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Testosterone - Follow-up

I can't believe the response I've gotten from the last month's news report you received...Testosterone on the Decline? I must say I've been bombarded with questions concerning the test kit.

What I've been bombarded with are questions concerning increasing Testoserone levels to their peak levels...returning benefits in your life as...

1) Decreased fat around your middle (ie love handles)
2) Improved erection strength
3) Improved cardiovascular endurance
4) Improved sexual ensurance

So what would you think if medical science could give you something that would make you look and feel younger? Something that could increase your strength and energy, improve your mood and give you a better sex life? You’d probably think it was a miracle right?'s not a miracle..just basic science and medicine combined.

While testosterone is commonly recognized for its role as the master "male" hormone, few realize that its also a key to a man’s overall health factors. High levels of testosterone mean energy, stamina and vitality. Low levels contribute to fatigue, premature aging and disease.

Did you know that more than 30 million American men of all ages suffer from low levels of testosterone?

Testosterone levels are at their highest during a man’s early twenties and naturally decline with age, gradually declining to about 20% of their maximum. While you are almost assured to have low levels of testosterone at an advanced age, a number of other factors are now known to acceleratete tosterone loss at early ages.

Stress, physical inactivity, excessive training, illness, smoking, alcohol and the use of both prescription and "recreational" drugs, can contribute to less than ideal levels of testosterone. These things are pervasive in our society and have contributed to onset of the low testosterone syndrome.

Fortunately, your testosterone can be restored to a normal and healthy level! Safely...Effectively..and most importantly Naturally!

Until now, the only reliable way to restore normal testosterone to a normal level has been through the use of prescription medications. However, these treatments typically include the use of irritating and unconcealed patches, painful injections, surgical implants or toxic pills. Clinical findings now demonstrate that the use of specific nutritional substances - in combination with a testosterone enhancing diet and exercise program - can help most men raise their testosterone levels- naturally, safely and effectively!

Restoring testosterone to a youthful level can enhance health and wellbeing and Slow Down the aging process and...

1) Increase your muscle mass and overall strength
2) Enhance your ability to burn fat.
3) Improve your libido and sexual function
4) Improve your ability to cope with stress.
5) Improve your memory, concentration and visual acuity
6) Protect your heart
7) Strengthen your bones
8) Protect your prostate

Testosterone...More Important for Muscle Growth Than Exercise

A study in 1996 reported in the New England Journal of Medicine followed three groups of men. One group was given testosterone and prescribed a strength training program, one group was given testosterone and told not to exercise and one group was just given a training program without testosterone. To no surprise the group who exercised on testosterone gained the most muscle and lost the most fat, but to the researchers surprise the group who took testosterone without exercise actually had greater improvement in muscle and fat composition than the group who trained without it. You can’t build muscle without it!

Dr.Richard Cohen has developed a great effective and guaranteed method to increase your Testosterone levels. Go to to read more about it!

©2009, Dr. Williams

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