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To quote from Men's Confidential, "If testing the feel of condoms isn't wildly subjective, then we don't know what is." Despite the obvious, various magazines over the years have attempted to use personal experience as a measuring stick to rate one condom against the next. And while we agree that a consensus of experience can effectively sort condoms into the categories of "worth trying" and "don't bother," in the end the true test is going to be yours.


Feel: He rates: 10 "The bagginess made for more rub-a-dub-dub maneuvers." She rates: 10 "Very nice. I felt friction in all the right places."

Fit: "Rolled on easily like a second (fore-) skin."

Best For: Boys who like to twist and shout.


Kimono Micro Thin

Feel: He rates: 10 "Almost as good as going au naturel" She rates: 10 "So thin, we were naming our babies."

Fit: "Snug but nice- my love veins weren't bulging under the latex."

Best For: Smaller guys who like a smooth ride.


Erotica Vibra Ribbed

Feel: He rates: 9.5 "I could feel all sides of my ribbed lady!" She rates: 9.5 "Great! In fact, can I have some more?"

Fit: "Classic fit- not too loose or too tight for my man's meat." Fit:

Best For: Guys who like a rib-roaring good time.



Feel: He rates: 9.5 "Mmm, mmm good!" She rates: 10 "This condom was a little too smooth. All shape and no texture."

Fit: "The perfect sheath for my sword- no strain, no pain" Fit:

Best For: Your average size regular Ron.


Xtra Pleasure

Feel: He rates: 9 "The extra rubber is great- but it takes some getting used to." She rates: 8 "It was like he had a trash bag on his John Thomas."

Fit: "Hard to get jiggy in this biggy."

Best For: Average Joe's who like extra tickle at the top.


Trojan Ultra Pleasure

Feel: He rates: 8 "Not enough of that male- to-female friction." She rates: 8.5 "All of the extra material made this condom kind of baggy."

Fit: "Felt looser and thicker than other condoms"

Best For: Well-endowed guys who like extra head room.



Feel: He rates: 9.5 "Very nice- lots of room for motion in her ocean." She rates: 6 "Gross. It felt and sounded like plastic wrap."

Fit: "Long and loose- ready for some motion in her ocean"

Best For: Long slim Jims who crave oral sex.


Trojan Shared Sensation

Feel: He rates: 8 "Like a bike tire- I did some serious off-roading." She rates: 6 "Hmm... didn't float my boat."

Fit: "Great fit. It's definitely roomy but it still held tight".

Best For: Guys who like rocky terrain

Source: Cosmopolitan 12/98 by Julie Taylor, ratings compiled by Jessie Knadler. www.condomania.com/cgi-bin/SoftCart.exe/roadtest/cosmo1298.shtml?L+condom+axay7029

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