The Sins
of the Fathers


A mother superior complained to her archbishop that priests in the diocese had impregnated 29 of her nuns. The archbishop subsequently relieved the nun of her duties. The Vatican has a history of protecting priests who rape and impregnate women. Examples of Vatican misogyny abound:

In 1993, the pope called on women who had been impregnated by rapists during the Bosnian conflict to "transform an act of violence into an act of love" by becoming mothers.

In 1994, the Vatican beatified a woman because she chose to stay with a physically abusive husband rather than violate the marriage sacrament by leaving.

In 1996, the Vatican withdrew its annual contribution to UNICEF because the fund had endorsed a health manual for refugee populations that mentioned the use of emergency contraception for women who had been raped.

In 1998, the Vatican strove to exclude "forced pregnancy" from a list of war crimes, fearing that it could be used to support abortion. The campaign failed.

In 1999, the Vatican condemned a U.N. resolution providing emergency contraception to women who had been raped during the conflict in Kosovo, this time claiming that the use of emergency contraception was "abortive."

In May, the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning the violations of women's human rights by priests and calling on Rome to cooperate with the courts "to remove the perpetrators from office."

Source: Ms magazine and for information on how to take action against the Vatican's policies.

Vatican: Thous Shalt Have Sex - and, Enjoy it!

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