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Parents warn about the dangers of 'salt and ice' challenge
New game has serious consequences
Salt And Ice Burn 'Challenge' Returns, Luring Detroit Teens Into Dangerous Trend (VIDEO)
Experts: Don’t Try “Salt and Ice Challenge”
"Ice and salt challenge" leaves 12-year-old Pittsburgh boy with second-degree burns
The Top 5 Internet Challenges

Parents warn about the dangers of 'salt and ice' challenge

Parents in Snohomish County are putting out a warning about a 'game' that kids are daring each other to play. It's called the 'salt and ice challenge.'

"It's where you put salt on ice and stick it on your hand or somewhere on your body," says 13 year old Jenaea Brunson. "Whoever holds it on longest wins." "I didn't really think it would hurt," adds 14 year old Skyler Duran.

"Actually what they're doing, is they're burning it," says Daling McMoran with the Poison Control Center. "The salt and the ice mixture will actually remove the heat from the body. It's like a chemical reaction and it's absorbing the heat and it's lowering the temperature causing anywhere from frostbite to second degree burns."

After just a few minutes holding the ice, the girls realized they had made a mistake. "As we took it off, it turned white and it was really hard, the skin was hard," says Duran. "It was numb and then afterwards it hurt really badly, like you couldn't move your hand," says Brunson. She ended up with a big blister on her hand, and had to admit what she'd done to her father.

"I never heard of it before and I was like that's pretty stupid," says Erickson. "Then I started thinking about some of the stupid stuff I did when I was a kid." He says he understands how strong peer pressure can be at her age. But he's hoping she'll think twice the next time someone brings up a potentially dangerous dare.
Source: www.aol.com/article/2014/09/15/parents-warn-about-the-dangers-of-salt-and-ice-challenge/20962497/?ncid

Experts: Don’t Try “Salt and Ice Challenge”

There is a new challenge for young kids and teens that has some health and science experts wondering why they’re even trying it, because it can prove very dangerous.

It’s called the Salt and Ice Challenge. It entails putting salt somewhere on your body, many kids are putting it on their arm. Then you take an ice-cube and hold it down against the salt for as long as you can.

The problem for educational coordinator Daling McMoran with The University of Kansas Hospital’s Poison Control Center, is he can’t find any good reason to want to do this to your skin.

“Actually what they’re doing, is they’re burning it. The salt and the ice mixture will actually remove the heat from the body. It’s like a chemical reaction and it’s absorbing the heat and it’s lowering the temperature causing anywhere from frostbite to second degree burns,” McMoran said

He also adds, if you use, say, just your finger, you could face amputation.

“It’s not a wise thing to be doing something like this to your body,” McMoran said.

Associate Professor of Chemistry at Park University, Donna Howell, said with just pure water under the conditions of a test she conducted, the water started crystallizing at point-three degrees Celsius. She said add 30 percent of salt to the water, and the freezing is well below negative 10 degrees Celsius.

“So what they have in their hands, is well below negative 10 and that’s enough to give you pretty serious frostbite,” she said.

Howell also said keep in mind, the kids who have tried this are putting pure salt on their arms, and not just 30 percent.

McMoran warns damage to your skin sometimes isn’t seen immediately. He said it could take a day or two before you realize how severe it really is.

A University of Kansas Hospital spokesperson said, fortunately, they have not seen any of these type of cases here so far.
Source: fox4kc.com/2012/07/29/experts-dont-try-salt-and-ice-challenge/

"Ice and salt challenge" leaves 12-year-old Pittsburgh boy with second-degree burns (CBS News)

A 12-year-old Pittsburgh boy is recovering from serious burns after partaking in the "ice and salt challenge."

CBS Pittsburgh reported the boy was challenged in in the dubious task in which kids aim to show off their pain threshold by wetting an area of skin then covering it with table salt, before applying pressure with an ice cube until the pain becomes so unbearable they stop.

Watch: Salt and ice challenge gives Pa. youth 2nd degree burns

The challenge is so painful because of the chemical processes involved. Typically water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but adding salt causes the freezing point to drop as low as 0 degrees. When applying ice, energy is pulled from what's nearby - in this case, heat from a kid's skin. While "competitors" fight the urge to drop the ice, they risk further damage in the form of blisters or second-degree burns, or frostbite.

Within a few hours of the boy's injury, the skin appeared red and by 48 hours, his back developed blistering second-degree burns which will heal over the next several weeks, doctors said. He was treated with skin antibiotics and medication to control pain.

"There are risks. You could end up having surgery or a scar for the rest of your life," Dr. Ariel Aballay, a burn specialist at West Penn Hospital told CBS Pittsburgh, as he pointed to pictures of the boy's cross-shaped burn. "If something is causing a lot of pain, probably not a good idea to do it."

The boy's parents said in a hospital -released statement that they hope sharing their son's story will stop others from participating in the challenge.

"Videos on You Tube, Facebook and other social media do not accurately show the terrible injuries that can result," the unidentified boy's parents said. "We are grateful that our son is recovering and hope that sharing his story will stop other young people from attempting this stunt."
Source: www.cbsnews.com/news/ice-and-salt-challenge-leaves-12-year-old-pittsburgh-boy-with-second-degree-burns/

The Top 5 Internet Challenges

Nearly all of us at one time or another have gone online to look up something, nasty, impossible, or downright funny. I've compiled in my opinion the top 5 internet challenges, these challenges consist of the cinnamon challenge, the saltine challenge, the milk challenge, the Sprite and banana challenge, along with the bread challenge. Just as a heads up to all potential readers of this hub, these challenges are arranged in order of cleanest, to most potentially filthy, no matter which end of the spectrum you shoot for be sure to have fun with it. Note: I am not encouraging participation in any of these challenges if you participate you do so at your own risk.

1. The Bread Challenge

The first challenge and easily the cleanest challenge of the five, is the bread challenge. In this challenge you have to eat one piece of Wonder © bread in under 45 seconds. Not much explanation to go with this one.

2. The Saltine Challenge

Second, we have the saltine challenge. The only cleanliness issue you may have is a ton of crumbs. The challenge on this one is to eat six saltine crackers within sixty seconds, secondly you have to eat all the crumbs. This one can be very hard because of the fact that the saltine crackers are extremely efficient at drying out your mouth.

3. The Cinnamon Challenge

Next we have the cinnamon challenge. This one can be potentially dirty because of the fact that if you way over do it on the cinnamon it can cause you to vomit. Alright the rules of this challenge are that you must swallow a whole tablespoon of cinnamon without spitting it out or vomiting. This one is hard in that the cinnamon will clump in your throat and burn ferociously, making it hard to swallow all the cinnamon.

4. The Banana and Sprite Challenge

Coming in fourth for cleanest challenge is the banana and Sprite© challenge. Alright this challenge has a high potential for vomiting. The challenge is that you have to eat two bananas and drink one liter of Sprite. After you do both of these the Sprite reacts with the bananas making you vomit. If you can eat the bananas and drink the Sprite without making a mess you win.

5. Milk Challenge

This challenge is by far the filthiest challenge of the five. This challenge is EXTREMELY LIKELY to make you vomit, and when you do its about a gallon of milk. Alright this challenge, is that you have to drink a gallon of milk in one hour and keep it down. This is very possible to do with alcohol or with water, when you use milk however its completely different in that the milk has a high fat content making it harder to digest quickly than water or alcohol.

Which of these internet challenges would you attempt.

Source: topher2.hubpages.com/hub/The-Top-5-Internet-Challenges

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