Justice and Injustice

The injustice of the world can cause one enormous frustration and pain, and yet we have no way of fixing it, our powerlessness is a part of our karma. We must have needed the lesson of it all or we would have not incarnated at this time to watch the mayhem. And as a global fascism rises up from deep inside the soul of man we need a tactic to over come the updraft of darkness.

The first move is to heal the injustice in you. Some of it may be obvious if you have physically hurt people or ripped them off. But most of the injustice we offer is more subtle. It’s the silent disdain we have for other humans and the passing judgment we emit in the street as we begrudgingly accept some people while degrading others, depending on stereotypical preferences, or on racial lines.

Then there is the injustice of all the emotional pain we subject others to, the shouting and abuse and manipulation and control as well as our passive aggression. It is very hard to see those things in oneself as we have a myopic view of our perfection and we offer platitudes and excuses for our imperfection.

The silent hate that comes at you in the street forms part of what I call the black attention. But if you don’t offer it back it makes you safer. Then some of the black attention is in the political-military sense, in the needless surveillance of citizens, and in an ordinary sense it is a silent hate that is offered to you by others as you walk about. Or in a corporate environment it is often discrimination or harassment from co-workers or the boss. We live in the cloud of the black attention and that is our karma.

And as the global-ego dies from misadventure and a lack of oil and other troubles the black attention will intensify as people and governments look for scapegoats to accept the blame for their problem. Lads in natty brown uniforms will patrol street corners as they already do in Toulouse, France, (being French, the uniforms of these State-sponsored watchers are very stylish and they are black not brown-shame) but it is the same feeling, watching for the sake of watching.

So there is a global-karma for people to slide into - ”Daily life in the rebirth of the Nazis”. You have two options, you can join and get a nice crisp uniform and a short shelf-life and a rotten karma or you walk the other way and flee. To flee you have to do so in your feelings it is not a new geographic area necessarily. You have to heal the injustice inside you and become a better person.

Think about the disdain humans have for the animals and the power of Gaia, you can ignore it or vow to change your ways. For in my view Gaia - she is very strong - and the dark side of Gaia, Kali, can swoop from a great height and rub us out in large numbers. In the Morph vision recently we’ve seen the next arrival of Gaia-Kali and those visions appear on a daily basis hot and heavy. So something big is on the way.

Here’s m’ tactics for the rebirth of Hitler (March 22nd), which is coming soon to a street corner near you:

1) Accept your powerlessness without grumbling or fretting.

2) Fix the injustice you offer others.

3) Make peace with Gaia and the animals and become vegetarian or partially so as matter of extreme urgency. Don’t be an ugly, obese soul waddling about.

4) Don’t confront people or institutions, lay low and make no waves.

5) Become as street legal as possible if your life is a bit of a grey area.

6) Stay out of politics and never have an opinion on anything you never know who is listening.

7) Never express your frustration or a criticism to others, for the bloke you fight with today may the citizen controller on the corner tomorrow.

8) Offer tenderness and generosity and respect to all people at all times without exception, no matter who they are or how evil they are.

9) Learn to walk away and detach from the emotion of it all, for in the end you may have to walk away from everything you hold dear.

10) Figure what you will do when the oil goes.

11) Put some of your money in a foreign currency in a bank outside the country you live in, as in times of crisis governments impose change control regulations to lock people into a country’s collapsing currency. This is very important for people in dollar denominated countries, as she’ll take a bath, the dollar will.

12) Buy some gold if you can.

13) Develop your perception as best you can and learn to believe in it as you will need it later.

14) Pray for love even if it doesn’t work

©2010, Stuart Wilde

*    *    *

Stuart Wilde is an urban mystic, a modern visionary, he's written fifteen books on consciousness and awareness. His perceptive and quirky way of writing has won him a loyal readership over the years.

He has been a researcher of consciousness for over twenty years. Some consider him an expert on transdimensional worlds and the phenomena of the supernatural. He has simple a way of explaining things that hitherto have seemed a mystery.

Stuart's political writings are satirical and often very funny. Nonetheless, he seems to have an accurate grip on the ebb and flow of world events and many of his long-term views and predictions have turned out to be quite prophetic. He has written 15 books on consciousness and awareness including Affirmations: What I Am Has Beauty & Strength His latest book is called God's Gladiators. For information on the Redeemer’s Club click here:

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