors of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques. We also recommend reading about conference safety and trigger management. For information write S.M.A.R.T., P. O Box 1295, Easthampton, MA 01027-1295 USA E-mail:, conference information is at: DoubleTree Hotel near Bradley International Airport (between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA). (8/8-10/03, 8/6-8/04, 8/5-7/05, 8/11-13/06, 8/10-12/07;8/9-11/08; 8/8-10/09; 8/7-9/10; 8/5-7/11, 8/10-12/12, 8/9-11/13)


Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community (1st Int Conf). Jerusalem, Israel. The Awareness Centers. For more information contact: Vicki Polin, MA, ATR, LCPC at or 011-972-5-090-4743 (10/01)

Sexual Dysfunction, 2000. A multidisciplinary update on ED, premature ejaculation, libido disorders, peyronie's disease & female sexual dysfunction. New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York. Sponsored by Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Department of Urology. Contact the Center for Continuing Education, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, 630 West 168th Street, Unit 39, New York, New York 10032. 212.781.5990 or or (6/3/00)

Sexual Imagination: Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. Presented by: Joe Kort, Ph.D., LMSW and Jo Barrett, M.S.W. Fifty Shades of Grey has sparked at least that many questions among therapists about the erotic and psychological appeal this bestselling novel holds for millions of readers around the world. This thought-provoking workshop will explore what the phenomenon tells us about our clients' longings, needs, and fantasies-and what our own responses reveal about us. We'll look at such issues as: what are the limits of fantasy? Where's the boundary between playing out a sex game and engaging in potentially self-destructive behavior? When do erotic games sought for novelty and variety become compulsive or retraumatizing? How, as a therapist, do you determine when a client's fantasies, or actual behavior, is spiraling out of control? You'll leave with a much broader understanding of the psychological meaning of the erotic imagination. More info here. Washington, DC (3/23/13)

Sexual Mutilations: Securing Human Rights in the 21st Century Sixth International Symposium. Legal experts, health-care professionals, medical researchers and scholars from Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Korean, New Zealand, and North American will address the medical, legal and human rights aspects of male and female sexual mutilations. All presentations will be in English. The symposium will be interpreted into Australian Sign Language. University of Sydney, Australia, (12/7-9/00) 415.488.9883 or or

Shaken Baby Syndrome (6th North American Conference on...) Take advantage of this extraordinary line-up of the worlds experts on shaken baby syndrome and child abuse. The program provides ample opportunities to cultivate new relationships between the families affected by this form of child abuse, and the professionals who deal with the cases. Topics will range from the newest research available, medical practices, investigation techniques, prevention programs and family stories. Park City, Utah $350 (9/13-16/06)

Social Work 2000 Conference, Jed Diamond. W&M Baltimore, MD (11/1-4/00). or

SRA and Secret Societies, 5th Annual Conference. St. Louis, MO. (6/2-3/00) 636.305.0755

Summit for Clinical Excellence. Keynote by John Lee on Working with Regression with your Clients and Workshop on The Rhythm of Closseness, Los Angeles, CA. (4/28/00) Call Paul Ortman at 602.585.5247 or 

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Chld Abuse Conference: Our Healing Journey: Past, Present, Future. Keynote Speaker: Caryn Stardancer was a pioneer in establishing a grassroots network for survivors of sadistic ritualistic abuse. She co-founded Survivorship with Catherine Raggazzi, and served at the helm of that organization for a decade. Conference is at: Executive Inn & Suite, 1755 Embaracadero, Oakland, CA 94606. or eMail. (5/19-20/12)


Tackling The Spirit of Fatherhood: 2nd Annual Orange County DADS Convention and features an all-star line up of Orange County dads, moms, and professionals. kicking off the event will be Rich Saul, former NFL football player with the Los Angeles Rams. His supporting cast includes Pastor Robin Dugal, Gene Bedley, Bill Lobdell, Greg Bishop, Andy McTigue, Larry Kastellic, Tim Rosio, MD, Simone Bartels, Eric Cyrs, Jim DiCenzo, Michael Webb, M.A., MFCC, Buddy Mendez, Ph.D., David Rice, Ph.D., Frannie Jordan-Stein, Ph.D., David Rice, Ph.D., and Isabelle Fox, Ph.D. Following Rich Saul's keynote address will be a program divided into three sessions. Session I consists of five huddles for working dads, stay-at-home dads, divorced and single dads, step-dads, and dads of children with disabilities. Session II will have four huddles for expectant and first-time dads, dads of preschoolers, dads of elementary school children, and dads of teenagers. Session Ill offers two huddles on Kids and Sports and Disciplining Your Children. It's a freestanding, non-denominational event dedicated to enhancing the father/child relationship. We will provide a forum for dads to meet other dads with similar fathering issues, furnish dads with helpful fathering tips and resources, acknowledge the value of a dads presence in a child's life, and promote fellowship among all dads in the community. W&M Mariners Church 5001 Newport Coast Drive in Irvine, CA. (4/22/00) Contact Hogan Hilling at 949.854.7030x474 or

Talking Sticks. Honoring Your Story, Easing Your Journey, Terry Popp, Judy Dragon, Vercilla Chacon. A full-day conference for survivors of ritual abuse, sadistic sexual abuse, mind control and torture pro-survivors, partners, friends and family members traveling beside them on the healing path. Preservation Park, 668 13th St, Oakland, CA. (5/6/00) Sponsored by Survivorship & Bay Area Women Against Rape. or

TBIO Leadership Conference. Girls love movies and the movie industry loves girls’ buying power. Is there anything you can do when your daughter seems blind to the sexism and is swept up in celebrity and media messages? Mind on the Media ( says yes! MOTM sponsors the Turn Beauty Inside Out campaign ( every year to engage thousands of people in this grassroots work. Part of the campaign is the 2005 TBIO Leadership Conference, April 13-15, 2005 Los Angeles, CA, for girls ages 8-16 and their parents/mentors. The conference is open to all girls ages 8-16 and includes a variety of active learning workshops and dialogue with media & entertainment industry professionals. Those in the Los Angeles area can learn more and support MOTM at a House Party Fundraiser, hosted by Jessica Weiner & Audrey Brashich, on Tuesday evening, December 7, 2004 in Los Angeles, CA. For details email (4/13-15/05)

Trauma Process Work Training, Patricia Clason, Curtis Mitchell, Barbara David. This residential weekend includes How the brain and body respond to trauma, Emotional Intelligence research and concepts, Understanding the differences between trauma wounds and emotional issues, Guidelines for emotional process work with trauma survivors, Dealing with Flashbacks, Foundations for safe trauma therapy. Claymont Society, Charles Town, WV. Patricia Clason, 414.374.5433 or or W&M $475 Training, $275 R&B (4/8-11/10)

Treating the SRA/DID Patient and the Importance of Foundational Therapeutic Elements, (professionals only) Doubletree Hotel, Denver, CO (4/7-9/00) 636.305.0755


Untold Stories: Boys Conference. Canada's first National Conference on the lives of boys explores the complex obstacles and challenges they face growing up. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website: (3/4-5/02)


The Values of Violence: Shaping and enforcing hegemonic masculinites, Gender Studies: Male, a panel at the 42nd Annual Midwest Modern Lanuage Association Convention. Recent events have focused popular media attention on masculine violence--the shootings at Columbine, the Wyoming murder of a gay man, the Texas dragging death of a black man prominent among those events. Media discussion has focused on causes of this violence (media, economics, political culture, competitive sports), on this violence as socially transgressive, and on ways to contain (control, prevent) this "marginal" violence. However, violence might also be seen as serving hegemonic masculinities in several ways: for example, the white knight who saves the princess in danger of rape can only do so if the black knight is a real threat of violence to the princess. This idea raises questions about whether or not these extremes of violence are indeed transgressive. This session seeks to ask questions about violence and masculinity beyond the obvious questions asked by the media: How does violence shape and enforce hegemonic forms of masculinity? How does apparently transgressive violence at the extreme serve normative, hegemonic masculinities in the "center"? What is the cultural value of violence to the dominant forms of masculinity? How does violence serve hegemonic masculinities? Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA) W&M Hyatt Regency Crown Center, Kansas City, MO (11/2-4/00)

Violence Prevention Summer Institute, (10th Annual) is to provide a collaborative opportunity for communities to create safe and healthy learning environments for children and youth. Keynote Speakers: Dr. Terry Tafoya, Tamanawit, Unlimited; Dr. Lisa M. Boesky, Child/Adolescent Psychologist; John Bergman, Geese Theatre, From one-day $100 to 4 days $200. Helpful Information: Brochure: Full-color brochure Schedule Begin registration (7/11-14/05)



Whole Man Expo Numerous professional experiences and panels to honor and celebrate men striving for balance and the women who support them. Focus on key contemporary men's issues and offering guidance to guys struggling with or confused about societal re-definitions of men's roles. W&M This educational and festive Expo is open to teens welcome. Sheraton DTC Hotel, Greenwood Village, CO 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. $10 online; $12 at door or or 303-796-7004 (9/10/11)

The Wonder of Boys Conference: A conference about raising and educating healthy boys. Join us for a pioneering conference exploring gender issues that affect pre-adolescent/adolescent boys' lives. This conference is designed for parents and others who care for, educate, or make policy affecting the lives of boys. The keynote speaker, Michael Gurian, workshop leaders and panelists will educate, support and mobilize those of us - parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, policymakers, caretakers - who are concerned about both girls and boys. This conference satisfies the requirements of the Coordinated Compliance Review for Gender Equity as well as Title 1 and Title 1V. Everett B. Person Theatre, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA  $65 (5/8/04)

Working Together to End Abuse:  Advocacy, assessment, intervention, research, prevention and policy, 5th International Conference on Family Violence. Multi-ethnic and multi-racial issues and perspectives. Promote healthy, nonabusive families and relationships. State of the art research. Cost effective, large, multidisciplinary conference. Holistic strateiges. International perspectives. Integrate all aspects of family violence. Effective intervention techniques. Reach professionals, advocates, researchers and survivors. W&M  Town & Country Hotel & Resort, San Diego, CA. (9/23-27/00) 619.623.2777 x 406 or

Working Together V: A statewide regional conference for fathers of children with special needs. Meet men from across the state, the Pacific Northwest and the U.S. An opportunity for fun, socializing, information and personal learning. Many of the sessions and materials will be available in Spanish. Sponsored by Fathers Network and the Office of Children with Special Health Care Needs/Washington State Department of Health. (6/3/00) or or 425.747.4004 x 218.

World Future Society, Jed Diamond. W&B Houston, TV (7/23-25/00)



YES Conference, 13th Annual, Pacific Grove, CA Conference Brochure Available 9/00 (4/1-4/01)

The 3rd National Youth Gang Symposium: Addressing Our Nation's Youth Gang and Violence Problem. This event will focus on innovative and successful gang-related programs and strategies, as well as providing current information on youth gang activities and trends from top national experts. The workshop and plenary sessions will be exciting, challenging, and filled with cutting-edge information that you can take back and use immediately in your community. Orlando, FL (6/10-13/02)


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 ...that is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way. - Doris Lessing

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