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Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) provides unique services for domestic violence victims. We look for those who typically fall between the cracks, and are receiving the least amount of help -- people for whom few services are available. Our approach is to view domestic violence as a human issue. We often say it this way, "it does matter what type of person you are, if you're in an abusive relationship, it is the type of experience you're having that is important. The services you receive should be based on what you need, rather than who you are." That is the goal we work towards.

However, there are also problems that individuals face based on the fact that they are men or women, gay or straight, old or young. SAFE addresses their individual concerns, and fills in the gaps in domestic violence services.

SAFE provides the following services:

Professional trainings and presentations to service providers.

One of SAFE's missions is to make it as easy as possible for service providers to expand their services to underserved victims. Stop Abuse For Everyone was selected as one of only 50 promising strategy programs in the nation to prevent domestic violence by the National Crime Prevention Council. The National Crime Prevention Council is the non-profit "take a bite out of crime" organization funded by the U.S. Justice Department. SAFE was selected because of it's unique programs to bring services to underserved victims of domestic violence crime, and the applicability of SAFE programs, training and publications to other agencies such as law enforcement, health care providers, social service, and other domestic violence intervention programs. You can acquire this publication.

SAFE accomplishes its mission by the development and dissemination of resource information, education and programs to foster community involvement, referrals, outreach and services, research in areas of domestic violence that have yet to be fully explored, education of the general public, and education and training of community leaders, health organizations, criminal justice agencies, and service providers.

SAFE started in 1996. Starting out as a grassroots organization, SAFE acquired its 501(c)3 federal nonprofit status in early 2001, so donations are tax-deductible in the United States.

SAFE's international headquarters are in Portland, Oregon, USA. SAFE has served tens of thousands of people since its inception, had extensive press coverage, and is growing rapidly.

You can learn more about SAFE by reading our annual reports and bylaws, but you need to register on the website to see them.

Contact information

Stop Abuse For Everyone
PO Box 951
Tualatin, OR 97062
U.S.A. - Are you looking for help?

Primarily resources for abused men

Are You A Battered Spouse? What battered men should know -

Husband Battering - David Throop's pages contain a library of information on husband and partnership abuse. This is a good place to look for statistics.

David Gross' Notes on husband battering. Well-reasoned overview of studies on husband abuse and an analysis of society's perceptions of it.

An excellent source of information for men that are abused in Colorado is It contains an A-Z guide of things you need to know if you're being abused, including legal information. It's worth looking at ever if you're not in Colorado, to get an idea of your legal position especially.

Men's Educational Support Association (MESA) is a father's rights organization that has some information gleaned from studies on domestic violence. MESA Canada provides information for fathering issues affecting battered men.

Detroit News columnist talks about DV arrests of women and how the media has portrayed it.

Menweb contains several articles about domestic violence against men, including an article from the founder of the first modern women's shelter in the world, and several others.

Domestic Violence Arrests of Women are going up. Cathy Young writes of how this reflects an increase in fairness in arrests. not found

The cop and the survivor, a site that deals with the relationship between the police and domestic violence victims.

Ontario's infamous Bill 117 essentially gives abusers another tool for abuse: they can claim to be victims, and within a couple of days, seize all the assets of their victims. The burden of proof is on the person accused instead of the abuser.

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