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Babies Are More Sensitive to Cold, So Bundle Them Up

Note True. The way some parents encase their children in protective bundling, you'd think they were taking a walk on the moon. These little "astronauts" are so wrapped in layers against the cold air that they're barely able to wiggle their fingers. Why all this overprotectiveness?  Well, many parents truly believe that babies, especially in the first few months, are less able to cope with cold weather.

Not true, as the American Academy of Pediatrics. A 32 degree Fahrenheit temperature. or below, is no colder to a baby than to an adult. So there's no reason to dress your baby any more heavily than you dress yourself. They do cite one area of exception - the baby's head. Because it's proportionally larger in terms of body area than an adult's, a baby can lose correspondingly more heat through his head. So, it's OK to go heavy on the hats.

The same rule about dressing applies indoors, as well. If you don't need to wear a heavy sweater, neither does your baby. Just remember, an over bundled baby won't complain, he'll simply perspire and break out in prickly heat. So common is this scenario that pediatricians say they treat more cases of prickly heat in the winter than in the summer.

If your baby is getting cold, he'll let you know by crying and turning a bluish mottled color. And don't try to go by the feel of the child's hands or feet. They're generally a little colder than the rest of his body. Check his little tummy for a better indication of the baby's temperature.

Source: Old Wives' Tales

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