Acts of stupidity?


Subway surfing is back in vogue among New York thrill seekers. Clinging to the roof of a train as it hurtles through the city is pure lunacy that often ends up as blood on the tracks. The 1/01 issue of Loaded gives us a look at the latest result of the No Fear campaign that often ends up in young men making dumb mistakes.

"Subway turning reached the peak of its popularity in the late 80s and 90s, then seemed to have died out, so to speak. But with several deaths and serious injuries already reported this year, the fear in New York is that this deadly pastime is back in fashion.

"Subway surfing, although exciting, is certainly not a comfortable way to spend the afternoon. The surfers all have to huddle together on the top of the train because of the awkward shape of the carriage. And the noise generated by the train is so great that all verbal communication is wasted; lost in the wind. So as they rattle along, the surfers communicate in a series of gestures designed to pass warnings back along the line of carriages. For instance, in a vain attempt to look out for each other's safety, they peer over their left shoulders and give the thumbs-up to signal they are okay.

"Surfing the subway doesn't just involve jumping on top of the train and holding on for dear life, nor is it just about good balance. It is a lifestyle and a skill, and it doesn't just end if you stay on top until the ride is over. Most surfers do their homework well. Knowing exactly where you are underground can make the difference between getting caught and not getting caught, or between life and death."

See Adolescence and another perspective at Know Fear

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