Sponsorship 101

Milt Gedo is an NHRA racer who has been involved in motorsports marketing for twelve years, and is one of the lucky few who can claim to “race for a living”. Milt has been successful in obtaining sponsorship from companies such as Goodyear Retail, KD Kanopy, American Racing Wheels, Sunoco Racing Fuels, Wix Filters, Parts Plus, and many others. Because Milt is a racer, he brings a unique viewpoint and approach to sponsorship, and he can relate 100% to other racers, and the struggle to find sponsors.

A few years ago, Milt noticed the large number of racers who would approach him at race events and ask questions about finding sponsors. He decided rather than answer the same questions one racer at a time, he would develop an intense, “real world” sponsorship seminar, where he could reach many racers at the same time. Sponsorship 101 is the result of this idea.

What makes Sponsorship 101 unique is the fact that Milt offers a “no holds barred” approach, and shares his successful “Six-Step Program” step-by-step. “I really feel there is plenty of money out there for every racer willing to go get it,” says Milt. “I have no problem sharing my secrets and techniques with other racers, because the more companies that get involved in motorsports, the easier it gets to find new sponsors.” This honest, information sharing attitude makes Sponsorship 101 the best seminar available to any racer who is serious about sponsorship. www.sponsorship-101.com or E-Mail

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