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We are More Romantic and Conceive more Babies During the Full Moon

Not True. "By the light of the silvery moon," etc, says it all, according to Ms. Chippendale. Full moons are romantic because they're pretty and because of the light they deliver. Cuddling in the moonlight is more fun in the same way that it's nicer to cuddle in a rose garden than on a city street, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with the gravitational pull of the moon. Ms. Chippendale and Mr. Moore also agree on the "statistics" regarding conception during a full moon. They cite something that is the bane of all research: "A search for coincidences will always reveal them." In other words, it's easy to find proof that there's an increase in conception during a full moon, if you look for it. However, further research will reveal other jumps in conception rate that have no relation at all to a full moon. Both instances prove nothing. However, a Ring around the Moon does mean rain. The soft and often beautiful "haloes" we sometimes see around the moon can indeed be precursors of rain. Again, we refer to the writing of Patrick Moore, who informs us that these rings are caused by the moonlight shining through ice crystals hovering at around 20,0000 feet. These ice crystals are part of a cloud called cirrostratus, known to mariners as "mares' tails." They're a high, wispy cloud that is very often a sign of approaching bad weather. The moon can also look "watery" because it is seen through a lower and denser cloud, and this, too, can mean a soggy day is coming. Source: Old Wives' Tales

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