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OK so you want to start honouring your truth but your truth this time seems to be telling you to take another three days off work because you’re going down with a chest infection and you’re on antibiotics. Take the time off work and your boss might think you’re a ‘sick-note’, you can’t cut it anymore and that he should let you go. Hmm, powerful fearful stuff.

Go to work whilst ill and on treatment and the chances are you will not be able to perform close to your highest potential, you could screw up future business by making a careless error brought about by your ill-health and your condition could deteriorate leading to more treatment and prolonged absence from work. Hobson’s choice? Let’s go through what it really means.

Living your truth means first, and foremost, listening to the messages that come through the one vehicle that you cannot possibly do without in this life – your body. The body passes on information to us everyday about our real needs – our truth. We have learnt to take things, pills, medication etc to stamp out the messages that the body gives us – colds, headaches, chest pains are seen as annoyances that must be obliterated immediately.

But what if they are messages that could help guide us into achieving what we are really here to achieve. What if they are little golden nuggets sent as clues to help us take perfect action. You may scoff at the idea, but how can you be 100% certain that this is not, at least, a possibility?

When someone comes to me concerned with this question I ask them to go into truth. Ask yourself questions such as ‘Have I been purposefully underperforming?’, ‘Have I been purposefully negative, difficult or argumentative’?, ‘Have I tried to bring my company/colleagues down?’. Then ask yourself more positive questions such as ‘Have I tried my best given the circumstances?’, ‘Have I contributed fairly?’. The answers to these questions will tell you your truth. The chances are that you will find yourself answering that you have done OK – that you have tried to do what you could – you may not be able to judge yourself as having done your best but it is unusual for people to find that they have been working deliberately to hurt or damage their company or colleagues.

Once you get to this place you are in a very powerful position. You see if you have been acting with ‘love’ or truth, the law of this universe which suggests that whatever you give out, more of the same will come back to you, will ensure that your actions must attract back into your life more truth – ie more good stuff. And the thing is, the ‘universe’ already knows how you have been. And when you have been acting in a ‘loving’ or positive way it recognises this and makes it possible for you to receive the support that you will need to continue ‘living your truth’. In this case it may be by making sure that you have the time off work without getting sacked or anyone docking any brownie points off you!

So, when you are placed into a situation where you are doubting whether you have done enough to retain your job, where you are not certain whether you can really take another day off or whether you can really ask for that well-deserved pay rise – ask yourself those questions of truth again. And if you get those positive answers rest assured that the universe already knows those answers – and you will, at some point, reap the rewards of your actions.

©2010, Barry Durdant-Hollamby

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Barry Durdant-Hollamby is the founder of The Art of Change , a UK based organisation specialising in helping individuals and corporations to effect sustainable, holistic, positive change. He works intuitively on a 1-1 or group basis and also conducts many talks and seminars - all without notes or preparation! Barry is also the author of three books the latest of which is The Male Agenda - a book which seeks to inspire men to create greater life balance and happiness. He is the father of two daughters and lives in the South East of England. Contact E-Mail

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