Domestic Violence in California

Menstuff® has compiled the following information regarding California's lawmarkers claim that there isn't such a thing as a male victim or female perpatrator of domestic violence. Thousands of abused men and their children lose services.

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2008 -- California Leads the Way
Women Can't Abuse Men in California - It's the Law

Women Can't Abuse Men in California - It's the Law

According to a new law in California (AB 2051), there aren't such a thing as an abusive woman, much less a violent female spouse. California law defines domestic violence as "the infliction or threat of physical harm against...female intimate partners.” AB 2051 refers to domestic violence victims only as “battered women.” While the Centers for Disease Control report that men comprise over 35% of all domestic violence victims, it appears that there are no male victims in California and California has a major problem with domestic violence, well above any other state in the union.

Not only does this ignore male victims and their children (most child abuse is perpetrated by females and most of those are mothers 1) it turns female perpetrators (batterers) into victims and doesn't provide the services they need to stop their abusive behavior. Also read a recent column by Carey Roberts.

1 Child Maltreatment 2004, US Department of Health& Human Services Children's Bureau, free copy or on the Internet at

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