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Menstuff® has compiled the following web site resources on information concerning Land Mines. Remember, that all land mind kill civilians. None stops an army in its tracks. on.

Canada and the Land Mines Treaty Movement: The Road to Ottawa - A series of lessons that explore the media's role in the land mine treaty movement. They also have a great guide to teach about Land Mines including posters children created. It gives information on grass roots activism and dealing with the media. A graphic display of where the land mines are and where they were produced at Some of the less affected countries (like Belguim and Netherlands) have land mines left over from the Second World War.

Detecting Land Mines - Chemistry is helping develop tools to find and remove mines; banning them will require political will. and

International Campaign to Ban Land mines - Non-governmental organization provides annual reports on demining efforts and the use of mines and features news updates and action alerts. Includes an excellent set of links to other web sites concerning this issue:

Land mines: A deadly inheritance - Naturally curious, children are likely to pick up strange objects, such as the infamous toy-like 'butterfly' mines that Soviet forces spread by the millions in Afghanistan.

Land mines leave deadly legacy of war in Vietnam -Article in the 11/17/00 Seattle PI regarding President Clinton's visit to Viet Nam to meet with a group of Vietnamese children who have been injured by land mines or unexploded ordnance left over from the conflict that ended 25 years ago.

Land mines-trail of Terror - The entire 1997 issue New Internationalist (NI) Magazine presented a very through review of landmines and the world situation. contains most of it. It also includes a comprehensive list of addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail numbers and Web site addresses for organisations campaigning against landmines around the world. There are hundreds of groups campaigning against mines and we are listing only those mentioned in this issue and some of the larger ones that perform a co-ordinating function and can provide more specific contacts in your area. In addition to these it is worth remembering that many development charities such as Oxfam, World Development Movement, Christian Aid and Third World First work in areas affected by mines.

Mines Action Canada / Action Mines Canada - Ban landmines now. No excuses. No exceptions. No reservations. No loopholes. Lists signators to the ban worldwide. The US is not a signator. We wonder why? See "Bush backs away from international ban on land mines."

Physicians Against Land Mines - The Center for International Rehabilitation designs, develops and delivers techniques and technologies that improve the lives of people with disabilities in low-income countries PALM supports United States military action, yet urges the U.S. not to deploy new mines in Afghanistan and to exercise care regarding humanitarian food drops in mine affected areas.

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