Fathers Make
a World of


1. What Good Are Dads, Lewis www.fathersdirect.com

2. Equal Opportunities Commission, www.eoc.org.uk

3. Fathers Direct, www.fatherhoodinstitute.co.uk

4. The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, Verny & Kelly

5. A Course in Miracles, Foundation for Inner Peace

6. Birth and Beyond, Dr. Yehudi Gordon

7. Breathwork, www.sourcebreath.com, www.breathwork.com, www.holotropic.com, www.transformationsusa.com

8. Heal Your Body, Louise Hay

9. Maternal Emotions and Human Development, Lipton Ph.D www.birthpsychology.com

10. Unassisted Childbirth, Laura Shanley

11. The Mind of Your Newborn Baby, Chamberlain

12. Birth a History, Tina Cassidy

13. The Truth About Birth, Laura Shanley

14. Magical Child, Joseph Chilton Pearce

15. Ecstatic Birth...conceive the possibility, Dansby Educational DVD

16. Psycho-Technology of Pregnancy and Labor, Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine, 1988, Dr. Thomas Verny

17. Journal of AMA, 2007 study, McMaster University

18. The Healing of Birth, Invitation to Intimacy, Postle

19. The Drinks are on Me, Veronika Sophia Robinson

20. What Babies Want, Contey & Takikawa

Research shows: Men who respond to impending fatherhood by reflecting on the way they were parented produce happier children.- Fathers Make a World of Difference!

©2009, Patrick Houser

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Patrick Houser is a father and a grandfather. His second son's arrival was the first waterbirth in the U.S. This led him into nearly 25 years of support for both choices and working with parents. He has gained wide experience from various fields including a degree in marketing, owning a construction firm and a natural health centre. Patrick is a Life Coach and co-founder of Fathers-To-Be, a new concept in antenatal education, for men. Fathers-To-Be also offers consulting and training for health service providers. E-Mail or www.fatherstobe.org These articles are excerps from his book Fathers-To-Be Handbook: A road map for the transition to fatherhood.

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