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Meet Shannon 

I began racing at the age of six in quarter midgets. At the time my father, Duane McQueen, was racing boats, Blown Alcohol Hydro, and working for the famed Midget and Boat builder Arlen Kurtis. At the time we ran the boat Plum Nasty driven by Roger Miller. Eight men were killed in the sport that year and my mother and father wanted to get out of boat racing, so they began focusing on my racing. I raced Quarter Midgets from the years of 1985 through 1991. (See attached racing resume for accomplishments).

In 1992 I began racing Modified Midgets. I raced Modified Midgets from 1992 through 2003 racing in all divisions from the 125cc class to the 250cc class to the 600cc Multi class. I have accomplished a great deal of titles throughout my Modified Midget racing career, as you can see on the attached racing resume. However, the titles that I am most proud of are winning the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals in 2001 and 2002 becoming the first female driver to win this race in any division and the first and only female driver to win this race in the Modified Midget Multi 600cc division.

2004 was my first year in the Midget division. Ever since I was a little kid racing Quarter Midgets I have always thought Midget racing was just the coolest thing ever and have always wanted to race a Midget. Well, this year my dream as a little girl came true. I have had an absolute blast thus far racing the Midget. We, my father and I, came into this year with the goal of finishing races and learning as much as we possibly could. I think that we have done very well at accomplishing our goal. Racing primarily with the USAC Western States division has been a lot of fun this year. It actually took me a while to get over the fact that I was actually racing with guys like Robby Flock and Wally Pancratz that I have watched and looked up to for a good portion of my racing career. We have not won a race this year, however, racing with the USAC Western States division has definitely made me a better driver and made me step up to the next level as all of the gentlemen that race with the USAC Western States Division are very good. You better be on your game to run with them. In addition to racing with the USAC Western States series I have actually ran three shows with the BCRA Midgets. Two of the shows with BCRA were on dirt and then I ran my first pavement show with them a few weeks ago in Stockton and finished in the top ten. I was pleased with the finish considering I have not been on the pavement since 1991 in a Quarter Midget. We have several good finishes for the year including a fifth with USAC at Bakersfield in July as well as a fifth and second in Reno-Fernley in the months of June and August, respectively. In addition to the top five finishes above we have many top tens as well as top qualifying attempts in Ventura (3 rd ) in July and I set fast time in Reno-Fernley in August. I am looking forward to the remainder of the season, but I very much looking forward to Turkey Night and the Chili Bowl.

As for 2005, I would describe it as our Sophomore blues season. We have really focused on the pavement car this year as this is new for us. We have had some good finishes in both cars. My main focus is to make the show at Turkey Night and have a great time at the Chili Bowl in 2006.

Personal Information - I am a graduate of the California State University Bakersfield with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. I am a Certified Public Accountant working for a large firm, Daniells, Phillips, Vaughan & Bock, in Bakersfield, California. I work as an Auditor for the firm and fully enjoy my job. However, my passion is racing and to be able to race I knew I had to get a great job as my parents, Duane and Carol McQueen, took my racing career as far as they could racing Modified Midgets.

I would like to thank my grandmother Vi McQueen as she supports my racing financially; she is my only sponsor, and she is my biggest support. I would also like to thank my father Duane as he works on the race cars every night. He is the official Crew Chief. Lastly, my mother always supports me.

My mother, father and grandmother have always supported me whether it is through school or racing. I am so lucky to have had them in my life.

I am very proud of what I have accomplished racing and in my personal life as a college graduate and CPA.


Racin' for a Livin'

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Shannon “Lightning” McQueen Claim Another Top 10 Run

Piloting the McQueen Racing #7 Spike/Esslinger, Bakersfield’s Shannon McQueen remained poised, undeterred by less-than-stellar track conditions to claim her ninth top 10 run of the season in the August 19 USAC-Western States Midget feature at the 3/8-mile Route 66 Motorplex in Victorville.

Lining up on the pole for 20-lap race, McQueen had an excellent start, pulling away to lead the opening four laps before getting shuffled back on the deteriorating track. After leading early, McQueen came home eighth in the 21-car field.

During her Heat race, an over aggressive competitor drove over the right side of McQueen’s mount, collecting the McQueen Racing #7. “We got collected by a crazy person who spun out and stood on the gas and then landed on the hood of our car and stayed on the gas,” says McQueen, who despite a severely damaged car, with next to no tire left on the right rear, finished fifth in the Heat, transferring to the main.

Citing little time to work on the chassis set up, due to having to repair damage from the Heat race incident, “it was not as terrible as it can always be worse, but it was most definitely not what we were looking for,” said McQueen. “What a rough night. We qualified well and then it went downhill from there thanks to someone else,” says McQueen.

Though qualifying on a very slick track, McQueen was the sixth fastest in qualifications, with a 15.853 mark, within a tenth of fast timer Ronnie Gardner.

McQueen extended her USAC-Western States points lead to 88 points heading into Labor Day weekend’s fifth Annual Louie Vermeil Classic, held Saturday and Sunday, September 1-2 at the ½-mile Calistoga Speedway where she will be piloting the McQueen Racing #7 Spike/Esslinger. McQueen trails David Prickett by 29 points in the Western-States Dirt standings.

McQueen has amassed three Heat race wins, seven Top 5 runs and nine Top 10s on the year.




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