Addict 2
for Teens

End CosmoGirl! Addiction Marketing to Daughters

Why would a Director of the prestigious National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University allow his magazine to market addiction to young girls-especially when he is the father of daughters himself?

That's what daughters and fathers are asking Hearst Communications President Victor F. Ganzi through a grassroots campaign from the national advocacy nonprofit Dads and Daughters.

The September 2005 issue of CosmoGirl! (owned by Hearst and aimed at preteen and teen girls) contains a disturbing and harmful advertising insert for Dior's "Addict 2" perfume. (See the ad now at

The ad features a model dressed in "little girl" clothing, made up to appear as though she's under the influence of some chemical substance, and posed in a posture suggesting sexual "availability."

"Mr. Ganzi is the father of twin daughters and serves on the board of CASA, one of the most influential organizations on the subject of addiction," according to Dads and Daughters President Joe Kelly. "I am sure he knows that alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and addiction remain a serious problem for daughters in this country--indeed a new survey from the American Medical Association says that teenage girls are more likely than boys to obtain alcohol illegally. He and his colleagues at CosmoGirl! should know better."

The Dads and Daughters email campaign ( urges Victor Ganzi to put his own daughters' faces, and his own convictions, in the picture, and do the right thing by pulling the ads. Dads and Daughters' letter to Ganzi reads in part:

"I sincerely hope that neither of your daughters has ever been (or ever will be) afflicted with the scourge of addiction. But if they were, would you encourage them to flaunt this terrible illness? Would you encourage them to pose as titillation objects in young girls' clothing, even though they are now adults? Would you have encouraged such behavior when they were teenagers-the age of CosmoGirl!'s target readers?

As a responsible father, I am sure your answer to these questions is a loud and resounding 'No!' So, I then must ask why you would allow this message to be marketed through your publication to the daughters of other fathers and mothers."

Dads and Daughters is asking Ganzi for quick decision to pull the Dior ad, never run it again, and to refuse future marketing for any product that promotes addiction in any Hearst publications.

Victor F. Ganzi, CEO, Exec VP
Cathleen Black, President, Heart Magazines
The Hearst Corporation, 959 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10019 or 212.649.2000 or Fax 212.541.4133 or or

Bernard Patier, Pres & CEO, Diana Miles (VP Marketing)
Christian Dior Perfumes Inc., 19 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022 or 212.931.2200 or Fax 212.751.7473 or

Dior's Advertising Agency: Alder Boschetto (Owner), ABP DraftWorldwide, 136 Madison Ave, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10016 or 212.684.5228 or FAX 212.684.0469.

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