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Britney Spears handles a wardrobe malfunction like the pro she is
Oops! The best celebrity wardrobe malfunctions
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Britney Spears handles a wardrobe malfunction like the pro she is

The show must go on, right?

Britney Spears suffered from a wardrobe malfunction while performing "Circus" during her show in Las Vegas a few days ago, but like the champ she is, kept right on singing and dancing. The star was spun and lifted by a dancer and barely batted an eye as he then stopped to zip her back up!

Brit was wearing a sparkly bodysuit when it came unzipped, exposing her back. The show, which recently opened in Vegas, has met rave reviews. Spanning her 15-year pop career she performs Baby One More Time, Toxic and more.

So is anyone really surprised that she handled this little blip like a true pop star?
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Oops! The best celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

Britney Spears handles a wardrobe malfunction like the pro she is

Some may call them the worst, but we call them the best. There's nothing like a celebrity wardrobe malfunction to remind the rest of the world that stars are just like us. Who hasn't worn a sheer top that may have been "too-sheer," or split a pair of jeans after wearing them in too much?

Anne Hathaway, Beyonce, Mischa Barton, Taylor Swift, and even Victoria Beckham have all had a slip up here and there. As seen in the slideshow above, it sometimes isn't very easy to get out of a car gracefully, or to make sure that one's low-cut top doesn't fall out of place. We've all been there, and stars have too.

Check out some of the best - and fine, we'll admit it, the worst - celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.
Source: www.stylelist.com/view/best-celeb-wardrobe-malfunctions/

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