Who's Driving America's Liberalism?

Louis Calabro, president of the European-American Issues Forum and California State University professor Kevin MacDonald have been writing that Jews are driving America's liberalism, for example, the citizenry's refusal to insist on controlling illegal immigration.

Calabro's and MacDonald's assertion is so belied by the facts that one does wonder whether anti-Semitism is at the root of their arguments.

The list of most influential media people is hardly dominated by Jews. For example, here are the top editors at America's most influential newspapers :

Washington Post: Leonard Downie, Jr., Los Angeles Times: John Carroll, New York Times: Joseph Lelyveld

The top executives in TV news: ABC: David Westin, CBS: Andrew Heyward, NBC: Neal Shapiro, PBS: Pat Mitchell, CNN: Jim Walton

The anchors of the TV networks' nightly news are no mere mouthpieces. They have major editorial control, as documented in the wonderful book, Bias, by Bernard Goldberg--a former CBS executive producer, a conservative, and a Jew. Who are the anchors? Not a Jew among them: CBS: Dan Rather, ABC: Peter Jennings, NBC: Tom Brokaw, PBS: Jim Lehrer, CNN: Rudi Bakhtiar and Mike Galanos

The Sunday TV news show hosts: NBC's Meet the Press: Tim Russert. CBS's Face the Nation: Bob Schieffer, ABC's This Week: George Stephanopoulos

And on the conservative side, Jews are well represented. The most influential radio talk show hosts against illegal immigration and reverse discrimination are Dennis Prager and Michael Savage, both Jews. The other superpopular conservative talk show host other than Rush Limbaugh is Dr. Laura Schlessinger, also a Jew. Many of the most respected national conservative columnists are Jews, for example: Dan Abrams, Mona Charen, Jonah Goldberg, David Horowitz, Jeff Jacoby, and Mort Zuckerman.

I wrote an article fully documenting--using unimpeachable sources--the devastating effects of uncontrolled immigration. I believe that it is stronger than most of the 400+ articles I've had published. I submitted it to executive and senior editors (mostly Christians) at 30 major newspapers, magazines, and websites. 29 of the 30 turned it down--too politically incorrect, too hot to handle. The 30th publication? The Jewish World Review. It published the article the day after I submitted it.

Jews are only 1.5% of the US population, and their percentage is shrinking because of their low birthrate and 55% intermarriage rate. As the facts above reveal, even though Jews may be overrepresented in the media as they are in most professions, Christians are far more in control of influencing our political views. Jews certainly are not driving America's liberalism.

People such as Calabro and MacDonald risk appearing like anti-Semites if they keep blaming the Jews. They, who appropriately are concerned about such issues as uncontrolled immigration and reverse discrimination, must focus on the real problem---that the American citzenry is not allowed to hear responsible politically incorrect views on such issues. We must protest this censorship from the Left--consisting, as I've documented, mainly of Christians--that dominate the mainstream media and colleges. It's absurd and dangerous to blame the Jews.

© 2007, Marty Nemko

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Marty Nemko holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, and subsequently taught in Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education. He is the worklife columnist in the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle and is the producer and host of Work With Marty Nemko, heard Sundays at 11 on 91.7 FM in (NPR, San Francisco), and worldwide on . 400+ of his published writings are available free on that website and is a co-editor of Cool Careers for Dummies. and author of The All-in-One College Guide. E-Mail.

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