Kraft says Their
Coffee can End
Domestic Viooence


This ad, for General Foods International Coffees, appeared, in the 2/02 issue of Good Housekeeping. It shows a broken cup on the floor and a big coffee stain on the door. Copy reads "As soon as Colette threw the cup, she realized her mistake. She could live without Jean-Pierre. But that was her last cup of French Vanilla Cafe." Let's hope she got to the store to buy more French Vanilla Cafe before she killed someone! A Kraft product from a Phillip Morris company. Betsy D. Holden, Pres & CEO, Kraft Foods, Inc, Kraft Ct, Glenview, IL 60025, 847.646.2000 or fax 847.646.4916. The advertising agency for General Foods International Coffee is Young & Rubicam Chicago, One S. Wacker Dr, Ste 1800, Chicago, IL 60605 312.845.400 or fax 312.845.2800. This is just another example of how violence towards men is such an accepted part of our every day culture ("He probably said something to deserve it", is often the retort). So, it becomes part of a national advertising campaign for a common grocery product directed to women. Is there "anything" that a woman could say that a similar response by a man would be acceptable?  I don't think so. Some of the other products owned by cigarette giant Phillip Morris.

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