Cavemen in
the Kitchen

Appetizer - Hummus Base

Appetizers rock! These are the only things you should cook and have ready to eat before the date arrives. This way, she can nibble while she watches you perform your ‘magic’ in the kitchen. Hopefully when you are done with your magic, she will be inspired to perform some of her own!! Woo hoo!


This is a killer little dip that you can make for your date to sample as she watches you with those ‘oh he is so different from those other cavemen’ eyes while you cook the main dish. It beats the heck out of the store bought stuff and if you were to compare the two side by side, you would taste a major difference. You can also toss the comments around such as, “Yes, I prefer to make my own,” or, “I refuse to eat something that contains items I can’t pronounce such as ‘niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride and magnesium oxide.’ I know what goes in my food and I can trust it.” Mmmmm, tasty. By the way, those chemical warfare sounding items are found in peanut butter which is used for a few things in this book. But that is okay; we don’t have to go there right now.

If you have sun-dried tomatoes, you can toss a few of these in as well. Another swift idea is to go to a store and see what sorta’ flavors they have for their humus. This is always a cool sense of inspiration on how to further personalize your humus.


1. 1 can of garbanzo or chickpeas (15 ½ oz.)
2. ½ cup and 2 T of Extra Light Virgin olive oil
3. ½ tsp garlic powder
4. 1 T basil
5. Something to dip in to it and eat it aside from fingers


Take the above ingredients and whip them together with a food processor. There is no need to add them to the mix in any special order except that you should add the powder and flaky stuff last. Otherwise, it just sits on the bottom and does not have a good chance to mix. Ain’t that grand! You will know that you have whipped them enough when the stuff looks creamy, kind of like a killer potato chip dip. You can taste it and see what you think. Adding more garlic is an option but do remember, you want to be able to speak to your date later without burning her eyebrows off her face.


Once you have the taste and consistency down, scoop the mixture into a bowl and put it on a plate. Around that plate, take some pita bread (the thicker the better) and cut each piece like a pizza. Take those pieces and arrange them on the plate and around the bowl. Ahh, so nice, so nice

©2009, by Ron DesMarais

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Ron DesMarais started life in Charlottesville, VA and has lived in several parts of the United States. When people hear the number of times he has moved, the question invariably arises as to whether or not he was an ‘Army Brat.’ There is only a half-truth there and that is found by dropping ‘Army’; unless, you consider ‘Army of Darkness.’ After moving with his parents for several years, Ron continued his nomadic ways, which were spurred by his mother’s finding out where he currently lived. In the process of changing dwellings and never getting rental deposits back (which he claims were never his fault), Ron’s financial status required that he start cooking for himself, as he could not afford eating out. This resulted in his quickly getting bored with Top Ramen and deciding to get creative in the kitchen. Soon, a list of recipes with a limited number of inexpensive ingredients started coming together. What really bolstered the creation of his book Cavemen in the Kitchen, and the writing of it as not just a cookbook but a ‘dating aid’ as well was when Ron ended up at a date’s house after a financially draining evening out. As both were hungry but Ron too broke and both too tired to go out somewhere, Ron dug through her cabinets, found some items to work with and based on a recipe he had created earlier, he created a meal for both. She loved it and the results of the meal were amazing in ways those under 18 should not hear about. From that point, dates for Ron consisted of cooking dinner, either at his house or the date’s house, and afterwards, either watching a video or doing something else. Click here to order a copy of the book (Contains adult content.)

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