Still the Queen of Cali title record holder. Still the First youngest African American female to drag race a pro stock motorcycle

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Birthdate: 3/6/1985
Birth Place: Stoneybrook, NY
Sign: Pisces
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 140
Racing since 2004 (age 18)
From: San Diego, CA
Graduated Pittsburg Senior High,.CA
Current Home Base: Atlanta, GA
Status: Married
Bike: 2008 GSXR-1000
Job: Owner & Rider of Velocit-E Racing
Hobbies: Motorcycle Mechanics; firearms (gun range); enjoying family, camping and reading.
Who started you: Myself
Biggest influence: Reggie Showers & Antron Brown
Women you admire: Angelle Sampey
Father's Thoughts: Loves it!
Your encouragement to others: Try it

Growing up in a household with both parents drag racing in Long Island, NY, her family helped develop the same passion her mother and father shared. It also fueled the desire at a young age to be a professional drag racer.

During the summer of 1998, Erika started riding dirt bikes at the age of 13 years old. When she turned 16 she advanced to a 2000 Honda CBR600. Riding was the only thing on Erika’s mind and as she advanced, so did the desire to race. Once Erika learned the dynamics of motorcycles and how they worked it was then when she fell in love with drag racing.

In summer of 2001, Erika attended a national event for the NHRA PowerAde Drag Racing series in Sonoma, California. While there Erika got to meet two well known African American NHRA Professional Pro Stock Motorcycle racers, Reggie Showers and Anton Brown.

Watching their every move on the track and off the track turned Erika’s desire into a full passion. Maintaining contact with Reggie has given Erika the inspiration and direction on how to reach the level of an NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racer.

In 2003, Erika started racing her 03' Suzuki Hayabusa in San Diego, California and gained recognition (one of her first passes made the pages of the New York Times).

Life continued and Erika continued to hone her riding skills. 2007 produced a beautiful son, Jayden and a supportive husband, Daryl Allison. Proving the desire to still be burning brightly Erika was back racing 5 weeks after bringing Jayden into the world.

"She has to be the hardest working young woman I know." D. Allison

Ever since returning Erika’s focus has been to hone her skill level and race with the best in Pro Stock Motorcycle. An NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle and Erika Allison, on a dedicated course which will produce a national champion and true inspiration to all who have the desire to reach for their dreams.


2011: Female Race Wars Champion

  • 3rd Place, Race Wars

2010: 1st Place, Race Wars ATL

  • 1 Qualifier & 2nd Place, PSCA Divisional

2009: Competed in 5 races

  • 2 of them I placed 1st (1st Place, NMRA Championship)
  • 2 of them I placed 2nd (2nd Place, NMRA Championship)
  • 1 I was out first round (1 Qualifier, NHRA Division 7)

2008: Raced an NHRA pro stock motorcycle 1st Place, WND Sonoma, CA


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