I have been retired for 3 years because I needed to rest from 15 years in racing, I have a lot of discipline and I simply needed to enjoy my family for a while. I´ll be back to racing really soon. (2/09)

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Birthdate: March 12
Birth Place: Pachuca, Mexico
Current Home Base: Pachuca
Who started you: My Dad
Biggest influence: My Dad
Father's Thoughts: He really loves it, Is the best thing for him
Your encouragement to others: Make your dreams come true


On her racing trajectory, she went up to the podium around 65 times, Won around 32 times on different classes, Won 2 Championships and obtained several reconnaisances.

Here are some of her most important achievements:

1991: Her debut in autoracing was at the age of 10 years old, as a codriver of her father, at the Mexico-Cuernavaca Rally, but she started oficially as a driver, at the age of 14, on a regional championship, on a tubular VW beetle; there were 35 drivers at the championship, she was the only woman and finished on the Top 5 and "Rookie of the Year".

1992: Took part of the GT II series, on a National Resistence Championship, she participated on a 2, 4, 6, 12 & 24 hours races. At her first race of 12 hours, finished 6th place of 30 drivers and 11th place of the championship.

1993: She gets upgraded to the GT III series , finishing in the Top 10 on each race, 9th place of the championship. She won the "Mérito Deportivo" Award ("Sport Merit Award") at Hidalgo State.

1995: Continues at the GT III series, were she wins several podiums. July- She was invited to represent Mexico at the "3th Shell´s Grand Prix " at El Salvador , on the Super-Tourism Series. Wins 3rd place of her category and 5th Place of all. Recieves a special reconnaisance from El Salvador authorities. September- Participates at this brandnew "Neon Challenge" alternating with her father, were she wins a "Pole Position" and the 11th place of the Championship of a total of 80 drivers. At the same time, she starts racing on the Nissan Prototypes and Trucks, just driving for the 4 last races of this year.

1996: Daimler-Chrysler of Mexico gives her the opportunity to take part of the Skip Barber Racing School Driver Course at Sears Point, CA. She continues at the Neon Challenge Series representing the colors of the Chrysler Racing Team, were they obtain 3 Pole Positions, one 1st place, a 3rd place and 12th place of the championship of a total of 120 drivers. She also keeps driving the Trucks Series, she finished 8th place of the Driver Standings.

1997: A new championship begins, the Mustang Series. She finishes 5th place at the first race. Unfortunately she couldn´t keep racing because she didn´t had sponsorshp. 
Continues at the Neon Challenge, Wins one race and a 2nd place, finishes 10th place of the Championship. Also on 4th place of the Truck Series.

1998: Participates in 4 different championships. Wins 2nd place at the driver standings of the Truck Series, obtaining severa podiums; 9th. place at the Mustang Series; 7th. place in a championship called "Fórmula México" (old skip barber´s formulas) ; a reconnaisance from "Scudería Rodríguez" for the big effort of winning the Trucks 2nd place. Important to mention she was the only woman who took part of all this Series.

1999: Repeats a 2nd place at the Truck Series; 8th place at the Mustang Series, winning 2nd place at the last race of the year and this is her first podium in this championship; obtains the "Press Award" from Ford Motor Company and important people from Mexico´s National Press; Scudería Rodríguez gives her the "Best Female Driver Award"; Hidalgo Government gives her the "Sportswoman of the year" Award. Important to mention that she was the only woman driver that participated in 4 different championships in the same year. 2000: Travels to Phoenix, AZ to take part of a 2nd Driver Course, at Bondurant´s Racing School. Also keeps racing at the Mustang Series with the Autofin Team, finishing 5th place of the Driver Standings. Wins the Trucks Championship with Continental Tires Team.

2001 : For second consecutive time, Wins Trucks Series Championship; 2nd place on the Pick-ups Dodge Series; 5th. place on the Ford Mustangs Series; “Best Driver of the Year Award" from Scudería Rodríguez Organization.

2002: 3rd Place on Pick Ups Dodge Series and Top 10 on Mustang Series.

2003: Participates just on 3 Mustangs and Pick Ups races in the year because she didn´t had sponsorship. Unfotunately she couldn´t keep fighting for the first places of the Pickup Series, because when se left she was at 3rd place of the driver standings.

2004: Becomes one of the drivers of Escuderia Telmex. After almost a year of inactivity, she gets into the new Stock Car Series at Mexico "Desafío Corona", Where, at the first round in this series, wins the first "Pole Position" in the history of stocks in Mexico. She won a 3rd place and finished 6th place in the driver standings; October: Telmex gives her support and the opportunity to travel to North Carolina, USA to make some practices on a Winston West NASCAR and a few weeks later travels to Irwindale, CA to take part in a race. She is the first Mexican and Latin woman to obtain a Nascar´s liscence; She Qualified in 21th place of de 26 stock cars at the grip. She was at the same lap time rythm of the first places in the race and she went all the way through the 12th place when she got a black flag, she lost a lap and finished 18th.

2005: First Latin Woman ever to drive the Nascar Busch Series. She took part of the Mexican Nascar Series with Telmex team, she was on the 2nd place of this stock car series and she had a hard time getting very sick, she lost some points and at the end of the season she finished 8th place on the final standings. 

She left to Telmex and feels very thankful for all the support they gave to her during the time she drove for the team, but now she is looking for new challenges in racing..


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