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If You're Not Quiet, You'll Wake the Baby

Not True. This frequent warning if often given to older children in the family and doesn't do much in the way of encouraging a positive attitude toward a new sibling. Is it really necessary?  Doctors say it all depends on the baby. Even newborns are individual: Some are easily awakened by the slightest noise, while others can sleep through a Super Bowl game. I had one of each.

For most young infants, a normal level of conversation is just fine, so there's no need to whisper. A sudden noise or loud shout may cause the baby to react a little, but not fully wake up. Many desperate parents have also found that the monotonous sounds of vacuums, fans, lawn mowers, drills, engines, etc., actually help put a cranky baby to sleep. The only problem is that the baby is likely to wake up as soon as the noise stops. I soon learned, after wearing the carpets out, it works just as well to tape the sound of a vacuum cleaner and play it as long as needed! (We always had music on so our daughter could sleep through a party from early on and not wake up.- Editor) Source: Old Wives' Tales

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