Condom Ads on TV?

Menstuff® has compiled information regarding the appearance of Condom Ads on TV.

Want to see what they run on television in France? (Lost Link.) When are we going to wake up? We've got the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world.

Should There Be Condom Ads on TV?

Until recently, condom ads on U.S. TV were an unthinkable presence on the small screen. But now condoms and other topics once considered "taboo" are beginning to make an appearance in our living rooms. According to the Henry J. Faiser Family Foundation, an organization which follows social trends, a number of leading broadcast networks, as well as cable channels, have in recent years quietly let go of longstanding policies prohiibting contraceptive commericals. But several others still probhibit advertising for condoms - even though they accept ads for other types of birth control-and those that do run condom commercials often have restrictions about when and how they may be advertised.

What is behind these shifting policies? What has been the experience of those networks that now allow condom ads? Why do some other networks feel comfortable with increasingly sexual programming, but not with condom commercials? How do viewers really feel about condom ads on TV? How much influence does advertising have on the use and choice of contraception? On attitudes toward safer sex?

These are some of the issues addressed at a recent Emerging Issues in Reproductive Health briefing featuring experts from the broadcast and health industries.

What do you think?  The magazine Black Men wants to know what you think about condom ads on television. Write them at Condom Ads Survey, c/o Black Men Magazine, 210 Route 4 East, Ste 211, Paramus, NJ 07652.

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