What is she


Answer: She is selling a subscription to one of the magazines below. Can you figure out the magazine before looking at the alphabetical list below?

Cosmo Girl
Elle Girl
Rolling Stone
Sports Illustrated
Teen Vogue
Vanity Fair
Women's Health & Fitness

A click on the photo will give you the answer. Surprised? Everyone is so afraid of the sexist presentation of women on the cover of men's magazines. Do they think that the message that the same images that are presented on the covers of women's magazines present a less dangerous image of women for boys?  And what about the women and girls who buy these women's magazines? These magazine are consistantly telling them that they aren't good enough and that they need all of the toxic make-up and clothing to be acceptable. And, don't forget a big cleavage and pert nipples and weight loss programs and acting fake to equal what the women on the cover of their magazines have? I have seen several men's magazines take on women's magazines regarding this topic. However, I haven't seen Ms Magazine, the self-protector of victimized women everything, dare take on this subject. Or any other women's magazine, for that matter. What gives? I guess there are too many women running the women's magazines and cosmetic companies and advertising agencies and weight loss programs to dare touch that subject. Meanwhile, our girls get weened on Cosmo Girl, Elle Girl, Teen and the many others, to follow in the path to success - to be beautiful, narrowly defined as looks, not inner beauty, and, of course, buy a lot of products and spend a lot of time covering up who they really are with socially acceptable ways of looking and being, heartedly endorsed by women. See what Nelly Furtado has to say about scantly clad women. Also, if you have the nerve.


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