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11/3/06 - What Women Want. Are your trying to figure out this age old question? Call in to ask these women what they think! James, Bill and Dan host Beth Aldrich of the PBS-TV program For Her Information and her editor Rosanne Coury. We’ll talk about what Beth and Rosanne expect from men and how they let the men in their lives know it.

10/27/06 - Imprisoned:. How do men put themselves in prison – physically, emotionally, mentally? Ron Allbee and Don Morrison of the Inside Circle Foundation describe what their lives are like working with inmates of the Folsom County Prison. They share how they’ve seen great spirit and amazing connections in an unthinkably difficult environment. Your hosts James McLeary, Bill Martin and Dan Bulf ask the hard questions and ask themselves the question.

Hear About

  • Their personal impact of working with convicted murderers and others in the prison culture.
  • What men do to “get real” on the inside and take action in their lives.
  • What the men inside want us to know about them.

Plus, Tom calls in to share his shame and pain when he yells at one of his students. Find out what he decides to do about it.

10/13/06 - What it means to be a man: How do men see themselves and show up?

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This new show is called Getreal! Live. It’s a weekly, one-hour audio broadcast produced by Men’s Media Network. Each week has a theme or topic, there are expert guests and most importantly – YOU, the listeners and callers.

It’s intention is to provide a format for men’s issues where anyone can share, connect, grow and act in a safe, healthy way. It’s a one-to-one dialog that’s broadcast so that all can listen and learn.

Dan Bulf
Bill Martin
James McLeary

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The hour is guided by Bill Martin, LCSW in practice for over 25 years and a founder of the men’s group Victories of the Heart, and James McLeary, businessman, lawyer, earning his doctorate in clinical psychology, and active member of the Inside Circle Foundation and certified leader of the Mankind Project. Plus, there’s a wonderful production crew in Andy Mitran and Al Jewer, musicians and sound engineers for many NPR programs, Oprah Show theme songs and many other projects.

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Men’s Media Network, producer of Getreal! programs, is dedicated to raising male consciousness and action. We do this by creating one-to-one interactive dialogs that are shared through traditional and new media channels. We value integrity, responsibility, truth and action in our own and each man’s life.

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