Teens Attitudes towards Fatherhood

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Teenage Attitudes Towards Fatherhood Revealed in New Report

Teenage Attitudes Towards Fatherhood Revealed in New Report

In a released report, “Teenagers and Attitudes Towards Fatherhood,” Fathers, Incorporated explores the thoughts and attitudes of today’s teenagers.

The report complied after a series of focus groups with teenagers; takes a look at how teenagers interpret the responsibilities and realities of the role of a father. “We found that the expectations of our youth for fathers aren’t traditionally different,” says Kenneth Braswell, Executive Director of Fathers, Incorporated. “However we do learn that the new realities of today’s society has put a strain how they process the relationship of fathers and children.”

“The reality of today’s society is that it is harder than probably ever in our history to be a teenager. They must be smarter, faster, mature more quickly, and handle more stress while maintaining traditional standards,” says Braswell. Growing up in simpler times, i.e. less technology, less media, less worldly chaos and less personal consequence; youth of the 1950’s – early 1990’s, were able to more easily avoid or disguise the effects of certain negative life experiences. In addition, the extended family was much more of a factor than in today’s society.

Because of these new “stressors” and trends, adults and policy makers, service providers, and educational institutions are encouraged to take a more in-depth and comprehensive look at the attitudes of youth regarding parenthood. Policies, services, and support may need to begin to reflect a new attitude of parenting and being parented.

As part of a process of identifying how to begin to ascertain attitudes and opinions, Fathers, Inc. held three focus groups designed to assist in understanding the attitudes of teenagers with regards to fatherhood. This knowledge would be used in designing programs to address those attitudes and opinions in an effort to interrupt the cycle of irresponsible/absentee parenting – especially as it regards fathers.


Fathers Incorporated’s Focus Group Report, “Teenagers And Attitudes Toward Fatherhood”, is a masterfully crafted roadmap that will lead our youth to healing their “Father wounds” and resolving self-esteem issues as they make their arduous journey from childhood to adulthood. Through its very comprehensive report, Fathers Incorporated, has identified the causes for the “disconnect” that is occurring between the generations and the steps that parents, concerned adults and our institutions must take to resolve it. Fathers Incorporated is urging all of us to examine closely the explicit and implicit messages that we convey to our children about Fatherhood, male-female relationships, sexuality, decision-making, success, failure and the world outside of their immediate environment. For more information contact Kenneth Braswell, 518.221.5184

Source: Diane A. Sears, Managing Editor, In Search Of Fatherhood® For And About the Fathers of the World, www.fathersinc.org/Fatherhood%20Teenager%20Report.htm

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