The Menstuff® library lists pertinent books concerning fathers, gay fathers or gay children and stepfathers. Books on fathers & daughters, fathers & sons and fathers-single are listed separately. See also Books on children, circumcision, communication, divorce-general, families, marriage, parenting-general, parenting-single, relationship, ritual-initiation, sexism, sex roles, sexuality-general and Issues on circumcision, fathers & daughters, fathers & sons. fathers stories, sexuality-general, tv violence. Photos above are from left to right by Amanda Currey, George Silk, Matsuzaki, Dorien Grunbaum, Bruce Davidson, J. H. Lartigue, Charles Biasiny Rivera, Georg Oddner, Guy Gillette, Howard Sochurek, David Strickler, Jill Freedman, Bob Willoughby, James H. Baker, Burk Uzzle, Bruce Davidson, and Donald McCullin from The Family of Children.


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Fathers (See also gay fathers or gay children or stepfathers)

Gay Fathers or Gay Children (See also fathers or stepfathers)

Stepfathers (See also fathers or gay fathers or gay children)

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33% of girls and 8% of boys were first told about sex by their mothers. 1% of girls and 10% of boys, by their fathers. 35% of girls and 45% of boys have had no sex education.

Kids aren't supposed to have clean fingernails. Really Important Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me

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