Above, the cover from the August 18, 2003 issue of The New Yorker presents Saul Steinberg's view of the "Family". On the left, the husband is hardly visible. On the right, the child is smudged out. Center stage, the dominant wife with stiletto heels and full armor. That's pretty close to the way the courts, the DA, "Family" services and Child Protective Services usually depict it, except to be more accurate, the husband should probably be shown on his knees passing buckets full of green pieces of paper to the DA who passes a single bucket on to the wife.


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The Younger Woman?  There are 7,000 unmarried-couple households in which the female is 65 or over and the male is under 25. There are fewer than 500 where the male is 65 or over and the female is under 25.

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