The Shimmering Door

Happy New Year everyone. Things are going well now, finally at last. It is all real, y’ know?

Thirty years ago, m’ ol’ teacher spoke of the dimensions of Camelot and the Camelot doorway and he spoke at length of the eternal Tao, which he said was the key to everything. Then he said, “Tolerate everything and skim the lake,” meaning purify your self constantly, and he said we should search for the hidden door. My teacher was a strange man, he was decades ahead of his time, I owe him a great debt.

He didn’t say where that door was or how we should search, but it was obvious he meant process your life and journey inwards to discover who you really are. I took to these instructions and never wavered though there were times when the exigencies of marriage, family and tick-tock kept me greatly engaged elsewhere.

I found the door in the end, and so will you if you take to the same instructions, and if you are dedicated. It won’t take you thirty years, three-to-five at the most, for we are now in the end-game and things are going very much quicker.

The door shimmers with a celestial intensity that is not easy to describe. I must say I always thought of it as a regular door with hinges and doorknob, it is not like that at all. It is a like a curtain constructed of geometries, like pentagons that are silver and white; essentially it is a transdimensional anomaly like the others I have talked of before. It is extraordinarily beautiful. When I saw it it stretched right across the room I was in, and looking into it I could see that it is thick, it goes inwards quite a long way. I could not see the other end of it but I did see a wolf right in the middle of it, guarding it. The wolf is not the only one that performs that duty, so I have been told, as other animals guard it from time-to-time, but I have not seen them as yet.

Without question, the shimmering door is one of the most celestially magnificent things I have ever seen. I first saw it at 2.15 p.m. Pacific Time on December 22nd 2007, it was with me for over seven hours until 9.45 p.m. that night. Its radiant light shimmers at a pulse that oscillates at four cycles a second, so it is the same pulse as the theta brainwave. As the doorway, which is the entrance to Camelot, shimmers, it creates a concussive effect on one’s body and one’s etheric. It touches you, creating a donk-donk-donk effect that impinges on you two hundred and forty times a minute. Multiplied over the time it was with me it came to 108,000 pulses or oscillations, as those touch your soul they change you very deeply.

The pulse of the Camelot entrance is extremely intense and at first it rather scared me. Further, it dominates the room so one can’t really see the walls or the furniture beyond it, very well at all. In fact, I found it quite hard to keep my eyes open for any great length of time as the concussive effect made me feel rather queasy. It took me many hours to get used to it enough to where I could stand up and walk about a bit. When the donk-donk of the shimmering curtain touches you it wobbles your legs, you don’t feel you have much control of your muscles, and when you stand you sometimes have the sensation of being pulled backwards. I nearly fell over several times. I can see now why it will take some very experienced, solid adults, to get the children across. The kiddies will find it very magical but without an adult to reassure them they would be very scared, they couldn’t make it.

Beyond the doorway is a celestial heaven, the one I have always promised you. I didn’t see it this time but I know it is there. A unicorn came very early on just before the curtain appeared. I’ve never seen a vision of a unicorn before. They are in a dimension that is like a mystical forest, the She-She people are in there with them—intense beauty and the eternal Tao is their home. At night they sleep in flowers that are as large as a small cottage. They neigh like horses do except the sound is very musical; it is partly a horse’s neigh and partly the sound of a nightingale. I have never thought of unicorns and sound before. It’s all real, y’ know?

Be diligent and work hard, nothing is cast in stone. You can move up anytime and very fast if you so desire, and of course, you can falter. Nineteen people including seventeen members got to the lake of Avalon so far, so it can be done. How many will manage the Camelot door I can’t say, but I can say that many more are due to arrive and try—steady people with lots of warmth and all possessed of a silent humility—people that walked along the banks of the Tao for many years, strong and content inside an eternity that they could not see, but they could feel it, and that was enough to carry them home.

©2010, Stuart Wilde

*    *    *

Stuart Wilde is an urban mystic, a modern visionary, he's written fifteen books on consciousness and awareness. His perceptive and quirky way of writing has won him a loyal readership over the years.

He has been a researcher of consciousness for over twenty years. Some consider him an expert on transdimensional worlds and the phenomena of the supernatural. He has simple a way of explaining things that hitherto have seemed a mystery.

Stuart's political writings are satirical and often very funny. Nonetheless, he seems to have an accurate grip on the ebb and flow of world events and many of his long-term views and predictions have turned out to be quite prophetic. He has written 15 books on consciousness and awareness including Affirmations: What I Am Has Beauty & Strength His latest book is called God's Gladiators. For information on the Redeemer’s Club click here:

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