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I was wondering through your research if you found a significant difference in people from different cultures when it comes to relationships? As in their values and the way they see how relationships should be. I'm particularly interested in people who have been in North America for a long time and grew up with the culture that their parents/grandparents came here with and any other relevant info would be appreciated.

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Actually, what I've found is that people all over the world in different cultures actually have the SAME values, wants, desires, needs - and go about getting them in very similar ways.

When I wrote my first book, "Being a Man in a Woman's World" I wasn't sure how it would translate in different parts of the world. What I discovered was that the principles apply regardless of where the reader lives or is from. We have readers in 72 different countries, and constantly get feedback from them about just how well the principles apply.

Honestly, I was rather surprised when I discovered this!

I will say however that while the foundations are the same and even the way people are wired are the same, we often use cultural bias as a way to reach our goals and this can differ. One of the best examples I’ve come across is in the letters I receive from India. I suspect this is due to the impact of “Bollywood” however.

If you watch movies that come from the Indian entertainment industry, they are very flowery and symbolic. Likewise, many of the letters I’m getting from men and women in this culture take an equally flowery and symbolic approach to love and relationships. This is especially challenging since these people want an equally symbolic way to handle their issues.

This, by the way is another important part of the puzzle. Our media have a lot to do with many of our biases; sometimes far more than we want to believe.

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Relationship is a pervading and changing mystery...brutal or lovely, the mystery waits for people wherever they go, whatever extreme they run to. - Euroda Welty

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