Last race in the 2009 SEAT Leon Supercopa.

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Christina Surer was in Basel. Studied to become a nurse, then started modeling and hosting TV shows. When she was 23, she married the Formal-1-driver Marc Surer, 2000 they divorced. Since 2004 Christina has been driving in the Seat Leon Supercopa in program with the DTM (best place: 6). At the Nürburgring she has taken part of the 24-Hour-Race. In DSF she hosts the show Tuning TV and Seat-Magazin. She just did Playboy.

DOB: March 26, 1974
Born in: Basel (Switzerland)
Current Home: Basel
Profession: TV/show presenter, race driver, model
Hair: light brown
Eyes: grey-blue
Hobbies: Travelling, Jogging, Skiing, Reading
Languages: German/Swiss German, English, Spanish, (French, Italian) Education: Medical assistant and medical secretary. The Swan School of English Oxford

Grösse: 1,73 Meter
Konfektion: 36/38
Oberweite: 90
Taille: 61
Hüfte: 90
Schuhe: 39
Augen: grau-blau
Haare: blond
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SEAT Leon Supercopa


SEAT Leon Supercopa
SLR. Club. Trophy 722 GT


SEAT Leon Supercopa
24 hour race Nuerburgring


SEAT Leon Supercopa - All women's team. Finished 3rd in class (SP3T)
24 hour race Nuerburgring


SEAT Leon Supercopa
24 hour race Nuerburgring, Masarati Tropheo


SEAT Leon Supercopa
24 hour race Nuerburgring
Guest at Polo Cup, Lupo Cup, Mini Challenge


German Ford Fiesta ST Cup
24 hour race Nuerburgring (once second place, once third place) on Ford Fiesta ST


Swiss Championship Superserie (Ford Focus ST170)
German Alfa 147 Cup


Star Kart-Race, Mallorca (victory)
Dream Kart-Cup
Several test runs: Ford Puma, Renault Clio V6
NASCAR Chevy Monte Carlo
Test run Ferrari Challenge


Kart-Trophy, Vienna
Several test runs


Kart-Trophy, Vienna
Kart-Explosion, Cologne


Rallye Ronde d’Ajoie (Swiss Championship) Peugeot 106
Kart-Masters, Paris-Bercy
Kart-Trophy, Vienna

KIA-Cup third place (1997-2001)


Licence Formel Junior (BMW/ADAC), Germany


Race training Formel Junior, Zolder/Belgium and Hockenheim/Germany


Swiss Kart-Championship (1994-2000)


In an exciting speedway duel Andi Feldmann on the Dolemette loses by a hair.

On 4 September 2004 the EuroSpeedway in Lausitz was the setting for a gripping race between Andi Feldmann on the Dolmette and racing driver Christina Surer in her Abt Audi AS400.

Because the start of the race had been fixed for 5.00 p.m., and Christina Surer was running on a very tight schedule, there was only a 20-minute time slot in which to run the race – and that included the time needed to get the Dolmette’s multiple engines powered up for the start. The intense pace and pressure soon told on the charming pit crew, the ladies’ handball team from Süderbrarup, who only managed to get 20 of the Dolmette’s 24 engines running. So Andi Feldmann had to make do with the power output from just 20 chainsaw engines – a “mere” 142 PS.

The drama and stress took their toll of Dolmette rider Andi Feldmann too. During test runs in Schleswig and on the Lausitz Eurospeedway, for which unfortunately only two days were available, it became clear that the torque delivery from the 24 engines, even in second gear, is just too much for the back wheel to handle. Consequently the bike suffers from massive wheel-spin. For this reason Andi Feldmann left the starting line in third gear, and with power output already down by four engines he simply couldn’t get the standing-start acceleration necessary.

And then there was his opponent. Christina Surer is a highly experienced racing driver with ice-cool nerves.

At the starting gun she needed only a few milliseconds to put down all the Audi’s 400 horsepower onto the tarmac. Andi Feldmann, on his 142 PS Dolmette, needed nearly half a second more. With his engines revved up to full power Andi managed to make up some lost ground, but he was unable to prevent Christina Surer from snatching victory by a whisker.

24 Hour Nuerburgring

When I drove my first lap on the Nordschleife (Nuerburgring) I was so amazed and I thought "Are they all crazy? They do car races here???"

One lap is more than 23 kilometres, it goes uphill and downhill and through the forest.

Well, now I am one of these "crazy people". I took part in several VLN long-haul cup races including the 24-hour race for four times on the Nordschleife circuit.

Without a doubt, the Nordschleife is the most exciting but at the same time the most dangerous circuit in the world. I used to say: "The Nordschleife is like a snake. It lies there quietly watching you – but sometimes it bites!" The Nordschleife doesn’t forgive a mistake, it requires respect.

Fascination Nordschleife! I love it!

Auftritt beim 33. Internationalen ADAC 24-h-Rennen


Achtelfinale Nr. 4


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