Jill flipped on lap 25 of 80 laps, trying to avoid Jesse Smith's Dodge Charger, who blew a tire. The race was rede flagged because repairs needed to be made to the retaining wall. See You Tube.



Jill OK after Wreak at Daytona 2/6/10

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Crash at 2/6/10 ARCA race. 1:16


Marital Status: Married to Rick Hartzell, son Jackson
Hometown: Newton, IA
Resides in Cedar Falls, IA
Occupation: Chirporactor, Hartzell Family Chirpractic, PLC, Waterloo, IA
Other Business Interests: Principal at Three Wide Media, LLC
Education: UNI Graduate with degrees in Psychology; minors in Biology and Chemistry; Palmer College Doctor of Chiropratic degree.
Hobbies: Boxing, Running, Officiating Womens Basketball, water skiing.
As a highly regarded college basketball referee working games in several Midwest conferences, Jill has been selected to work conference championships and playoff games each year.

Jill was the first woman driver to run the Deery Brothers, WDRL, World of Outlaws and Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model series events. She was also the first woman to enter the presigious Knoxville Late Model Nationals.


Jill George, who didn't think she was going to make the cut, started in the back of the pack and missed the big pile-up on the 6th lap. Jill flip on the 25th lap, hitting the outside retaining wall so hard that they shut the track down for repairs, leaving the other cars parked on the track. It looked like Jill was able to get out of the car on her own and walk away. She ended up 31st on the leader board.  

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Jill's 2-lap Qualifying for the 2010 ARCA Racing Series at Daytona February 6th, placed her 46 out of 47 and 6th out of 6 women.

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 Jill tested for the 2010 ARCA Racing Series at Daytona. She was the 7th fastest woman and 49th out of 60 drivers.


Jill OK after Wreak at Daytona 2/6/10

Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed or texted in regard to Jill’s condition after the bad wreck at Daytona in the ARCA race this past Saturday. Jill has some soreness and a headache, which is to be expected. She has been thoroughly checked over by several doctors and all precautions are being taken to insure her safety and personal health. Again, thanks to everyone who has inquired about her status.

Obviously, Jill is disappointed about the result at the ARCA race. She was making good progress in the race, running as high as 23rd from her 38th place starting position. The car in front of her blew a tire and Jill hit a piece of the debris, which blew her right front tire. She crossed over onto the apron, and then the wild ride began. All in all, it was a great weekend and a wonderful experience until the accident. Jill would like to thank James Hylton, Andy Belmont, Andy Hillenburg, the ARCA staff and the Daytona Speedway staff.

We know there are many who are proud of Jill and that is wonderful. We have heard from hundreds of people in regard to what she was trying to do, the success she had and the coverage of a woman is trying to chase her dream. We also know there are critics and those who are negative about what Jill has been trying to do. Of course, the negativity is hurtful, but that goes with the territory. People are critical of anyone who takes risks, puts themselves out there, tries to stretch to reach lofty goals. Anyone can sit back and second guess. However, the plan at Daytona was working perfectly until the car in front of Jill had the issue they had. No blame placed, it is just one of those things. The whole goal at Daytona was to get some time in the seat, stay out of trouble, get some publicity and see if there was a way to move this racing career forward in a positive way. What happens now is unknown, but Jill’s health and family are her priority and that has never changed.

If cleared by the doctors, Jill will go to Volusia to race her dirt car on Thursday-Saturday, February 11-13 at the World of Outlaws season opening races. Please watch the website for future information on Jill, her schedule, and future plans. Again, thank you for your support of Jill and Jill George Racing.

Daytona: Jill George race report

Hylton Motorsports driver Jill George of Cedar Falls, Iowa was treated and released from the Daytona International Speedway Infield Care Center following an incident on lap 25 of the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200. She was making her first appearance in an ARCA Racing Series event and had raced her Hylton Motorsports Dodge Charger into the top 25.

George, a licensed chiropractor and NCAA Basketball Referee, spun in turn four of the high banked superspeedway as she tried to avoid the wreckage of Jesse Smith's Dodge Charger. "I saw the tire blow on the 29 car," stated a dejected George "I steered to miss him and then I found myself sliding upside down across the track."

George was credited with a 31st place finishing position in the ARCA Racing Series opening event of the 2010 season. "I am really looking forward to racing again in the ARCA Series" stated George "I really had the time of my life this week."
Source: www.motorsport.com/news/article.asp?ID=356765&FS=


2004 - Since first getting behind the wheel of a race car on dirt for Hartzell Racing, Jill has found the same competitive drive she enjoyed in athletics. The environment is very different and learning curve more costly at times. Learning to “woman-handle” a 2300 lb racecar on dirt against 24 or more other drivers on the track can at times be very costly in dollars and personal pain. Sometimes just “making the main event” against a field of 50 or 75 other drivers and cars can be a significant accomplishment.

Oh, by the way, in most if not all cases Jill has also “enjoyed” being the first “girl, female, woman” behind the wheel at events and tracks from Minnesota and Iowa to North Carolina and a few places in between. And today, five years later, when Jill shows up she’s just another driver capable of making the show and driving her way towards the front.

2006 - First woman driver to run the Deery Brothers, WDRL, World of Outlaws and Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model series events. In addition she was the first woman to enter the prestigious Knoxville Late Model Nationals running against most of the top national drivers including Tony Stewart and Ken Schrader.

2007 – First woman driver to qualify for a WDRL feature event; make the 24-car field for the Yankee Dirt Track Classic; 6th in season points at Farley; 7th in season points at Dubuque.

Jill selected out of 300 applicants to participate in the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program held in South Boston, VA in October. As one of 24 drivers selected she underwent a series of interviews and interactive sessions designed to look at all the elements that usually make up today’s successful drivers from inner drive to personality and goals. And of course some “seat time” in a race car on pavement.

With little experience driving on a paved track showing, but lots of life experiences and successes as a person, Jill was asked to “ get some serious experience in 2008” and look at coming back to South Boston again in October, 2008.

2008 – Two major steps have been made to “get back to South Boston” in October.

Jill spent 7 days in late February-Early March working with Andy Hillenburg, former NASCAR and Indy driver and owner of the FASTRACK Racing School, at the 1-mile Rockingham oval and 1.5-mile Lowe’s Motor Speedway oval in testing and training sessions on track

Hartzell Racing has added a top flight ASA pavement Late Model to the present stable of two Dirt Late Models, under the direction of longtime Crew Chief Jeff “Wally” Lawless. Jill plans to run 12-15 ASA paved events.

The Dirt Late Model schedule includes 70+ events from Iowa to North Carolina.


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