Unintentional Suicide

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Over 1,116M men will die this year. 24M of intentional suicide, and 536M beyond their control. The remaining 560M will die of what I call Unintentional Suicide. This is because more than half the causes of early death and disease are related to our lifestyle choices—what we do or don't do. The good news is that if we choose to, we have the ability to make healthy habits a part of our daily lives. Making the wrong choice is either a decision to die or a decision to not do what you could do to live - therefore making a decision to commit unintentional suicide.



Actual causes of preventable deaths:

Tobacco 39%
Diet and Activity 29%
Alcohol 9%
Firearms 3%
Sexual behavior 3%
Motor vehicles 2%
Other* 16%
Source: Journal of the American Medical Association

* It is believed that some fraction of fatal poisonings coded as unintentional or undetermined are actually suicides. Under-reporting of suicide has been attributed to factors such as pressure from families and subjectivity among coroners and medical examiners. As compared with firearms and suffocation, suicide by poisoning is considered to be particularly susceptible to underreporting. The rapid rise in unintentional poisonings in recent years has led some to wonder whether part of this increase represents misdiagnosed suicides.


Number of male deaths in a year: 1,117,600

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To die is poignantly bitter, but the idea of having to die without having lived is unbearable. - Erich Fromm

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