Stuart Wilde is an urban mystic, a modern visionary, he's written fifteen books on consciousness and awareness. His perceptive and quirky way of writing has won him a loyal readership over the years.

He has been a researcher of consciousness for over twenty years. Some consider him an expert on transdimensional worlds and the phenomena of the supernatural. He has simple a way of explaining things that hitherto have seemed a mystery.

Stuart's political writings are satirical and often very funny. Nonetheless, he seems to have an accurate grip on the ebb and flow of world events and many of his long-term views and predictions have turned out to be quite prophetic. He has written 15 books on consciousness and awareness including Affirmations: What I Am Has Beauty & Strength His latest book is called God's Gladiators.

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Life with the Reptiles

David Icke talks of humans that shape-shift into reptiles so I asked him if he had ever seen it happen and he said he had not. But it’s always been my policy to believe in everything until I can prove it wrong, so I believed Icke.

Then a few years alter I watched as a woman went into a reptilian transformation in front of my eyes. It took several minutes. First her chin took on a snout-like form then she got sharp teeth and finally her spine went zigzag looking like a dinosaur’s. Then she turned and grinned at me the most evil grin I’d ever seen, the fact she seemed to be dripping slime from her jaw didn’t add to the appeal of it, not one jot. So then after that I believed Icke’s reptilian thing-full tilt.

I then did some seminars at a castle in France - they were just small groups of thirteen people each time. There I met some ice-cold humans pretending to be normal. They didn’t shape-shift but touching them in the Morph I could feel the depth of their evil. Interestingly, all the truly possessed ones were good talker and very social, the lady that did the shape-shift I just mentioned was very social and very well educated and polite. The reptiles can hide. But in the Morph peoples’ faces go through many shifts in just a minute or two and all the ones that are demonically possessed seem to have a red left eye. It gives them away.

Some people have geometric ghouls that have jumped into their belly or upper body, but the full-blown reptiles are more rare. One lad told me he had had a reptile in his belly for eight years and that it caused him pain, sadly I had to tell him that I don’t do reptiles, the Morph is my only expertise. But I got in touch with a shaman for him that goes into the aluna mirror-world and sucks them out. Ghastly work.

But the interesting thing is that the dark is being exposed and more and more people are showing signs of demonic possession so I’ve started doing a study into it, to see what might be done. Using a bit of New Age hocus-pocus or various spiritualist passes doesn’t usually work, as the reptiles are far too clever for that. You have to be able to go into the mirror-world to get them in that dimension, as that is where they are from. They have been hiding ten thousand years so it’s no simple process.

The first thing I learned is that the ice-cold humans don’t want to be fixed (they like the ice-cold world it makes them feel special) and so that makes it doubly hard. But I did feel sorry for one lady that had been demonically possessed for five months. The being inside her was slinging her around and attempting to kill her by trying to push her out of a high window. She managed to fight back.

Anyway, I lent her the black light pen that comes from that had the minus quantity in its resonance. It strips electricity from humans and entities and she used the pen and that was the first night sleep she had gotten in a long time. So that might be the way to go. Interesting a nightclub bouncer told me he uses the black light pen to strip bioelectricity from drunks to stop fights breaking out at the club. It seems to really work.

The human reptiles are everywhere and they look so very normal. It’s a hidden evil walking amongst us, one that we have to love and tolerate until we have the power to confront it head on. As it says in the Matrix film, “When you see an agent, run”. Good advice, tacking evil is a losing sequence. Your safety lies in warmth and non-contact.

The Lizard Lady

I have been making a study of demonic possession, alien abduction, and the presence of reptile humans amongst us. The Morph is lighting it all up, albeit very slowly. I met a human lizard. She was American, from Boston I think, about fifty years old with high cheekbones, cruel eyes and very tight facial skin. Her lips were pencil thin but they curled and pouted as she talked, they reminded me of a lizard eating a moth.

What I found so fascinating was that the woman was ice cold. Her face was pure white there was not even the slightest evidence of blood in her cheeks. I looked very carefully in case she powered her face but she wore little makeup except a bit of color over her eyes.

The woman was very grand and she talked for half an hour about how much people loved her and how successful she was. I have learned a trick over the years and that is when close to the reptiles agree with everything. So if they need to be special tell them how special they are; if they need to be beautiful tell them that they are extraordinary in their loveliness. Never confront them, throw chickens at them all the way. That’s the Stuie Wilde tried and tested survival method.

The conversation drifted on, and of course I never got a word in edgeways but it didn’t matter. Then the lizard started crying, if you’ve never seen a lizard cry it’s a sight for sore eyes I can tell ya-crocodile tears, and a phony emotion about humanity and life and what not. I put my hand on her arm to reassure her, it was flabby cold like a stack uncooked bacon. She kept quoting Ernest Holmes, who started the Science of Mind Church in America, and she lectured me on how my thoughts created my reality and how spirit did this and spirit did that, and how she had made a pack of money using the laws of abundance and so forth. Periodically I made a few gurgling sounds, "wow", "really", amazed at it all. I thought it best not to mention I’d lectured at about fifteen of the Science of Mind churches in America. That is another Stuie W’ tactic, never tell people what you know unless they really, really press you to find out.

Then the lizard stopped crying and she asked me if I could tell her about her destiny. So I told her the truth saying, “You don’t have a destiny.” She took that to mean she was so elevated that she was beyond it all, and above karma and the vagaries of human life, and that some new glory was about to descend upon her from on high. It wasn’t for me to alter that perception so I said nothing.

What I actually meant was that there is a Lizard Removal Service that’s operating out of the mirror-world and that as far as I could tell, on the spur of the moment that is, she’s high on the to-do list. A superior force is coming to rub her out. It’s the day the moth eats the lizard just for a change. Funny but sad. I felt very sorry for her and her blindness.

I love the reptiles. They are endlessly entertaining but one has to be very respectful of them and very bloody careful, as one swish of their tail and you’re a gonner. It’s like being a bomb disposal expert there is no margin for larking about or daydreaming.


I have a dear friend that is a true skeptic, he believes in nothing. I told him I could show him how to dematerialize and that I’d done it for people seventy times before without failure. He said he’d have to see it to believe it. I waited for a bit then I decided not to show him as dematerialization by its very nature requires you to ‘not see’ what it is that you don’t believe in, so I thought the effort was pointless.

Later, I showed him how to see auras. There was a fat, rather pompous woman walking on the street at dusk and when a person is very pompous their aura is easier to see than that of a person that is more humble and restrained in their energy. The haughty ones do a kind of ‘puffer fish’ routine as they walk along especially if they think other people are watching them. My friend saw her aura right away but five minutes later he began to negate what I had showed him, saying it was an optic illusion.

The multi-dimensional reality is the true reality and our 3-D world and its logic is the optical illusion, so the skeptic is sadly backing a dead horse. Plus, logic is very cold and lonely as it does not link to all the celestial energies available, so the skeptic deteriorates spiritually for a lack of warmth. Gradually, over decades, they go darker and darker, it’s not necessarily evil it’s just a lack of heat. But it’s when they get close to death terror sets in, as logic falters and they can’t feel or see those forces that will carry them out of here to a celestial place.

Believe everything, it costs you little to do so. I feel it’s better to believe in things even if they turn out to be slightly wrong or even totally bogus than to believe in nothing at all. The door out of here is in the 10-dimensional hyperspace that surrounds us. If you don’t believe in it then it doesn’t believe in you. There is a simple logic to that.

Tormenting the Blobs

There is a type of brown etheric brown blobs that fly about policing the sky above us. Normally, when low down, they fly at about twenty-to-thirty miles an hour, but when they get agitated they go into a type of turbo-drive zipping across the sky in seconds. They are the lords and masters of this world because people can’t normally see them. And people are not aware of the control they exercise. It’s an etheric Luftwaffe, flying Nazis. In any patch of blue sky there are a hundred blobs or more. The Morph lights them up.

Usually they are at an altitude of between one thousand and two thousand feet, but they come down lower when provoked. The lowest I have ever seen one is just overhead at about ten feet. I’ve never seen one touch the ground. I think that is because if they did touch the ground the bioelectrical force that sustains them would be electrically earthed and they would never get off again.

When up in the sky they can be twenty to thirty yards across but as they come lower they get smaller and when they are just above your head they are only about the size of a soccer ball or slightly larger. I’m guessing now but I think it might be to do with the magnetic field of the earth that reduces them in size, as they get lower.

They can shape-shift into the classic UFO saucer shape and back to blob as they wish. It’s a power trip, a form of showing off. When they go saucer-shaped people believe them to be alien brothers from outer space here to help us. That feeds their blob-ego and makes them feel special. You know how mediums get very pompous when they think they are channeling the Pleiadians; it’s the same type of galactic specialness, one that seeks to establish an authority over us. Rudolph Steiner said that attempting to establish a spiritual authority over others is devilish. So the guru with his or her control trip over the ashram would be a human version of the blob-force in etheric terms and devilish in Steiner’s terms.

It could be that the flying blobs are nothing more than humans that failed to establish a spiritual authority in a bygone age that subsequently got stuck here in the etheric state and they learned to fly. Imagine a lost civilization say twelve thousand years ago, the would-be teachers, politicians, policemen, shamans, temple people of that age, that died as egocentric cruel controllers, can’t escape the world they hope to control and so they are degraded for a loss of power and they lose their human form to become a lighter-than-air etheric blob that can fly. The blobs can talk to the human mind and so they exercise a secret control over us. Imagine how many humans would thrill at a covert mental power over others. It’s every fascist’s dream come true.

Five years ago there was a big battle with the UFO blobs over a town in the south of France called, La Napoule. The blobs lost, which was a shock to their system, it was like the playground bully getting his nose broken by a scrap of a lad brave enough to take him on. When the illusion of the Fat Controller is broken his importance falls and with that his bioelectricity drops and he is degraded for power. The problem is that the flying blobs are numbered in billions, and so tormenting a few over the skies of France is not a victory, it’s more of a public warning. A small soupçon of things to come.

A couple of days ago I was back at La Napoule, it was Friday night, the place was crowed and the blobs were overhead gang-handed. So I gave them my cheery, “F’ you and your little dog too.” And I followed that with the middle finger salute, American-style. One of the blobs was at about three hundred feet, it was trying to do the saucer-shape but it must have been a bit tired as it was making a hash of it. Anyway, the blobby one whizzes over to me (they fly on curved trajectories), and it hovered over me in a threatening way, ten feet over the main street. In the center of the blob was a pinprick of light like a minute flash of electricity, the blob kept turning it on and off like flicking a light switch. I got the feeling it was desperately trying for more power to no avail.

I try to love them but I fail miserably. Never mind eh? So I tell it what a pathetic wanker it is, and that its sister is a whore that shags rednecks in Washington, and it started to morph up and down at a very rapid pace though I got the impression it didn’t quite get my drift, so I go on to say, “You’re not part of the New Age are you? Because if you are I’ll set Deepak Chopra on your ass and you won’t like that, that Deepak knows loads of important people; they’ll pull your membership card double-quick. Anyway, the blob didn’t know about Deepak and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, it was busy trying to comprehend Stuie Wilde’s Laws of Complete Failure, like a sudden decompression of self-importance.

It was during these highfalutin discussions on the New Age, Deepak (bless his little cotton socks) and metaphysics, that I became aware of all the blob’s mates, who had all flown in from someplace behind the buildings to attend Stuie Wilde’s impromptu free seminar in the streets of the small village we were in. There were loads of them I couldn’t count them all. I decided that the time for explaining alternative thinking was over, and so I jumped into my car and headed out of town. Phil Collins was on the radio singing, “There’s something coming through the air tonight.” Phil is okay, he’s terribly right most of the time.

Visualization Technique

Visualize you and I are in Central Park, New York, and you have a yellow tennis ball. You throw it to me and I catch it, and throw it back to you. And you throw it to me once more, and again I catch it and I throw it back. Then you throw it a third time and I catch it and throw it back to you, and a baker in Karachi, riding his bicycle home from work, catches the yellow ball and he gives it to his young son as a present.

I say, “The baker’s son has it.”

You say, “Where’s the ball?”

I say, “I didn’t do that, I thought you did it.”

You say, “How did you do that?”

You then answer, “No, sorry I haven’t.”

And I ask, “Have you got another tennis ball?”

Then you say, “Sorry, I have to take a nap I’m rather tired.

And I ask, “Can you stay a bit longer?”

Then I say, “I think I’ll stay in the park and play. My dad just came home from work and gave me a brand new tennis ball.”

And you say. “You are lucky that you are young and carefree and you don’t have to work, what will you do this afternoon?”

And then you pause and say, “Yes, I do but it’s very hard work.”

And I say, “Do you enjoy baking?”

And you add, “I love you too,” and I say, “I love you, thanks for the tennis ball.”

And then I say, “Bloody crows! They are sweet but a bit irritating at times.”

And then one of those scruffy New York crows sees the ball on the path and it pushes it with its beak into the pond and the ball gets soggy wet.

And the crow says, “Do you mind if I play with your ball and push it into the pond?”

Then the crow says, “No, Brooklyn.”

And I say, “You are not from Karachi are you?”

Then I say, “No, I have never been.”

And the crow asks, “Have you ever been to Pakistan?”

*     *     *

Remember Necker’s Cube? Is the dot inside the cube (Central Park) or outside the cube, Karachi?

Are you the baker? Am I your son? Perhaps you are me? And I’m you. Now there is a clue, then you’d be the son and I’d be the baker.

Who’s driving the bus?

Clue: None of the humans have a driving license! They all walk or go by bike, or they are too young to drive.

Now if you really want to fry your noodle: Where is the bus parked?

Remember, it’s all backwards. Tomorrow’s nine o’clock bus actually left yesterday at nine, twenty-six people got on and the bus arrived safely and exactly on time.

Unusual bus company - arriving on time, that is.

The Morph Door

I’ve written a lot about the Morph at (click search: Morph Worlds), so I won’t go over it all again, save to say the Morph is an ambience that descends in room; It is a phenomena that seems to be all over the world. At least, I can say that I’ve seen it in many countries, in more than one hundred different locations, so my guess is that it is everywhere. Briefly it looks like dry rain with fast-moving swirls and vortexes in it.

The Morph acts as a lens; it is a vast body of information, in it you can see mini-video clips and pictures that offer you a teaching. The Morph displays a special intelligence. I marvel at it. It can read your mind, sometimes it shows you things you want to see when you ask mentally.

The Morph is for everyone. It’s not an elite thing or exclusively for adepts and the spiritually elevated, in fact probably the more elevated you are the less you will see. It evokes a sense of spirituality and humility. There is a trick to seeing it, you need to be in a darken room with no direct light and you have to be relaxed then you put your attention on the opposite wall and a second or so later bring your attention back towards you so you are focusing on the middle distance between the wall and you, and gradually you will see it.

Your best chance is when you have not eaten or taken any alcohol; once you learn to see the Morph then eventually a door opens within it.

The Shimmering Door
Happy Holidays everyone. Things are going well now, finally at last. It is all real, y' know?

Thirty years ago, m 'ol' teacher spoke of the dimensions of Camelot and the Camelot doorway and he spoke at length of the eternal Tao, which he said was the key to everything. Then he said, "Tolerate everything and skim the lake," meaning purify your self constantly, and he said we should search for the hidden door. My teacher was a strange man, he was decades ahead of his time, I owe him a great debt.

He didn't say where that door was or how we should search, but it was obvious he meant process your life and journey inwards to discover who you really are. I took to these instructions and never wavered though there were times when the exigencies of marriage, family and tick-tock kept me greatly engaged elsewhere.

I found the door in the end, and so will you if you take to the same instructions, and if you are dedicated. It won't take you thirty years, three-to-five at the most, for we are now in the end-game and things are going very much quicker.

The door shimmers with a celestial intensity that is not easy to describe. I must say I always thought of it as a regular door with hinges and doorknob, it is not like that at all. It is a like a curtain constructed of geometries, like pentagons that are silver and white; essentially it is a transdimensional anomaly like the others I have talked of before. It is extraordinarily beautiful. When I saw it it stretched right across the room I was in, and looking into it I could see that it is thick, it goes inwards quite a long way. I could not see the other end of it but I did see a wolf right in the middle of it, guarding it. The wolf is not the only one that performs that duty, so I have been told, as other animals guard it from time-to-time, but I have not seen them as yet.

Without question, the shimmering door is one of the most celestially magnificent things I have ever seen. I first saw it at 2.15 p.m. Pacific Time on December 22nd 2007, it was with me for over seven hours until 9.45 p.m. that night. Its radiant light shimmers at a pulse that oscillates at four cycles a second, so it is the same pulse as the theta brainwave. As the doorway, which is the entrance to Camelot, shimmers, it creates a concussive effect on one's body and one's etheric. It touches you, creating a donk-donk-donk effect that impinges on you two hundred and forty times a minute. Multiplied over the time it was with me it came to 108,000 pulses or oscillations, as those touch your soul they change you very deeply.

The pulse of the Camelot entrance is extremely intense and at first it rather scared me. Further, it dominates the room so one can't really see the walls or the furniture beyond it, very well at all. In fact, I found it quite hard to keep my eyes open for any great length of time as the concussive effect made me feel rather queasy. It took me many hours to get used to it enough to where I could stand up and walk about a bit. When the donk-donk of the shimmering curtain touches you it wobbles your legs, you don't feel you have much control of your muscles, and when you stand you sometimes have the sensation of being pulled backwards. I nearly fell over several times. I can see now why it will take some very experienced, solid adults, to get the children across. The kiddies will find it very magical but without an adult to reassure them they would be very scared, they couldn't make it.

Beyond the doorway is a celestial heaven, the one I have always promised you. I didn't see it this time but I know it is there. A unicorn came very early on just before the curtain appeared. I've never seen a vision of a unicorn before. They are in a dimension that is like a mystical forest, the She-She people are in there with them - intense beauty and the eternal Tao is their home. At night they sleep in flowers that are as large as a small cottage. They neigh like horses do except the sound is very musical; it is partly a horse's neigh and partly the sound of a nightingale. I have never thought of unicorns and sound before.

It's all real, y' know?

Be diligent and work hard, nothing is cast in stone. You can move up anytime and very fast if you so desire, and of course, you can falter. Nineteen people including seventeen members got to the lake of Avalon so far, so it can be done. How many will manage the Camelot door I can't say, but I can say that many more are due to arrive and try - steady people with lots of warmth and all possessed of a silent humility - people that walked along the banks of the Tao for many years, strong and content inside an eternity that they could not see, but they could feel it, and that was enough to carry them home.

Reincarnation Revisited

A few New Age teachers waffle on about reincarnation but I've never been very convinced, as what they teach seems more about ego-rubs than facts. And the Ayahuasca shamans of South America that I have met admit there is very little about reincarnation in the Aluna. And the Buddhist teaching of a thousand lives on the wheel of fortune and misfortune seems a bit extreme and highly unlikely, just from a mathematical stand point we don't have the global population for everyone to have a thousand lives. And Hindu teaching seems somewhat more accurate but their idea of uppity Brahmins and lowly Untouchables is very snotty indeed, and the idea of incarnating back as a dog or a flea seems a bit silly.

On my first Ayahuasca journey I asked about reincarnation and I was told "It is everywhere." Then I asked to see God and was taken out into space and God turned out to be a vast, orange elliptic shape, like a NFL football. The orange dots were all the human emotions and prayers pleading for help sent in that direction. The cloud of dots was quite diffused, kind of hovering listlessly in space, undelivered parcels of energy; I could see the planet earth through it far in the distance. I found God rather boring and vastly disappointing.

A long time passed and then on my thirty-fourth Aya journey two beings arrived at my side that I called 'purple and blue' as those were the colors they each radiated. They talked to me for four hours about the dimensions of Camelot, and my life and my journey, and my death, and about certain members of the RC I was thinking about at the time. Periodically they said, “Please, ask your questions.” I was so blown away by what they were telling me I didn't have any questions to ask and anyway my brain was not functioning normally as I was deep into my journey.

Finally, embarrassed that I had no questions I said, “Please tell be about reincarnation. What is real and true and what is false.” They said, “Do you think you are ready to know about reincarnation?” To which I answered, “I think so.” They agreed to take me.

Next, I found myself moving backward through many inner space dimensions very quickly, so fast in fact I had little time to comprehend what I saw to either side of me. Then I slowed down a bit and I came upon a dimension of very beautiful geometries, vast oblong boxes and various shapes, and delicate lines. It was all in the distance and I realized that was where reincarnation was settled for the time being, as far as my perspective was concerned anyway.

As I got closer I began to feel the pain of it--billions of women in labor, it was really quite disturbing and then I could feel the pain of people's death--sickness, the wounds of war, accidents, drownings, murder, etc. The agony of cold, lonely deaths mixed with the pain of the human births was a great shock, and then when I saw the pain of all the human evil that reincarnation requires people to try and sort out, it overwhelmed me very quickly. The cycle of birth and death is all to do with evil. If people were not arrogant and evil they would not have to incarnate.

Incarnation is a gift, like a second chance for the hopelessly lost, but it is not the great wonderment of evolution we think it is. That is an idea the ego thought up to make the need for itself reasonable and important. Yes, there are lessons to be learned being a human but they are not lessons that any decent spirit needs. This is a correctional facility. With a few exceptions, people that don't have crimes don't get sent here. Then again some spirits must incarnate for other reasons to experience Gaia in its natural solid beauty, to serve, to assist a family member make it, and a host of other reasons, but mostly it is all to do with ugliness, agony and pain.

Evil people die in agony and they lose their faculties not because of crime and punishment but because they fall victims of the ghouls that respond to the ghoulishness in them. People walk around with their devilish attachments and those attachments (entities) feed off them and eventually kill them, like a virus might. A virus is just an extension of one or more of the ghouls that created it. Without the ghouls there would be no viruses.

I saw in the Aluna, a famous teacher who is very rich. He had one hundred and sixty ghouls within a few feet of him. It was extraordinary; they hover close as he goes about his work. He is famous for overcharging people and gouging them. I had a little laugh when I said to myself, so this is what the gods of overcharging look like. They weren't very pretty. I saw how the man will collapse soon, a victim of his rapacious greed, his need to be important. He has a serious disease that can't be cured. I didn't see his previous incarnations but he must have been an evil tyrant that fed off others, I imagine. Now he is poncing about in his white shadow pretending to fix people. I am sure he thinks himself a saint. The illusions of grandeur are so disturbing to watch.

Many humans only incarnate here once, as their next incarnations are not physical and many humans incarnate up to five times, there is no need for more. The reason is that either people pull out of evil and hell, or they drift ever lower to where they become so ghoulish they are irretrievable, and so after death they can't get out of the Aluna hells they descended into while alive. Now I'm not talking about people like Hitler here, I'm talking about ordinary people like the teacher I mentioned, people that think they are normal. People you meet on planes, say, that might seem pleasant and reasonable when you first speak to them until you discover their silent disdain and hatred and the hidden secrets of their lives.

Remember, I have said before only about six percent of people in the western world are warm and normal, people that have a soul, the rest have no soul, they are all devils, often in disguise, cold, cruel and arrogant. Lawyers, politicians, preachers, gang bangers and stockbrokers, the sellers of pyramid schemes, flimflam merchants, real estate agents, prolific consumers, the killers of animals, and black magicians that don't realize they are black magicians, predators that spread fear and darkness for the thrill of it or, to elevate themselves.

Feeling the pain of billions of births was pure agony and all the billions of lonely, painful deaths really scared me, but the evil of humans and their incarnations and reincarnations was too much karma in motion, watching it only took just a few seconds to make me violently ill. I was shuddering with revulsion. I said to the Beings, “Please get me out of here. I didn't realize reincarnation was just the sum total of pain and evil and the failure to transmute is making me very sick indeed.”

The words had no sooner tumbled from my lips and I was gone out of there, rescued by some kind forces I could not see. I was really rattled, it took me half an hour to recover.

I can see now why reincarnation is kept a big secret from humans, it is all too depraved and disgusting to contemplate, and it would really scare people if they knew chapter and verse in advance. You don't get many chances, and this may be your very last chance. This is a correctional facility, if you remember that it should spur you on a bit.

The Transdimensional Taxi Driver

To understand the concept of transdimensional taxi drivers, you first have to accept the idea of dimensions, and you further have to accept that it is possible for the human mind to access those dimensions. But it goes further, we now know it is possible not only to see those other worlds but to walk out of this reality and go there. The transition is partial at first but eventually it becomes total - you step across. It’s effortless.

My old teacher said that when things get critical initiates will appear to take people across, it’s like walking into an invisible Camelot that is interlaced with this reality. The difficulty people face is one of the fear of stepping into the unknown, and to that end the taxi drivers are soft, loving people that know the way, that can act to reassure others to undertake the process.

One day back in 2001 an American woman that I knew from my seminars drove a thousand miles to see me to explain her vision of the transdimensional taxi drivers. She gave me a list of people and as she read out the names I could feel an energy shift take place on my forearm, like tingling. Then she’d include some dummy names and there was no morph sensation on my arm. Now all this would not have meant much except she knew about the prophesy of the upside-down pig. It’s an icon, a small block of information in the Morph.

It says that at a certain time we will see an apparition of an upside down pig in the sky. It marks the end of an era. Strangely, the day after the lady left I saw an apparition in the sky of the pig; it was not fully upside down but say, 80% round from the right way up. I was really surprised to see it but I took it to mean that this idea of the transdimensional ones is soon to become true.

Then over the next few years as I traveled around I met people who I felt sure had the qualities to straddle two worlds. And even if they were not the ones mentioned ages ago by my teacher, I realized they could still perform a valuable function in helping others. Because beyond books and concepts and even spiritual rituals, is the real thing, that place where you have to go and look for yourself. Sometimes you need someone to be there with you when you cross as a reassurance.

The day of the taxi drivers will come, given time.

Jolly Interesting Times

Things are jolly interesting right now. The Fat Controller is so pleased with himself he’s doing pirouettes round the dance floor heading for the banana skin. The attorney general in Britain, a nob called Lord Goldsmith, has been implicated in authorizing an under-the-table bung to a Saudi Prince the tune of one billion quid in return for an armaments order. The Prince was quoted on telly as saying corruption has been around a long time so his billion smackeroolies are fair and reasonable.

The Turks have placed 60,000 troop on the Iraq border, I said five years ago they would eventually mobilize and move south, if they could just march a mile or two south my prediction will become true …it is so irritating waiting for things to happen.

The stock market has gone up like there is no tomorrow, and maybe there is no tomorrow… the Chinese stock exchange has risen 400% in the last year or so, everyone with a Yuan in his pocket has a stock account, one hundred million accounts have been opened, feels like 1929 to me.

The Brits are spending billions on the Olympic games in London in 2012, which is very sad, as the games will be cancelled in the summer of 2010, so it’s load of smakeroolies down the drain that could go to deserving Saudi princes instead. They also paid 400,000 pounds for a new logo for the games. It looks like the word ZION so people think it’s about the Jews and Israel and the greater glory of Zionism and its place in the body corporate of the global Fat Controller - bloody strange.

Angelina Jolie has just adopted her 95th child and she and Brad have set up UNICEF tents in the garden to handle the overflow of nippers running around the joint. They have a computer operated conveyor belt to handle diapers in and diapers out.

An apparition of a skull appeared in the sky a few weeks ago, as clear as day and it stayed for three hours. It must mean something.

I think when Jolie gets to a hundred kids it might create a pole shift.

It is said if the poles swap positions suddenly it would create winds of 3000 miles an hour and waves three miles high. In that scenario my calculations say that most of the Saudi princes that are not nailed down would end up in the water about 1500 miles west of the Canary Island that are off the coast of Spain in case you can’t remember where they are. The sight of a Saudi prince moving overhead at 3000 miles an hour with a billion in his pocket for ballast, is considered by some to be one the Seven Wonders of the World. It certainly makes me wonder.

All the current visions say there is going to be a global financial meltdown but not yet, and many pundits and City gurus say the dollar will collapse. Kuwait used to peg their currency to the dollar but recently they un-pegged it as they saw their assets dwindling, I figured if they called Goldsmith in London they could top themselves up quite quickly.

People say Iran is building a nuclear bomb to wipe out the Jews. But the UN inspectors keep saying there is no evidence that Iran is building a bomb. I worry about Jerusalem as I saw a vision in 2001 in which it was entirely obliterated. Maybe the inspectors aren’t very good at inspecting things.

Bush and the Zionists in the White House want to give Iran a whack in the mouth but all the generals keep saying that would be a very dangerous move, so Bush sent loads of his warships to bobble about in the hot sun off the coast of Iran while he’s deciding. Most think the attack is on it is just a matter of ‘when’. The ships are suffering bobble fatigue they can’t wait very much longer.

Meanwhile, Bush went to Albania as he heard people like him there. They stole his wristwatch. Tut tut.

It is all jolly interesting.

Avoid Chinese stocks, Albania, bent English lords, flying princes, Iran and the Holy Lands, and the American dollar, and you should be just fine.

Year End Updates

GPS Satellites

A while ago I saw a strange and beautiful vision of tanks in the desert, it looked to me like Iraq, and in the mini-video clip that I saw in my mind’s eye, a butterfly flew into the scene and it landed at the rear of a tank, which then flipped over backwards on to its roof. I had a feeling there would be a catastrophic failure of global satellite control systems, I’ve seen the same vision several times now. This is also linked to television systems.

Morph TV

Television like the GPS system is vulnerable and I’ve v seen loads of visions (fifty perhaps) of the television system failing for a few days or a week each time, and other visions of how the broadcast signal is liable to be hacked and how the official Grand Lies are vulnerable to contradiction.

The TV system is very much a part of our human shadow made manifest (externalized) in the sitting room for us to watch. Of course, people don’t usually link the evil we see on telly with the evil inside of us. The cold, silent disdain we have for other humans is the same cold arrogance and disdain our leaders have for ethnic groups they don’t approve of that they want to bomb.

The fat potentate on a fancy chair in a gilded room, meeting with other important potentates, is very much our ego going about day-to-day seeking observers, cloaked in the raiment of its importance. It is all a shadow play, and how you redeem yourself is you wake to the shadow within and incorporate it in your life. So you become both light and dark.


The Diana visions have been quiet for a while and Lord Stevens’ enquiry into the death came out as another whitewash for the authorities, so that was a bit of a disappointment. I have eased back on posting these visions, as it is rather delicate now for if the story ever comes out in full then murderers in high places come out with it.

The aristocracy is very dangerous and not to be messed with. One day I was writing a quirky article about a certain obscure, upper-crust nob with sticky fingers (blood) and I left my desk to sit on the sofa for a few minutes break. While I was doing that my computer went into a calamitous meltdown for no apparent reason. My Diana article and all my word files were wiped out and even Microsoft Word and a few other software programs and a thousand old emails blipped off the screen never to be seen again. Brilliant eh?

The nob’s name begins with a "G" as in "G" for goo. I tried Google for a copy of Microsoft Word but I had no luck so I coughed up $199.00 for a proper copy courtesy of ya man "G", like in "G" for Gates.

The Dollar

The dollar is trying to go into a meltdown. But the Fed’s keep holding it up. It has fallen recently from 1.25 to the Euro to 1.33 and then it firmed up to 1.31. But late in the day on Christmas Eve the Fiscal Report of the US Government was cleverly published once traders had gone away for their holidays. In that report it says that the government’s current debt liability for all it debts is 53 trillion dollars ($53,000 billion), and that that level of debt is unsustainable and it can never be met or repaid. Essentially that report admits the government is bankrupt.

When a currency collapses the government concerned always passes exchange control regulation to make sure citizens don’t sell the rubbish and flee into other currencies. So for Americans to have a bit of money overseas out of the dollar in the Swiss francs or the Euro is good tactics. I’ve talked of this many times before so no point it discussing here again.

The Final Cusp

We are at the Final Cusp and history will say that 2007 was the year the world changed forever. We are in an Armageddon and while it may be a fight between Judeo-Christian psychopaths and Moslem ones in its outer manifestation; internally it is more the Armageddon of your soul. Will your silent darkness carry you to the digital hell worlds, or will you wake up and save yourself and go to the light?

Let’s pop over to the Last Chance saloon and have a drink and discuss it.

The dark is very sneaky and it can con you into thinking you are spiritual because you go to church, or because you have a diaper on ya head and you do yoga at four a.m. But all that is a trick so you never see the dark inside you and uncover it. Your shadow is the CIA of your mind, it controls without you being aware of it. You have to work on it now or it will close around and never let you out.


Oil is the black blood of our humanity, the ego’s desire for itself and power and velocity, which of course is an illusion of importance and grandeur. Like the workaholic that is very important and very busy and off to discuss very important matters to do with promoting its specialness. Black blood blinds you; it is a form of liquid hate for Gaia.

So for humans to see properly once more, our black blood has to be taken from the collective global body and cleaned. It’s the dialysis for our collective human soul. So you can see why the oil has to go. Sooner or later the Jews or the Americans will attack Iran that should be enough to close the spigot, but then again I predicted about six years ago that the House of Saud would collapse. At that time the ideas seems ridiculous but now you can see that if insurgents attack the House of Saud (as they will) and if they get hold of all the Saudi oil then anything could happen.

Once the oil goes the global ego dies and humans have to become real and they have to come off their ivory towers and work together to survive. It is like a New Age workshop on a global scale. Hugs and caring and sharing and love and stuff - might work.

The loss of the oil is beautiful and global warming will be cured overnight so that it is a good thing. I said some time ago, get rid of your SUV while you still can, for soon it will be just an expensive ornament, and the only oil you will see will be dripping out of the gearbox mixed with rust. The predicted oil crisis is more or less about now.

The Superior Force

All evil meets a greater evil up ahead and it fights it to the death. So Hitler fought the Americans and the Russians, who then became the super powers. The 'superior force' rule is not a matter of "if" but "when". My guess is that we are just about to have a jolly interesting "when".


Safety and a final redemption lay with the Three Graces, which are generosity, tenderness and respect. If you are genuinely warm and you have the graces in copious amounts in your heart and you love all humans and you respect Gaia, you don't need to ask about safety, as you will always be safe. But if you don't have those aspects then you have to proceed with caution, as there maybe a "when" up the road ahead of you, like on When-esday or perhaps Thursday.

I mention this in passing, as it’s very hard for the ego to comprehend that you may be the hidden evil the Forces of Light are trying to rub out. If you wake to that reality in time it quickens the mind and impels you to action (or not).

The Scattered Camelots

In the olden days, I spoke of the scattered Camelots, dimensional anomalies that were here one earth that humans could walk into. For a long time it was a feeling or sometimes the presence of an anomaly was indicated by a flash of violet light. But now I have started to see them for real, and I’ve seen humans walk in and disappear.

I am rather pleased about that, as for a long time I had to take it on trust and it could have all been a load of cobblers, but once I saw it three times in a row, in three different countries, I knew it was right. There must be a host of aspects I don’t know yet, but essentially the scattered Camelots are real. We’ll need them later.

The Morph

The Morph has come down very strongly in recent weeks and there are small cubes in it that many of the Redeemer’s Club members have reported seeing, appearing in front of them. Those cubes are information downloads of some kind, and I believe they are there for you, whether you can see them or not. People have to go quick now as it is all upon us, the Great Unraveling as I call it, so that could be the reason for the suddenly appearance of the multi-colored digital cubes.

Humans have to morph up to another level...pronto.

Seeing the Morph

The Morph is the greatest gift we frail humans have received in thousands of years. It is a phenomenon that enters the room that looks like dry rain with colored sparkles in it.

Through the Morph you can access pure information. Writers and teachers may be honest people but their information can never be absolutely pure, because it is subject to interpretation and the filter of each person’s perception. Only information you access yourself is pure and because the Morph provides you with a lens into another world it opens you up a huge library of new information.

We learned more about metaphysics, and spiritual dimensions in the Morph in five years than has been discovered on these topics in the last five thousand years.

Redeemer’s Club members can email me on a daily basis via a bulletin board, and what I noticed was that many of them see the Morph without realizing it. Okay, they get a special resonance key when they join that helps them see it, but I was so moved by the fact that people are already at the doorway of the Morph without knowing it. It came as a wonderful surprise for me.

Via the Morph, video clips appear on the walls of the room you are in, or they play in your mind’s eye, and with the videos come visions. The visions describe a language; I call it a lexicon because in a sense it is a dictionary. Each symbol in the Morph’s lexicon represents a word or a series of words, or it represents an idea.

For example, a zigzag yellow line like a serrated blade on a dark background represents the tussle between light and dark. An elephant describes the presence of ghouls listening (elephant-big ears). Visions of water describe the Morph itself, as it is watery looking, and the appearance of a horse moving or stationary, describes energy in motion, like when things are moving up for you in your life. There are thirty thousand symbols in the Morph lexicon that myself and other have written down so far.

When on your bed in a darkened room put your hand up in the air and see if your fingers start to oscillate and blip out of view. They will dematerialize from the tips downward, towards the second knuckle. If they do, the Morph is present wherever you are. And you are looking at your very first transdimensional doorway, as at the doorway physical objects go non-solid looking.

When relaxing your mind suddenly blips out for a second or two, and you totally lose track of things, like missing time, that is a pulse coming to you via the Morph from another dimension. We call it a download, which is a bit of a fancy title for it, but in a way it is a download of a kind. It is a quantum of information, which is not like a conscious thought; it is more a silent ‘blip’ that contains information that is especially for you.

That information appears in your feelings bit-by-bit during the next day or so. The reason why these blips are hidden is because they come from a pristine world and the fast hidden blip is so the ghouls can’t get to it and corrupt it, or countermand it by offering you contradictory suggestions. Of course, you can countermand the suggestions yourself but at least it’s not a dark energy deciding for you.

The Origins of Man

There is a battle raging in America between the Christian right and scientists as to the origins of man. Some Christians take the Bible story of Genesis literally. They believe God made Adam and Eve six thousand years ago, and that all the animals and plants of the world began at that time. This theory is called creationism. So when presented with evidence that fossils have been laid down in sediment that is known to be millions of years old, the creationists say that it’s a trick to test their faith.

The scientists believe in the theory of evolution and Darwin’s survival of the fittest. So tall giraffes eat more leaves than shorter ones, so they survived to give birth to progeny that over time got taller and taller and that is why a giraffe is as tall as it is today. The evolutionists also believe that four billion years ago particles on earth clanged together randomly to form proteins and DNA molecules, and that from that 'particle-clang' process, single-cell life forms grew in a primordial soup of early earth to become humans.

Some believe that Darwin said that humans evolved from the apes. But that was misinformation put out by those that were antagonistic to Darwin’s theories that hoped to ridicule him into submission. In fact, Darwin never said that modern man ascended from the apes. He said there is a gap in the fossil record and that he did not know how modern man evolved.

The chance of particles bumping together to form the right amino acid chain to establish one life-sustaining protein are 10130 or 10 with one hundred and thirty zeros. Paul Davies who wrote The 5th Miracle says that life requires hundreds of thousands of proteins and the chances of them all coming together at random are 1040,000.

Then the odds that millions of protein molecules happen into existence by chance just as millions of DNA atoms also happened to become viable at the same instance, and that they bound together to form millions of species of animals, plants and insects here on earth, would be 10 to the power of all the zeros you could put down on a piece of paper between here and a distant galaxy.

The problem with the theory of evolution and the particle-clang theory is that it is mathematically fraught, and in terms of evolutionary scales the total of earth’s existence, four billion years, is not a very long time. Many believe there has not been enough time for the random clanging of particles to create life, never mind enough to form the human eye, or a finger nail, or fifty million animal, insect and plant species that exist or have existed on earth.

There is a third theory, called 'intelligent design'. It is akin to creationism in that it says that a superior intelligence created life on earth, but the followers of intelligent design don’t agree with the Christians’ six thousand-year time frame; they side with the evolutionists in believing life on earth is hundreds of millions of years old. (The oldest documented fossils of living animals are 540 million years old).

Some say it was God that designed life on earth and others say they don’t know who designed intelligent life except that it must have been a civilization that is older and superior to ours. Some believe that aliens placed us here as an experiment, and while no one can disprove the idea there isn’t any evidence for it either. The problem with the theory of aliens from another star system is they would also be living on an earth-like plant that sustains life that is in this universe, and that planet may not be any older than ours. So there is every chance that aliens from another system would not be any further forward than we are.

What is unexplainable is that modern man, Homo sapiens, suddenly appeared in the fossil record thirty thousand years ago. There is no fossil record of us having evolved from any other beings or animals, and there is no record of us having been here on earth before thirty thousand years ago. Modern man is not linked to the Neanderthals in any way whatsoever. So the fossil mystery gives rise to a speculation I call the "plopped-on-earth" theory. The question is what form of intelligence (if any) dropped us off here thirty thousand years ago.

The Fourth Alternative

The answer may be found in a fourth alternative, a transdimensional theory that says we weren’t exactly dropped off; but that we walked in from another dimension. We know from watching the Morph that this world is not solid and having seen transdimensional beings (Tall Boys) walk into this 3-D earth-plane from other dimensions, and having seen a human dematerialize out of here, I realized that the walk-in theory might be possible.

The problem with all the other theories of origins of man is that they look at the earth and humans as solid. Once you realize that the universe’s solidity is an illusion then it is perfectly feasible that a human could walk out of a multi-dimensional, non-solid, hyperspace into the 3-D earth plane.

Then particle-clang looks silly as the origins of our humanity and all of life on earth could well have begun in an eternal, twenty-six dimensional hyperspace that might have existed for trillions upon trillions of eons before this universe came into being, just 13.8 billions years ago. Humans could be very old, much older than the universe. It is also very possible that our Universe is just one of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of universes, that various human species have evolved in over timeframes that are so astronomical in length they boggle the mind.

Here below is a P.S. about the origins of man that I saw in the Mirror World.

The Origins of Man in the Mirror World-Aluna

The mystical Kogi people of northern Columbia called the Mirror World, the aluna. In the aluna there is a record of the origins of man on earth. In there, it is shown that man walked in naked from another dimension but he was initially unable to cope. It was as if his brain was not as yet activated to deal with a world of three dimensions and gravity, so he initially lay down on the ground and fell asleep.

While he slept a being came to him from another world and it placed six psilocybin mushrooms on his chest, three down one side and three down the other. When the man woke he found the mushrooms and being hungry, he ate them. A while later the mushroom’s affect took hold of him, and his brain that had been previously dormant, clicked into action and the man rose and stumbled off to find others who had also walked into this three dimensional plane on exactly the same day. I would presume women got here in the same way at the same time as the men.

What is fascinating is that the anthropologist and ethnobotanist Terrance McKenna, who wrote Gift of the Gods, knew about the mushroom activation of human consciousness theory but he did not discuss the walk-in theory. He believed humans evolved from a primitive state akin to automatons, and that they then took the mushroom they developed the self-aware conscious that we know today.

I have no idea how we will ever prove the walk-in theory because by its very nature it left no trace of what happened, but as creationism and evolutionism are open to question, it might be an idea to consider the possibility of walk-ins. A sophisticated form of the intelligent design theory might be right in the end as it doesn’t preclude walk-ins, and when dealing with other dimensions in hyper-space, one isn’t constrained by the tightness of a few billion years that particle-clang theory asks us to believe in.

I reckon we walked in here just as the animals and the insects did, and that life is trillions-upon-trillions of eons older than our rather new universe.

The Cat & the Lion

One day in the sitting room of a friend’s house a mysterious film began to play on a white wall. I’ve told the cat story before but there is a new twist to it now, so please forgive me if I repeat myself. The film depicted a cat fighting in a forest against dark forces that were deformed animal shapes. She’d engage the dark beings by jumping up and fighting them in mid-air. They would fall to the ground and vaporize or some would slink off into the bushes defeated. Then mid-way through the film which lasted forty-five minutes, a very muscular dog appeared that looked like a cross between a pit-bull and a bulldog. I thought to myself that the cat was in big trouble. But as she jumped up to fight the dog the cat morphed into various felines: leopard, tiger, and cheetah and within seconds she became a lion and she defeated the dog with ease.

The cat morphing into the lion tells me that in a time of crisis we all have the potential to morph up to a new level and do things we never thought possible. This especially so if you are on the positive, lighter side of things, the dark always faces a superior force that defeats it in the end; history is replete with examples of empires that crumbled and tyrants that were defeated. So safety lays with more softness not more aggression.

At the end of the Morph movie the cat had cleared the forest and it is was all calm and beautiful and ghoul-free, and humans came wandering into the scene that they looked about the forest with awe. As I understood it the cat had fought to clear a place for humans to live in. When I saw the cat film I was bemused that it could play on a wall spontaneously with no camera or projector or any mechanism by which it might be projected on to the wall. That boggled my mind. But over the years since that happened I have come to believe in the phenomena I call the Morph and all its high-strangeness, and the visions and mini-TV clips that come out of it. And eventually I was given a way for other to see the same things and many report the full-color video clips playing in their mind’s eye and so I know it is real for them now as well.

And the cat story came to pass exactly as I had seen it. The fights with the ghouls took place over a six year period and eventually the humans came and at first they were bemused and they only got to the entrance of the forest, they didn’t walk very far into it as yet. But they arrived none-the-less. It was so beyond what my heart expected and the little things I had hoped for back in the 80s, it was all beyond my wildest dreams really. A brave new world, a Camelot if you like, hidden inside this world.

There is an intelligence that is celestial that drives our perception toward goodness and it shows us how to grow and step between two worlds, it has showed us how to partially dematerialize our bodies and more than four hundred at my seminars have seen that now. And I am sure many of you have seen that without my help. The power is teaching us how to grow in our perception of what is possible and what we can become, and so there is reason to hope in what seems a world of complete madness. We must follow the subtle way of tenderness and respect and wait for the moment when we are given the opportunity to become more, the moment when the cat morphs into its lion-self. Stay warm; you’ll get your chance.

The dark will triumph for the next few years and humans will be forced to make their choices for the cold, hard, cruel, vindictive way, or the tender, soft way and once everyone is committed one way or the other, then the dark will serve no further purpose and it will be swept away. And what is left behind is the affectionate heart of our collective humanity beating as one, under the raiment of the stars above and just as we know the names of the stars now, in that time they will also know our names and the animals will sit close by as our friends.

The Last Chance Saloon

We are poised on the cusp that I wrote about in my book Whispering Winds of Change. I said that the world splits into two parabolas of evolutions. One is cold, cruel, dogmatic and elitist; the other is open, warm and inclusive. The cruel parabola tears itself apart in the end fighting with others only the spiritual parabola survives. The death of the global-ego is upon us. Each decides his or her fate by choosing a silent disdain for humanity or an open acceptance of all people and their beliefs.

We have been raised in the West to be very special and important people; it is the cult of the Chosen One, he or she who believes they have been divinely selected but it is unsafe now. Karma is about to adjust our perception of things. I have always felt that it is a major advance to your perception when you accept that you are nothing and completely irrelevant in the great scheme of things, because by in being ‘nothing’ you embrace an eternity that is very safe.

The tall poppies fall in droves, because oil is to be taken from us. When the oil goes the fascists march in the street. You have to choose: on the one hand you get a nice uniform but a rotten karma and on the other hand there is the flicker of redemption in the distance and your eventual escape to spur you on.

I have seen two arrows hit the earth and I taught a group in the Redeemers Club members to see the min-video clips that come out of the Morph that play in one’s mind’s eye and they have seen the arrows as well. Meteors, comets, we don’t know? But Gaia has had enough of humanity’s disdain and the obesity of our soul that kills and feeds on the animals - Gaia’s children, to the tune of millions a day. There is no end to the pile of corpses that are slaughtered to feed our podgy gluttony. She’s disgusted with that she will stop global consumption to save the planet it stands to reason.

If you are humble and well meaning and if you have no silent disdain in your heart for people, you enter the gentle space of a tender soul and you drift naturally through a lack of the ego’s demands to a place close to the zero point.

I recently showed a couple of hundred how to dematerialize their upper body, once you are not much attached to the desires and a rapacious need to satisfy the ego the rest you goes also goes wispy and you can eventually roam about where you wish. It is the threshold to a brave new world.

Let the Nazis have the streets we are not here to fight them. No. We have to love them and admire their crisp uniforms and appreciate how they suckered the human shadow to come out of hiding for all to see. That is spiritual moment for humanity, when Hitler rises from his grave to attend once more. For unless the shadow comes out, there will never be a proper justice for ordinary people for the shadow will rule forever. Once it comes out fully for all to see, then it will eventually fall.

Meanwhile, we’ll walk the other way taking a few with us if they want to come.

It all came true in the end. The attack on Iran is not far off. The battle fleets are sailing full speed into a nasty surprise. Dogma meets dogma with a clash of shields, while the dogs of war strain at the leash snarling to be let loose.

History will say it was inevitable that the cult of the Chosen One would draw itself into battle with ghosts that scurried in the night that were hard to find and even harder to subdue. For the ghosts in the night represented an external manifestation of the very inner shadow of the elite, but they never saw it before it was too late. The elite fought their own shadow to the death.

So when you pop into the Last Chance Saloon order, tenderness, generosity and respect, straight, no fizz. Doing that a door opens and you walk through to the back into a garden where you will be surprised to find a few old friends who have also had enough and they also want to return home to the celestial place from which we all came. They thought a human had to die to get there but that turned out to be an old dogma and inaccurate. They were not disappointed.

It is all good, there is a happy outcome and soon we’ll see a new dawn approach.

Come Now…If You Can

I’ve said in the past be tender and warm and be patient and our time will come.

The hidden door that I have searched for over the last twenty-five years finally appeared. At first, I just looked through it and I documented what are now 40,000 visions. It showed me dimensions, Gaia, the souls of animals, the mirror-worlds and the destiny of our little planet. Then I got up and stood near the door and I saw a very important vision that showed me how I could show these strange and mysterious things to others, even if they had no experience or training at all.

I knew our time has come. The age of the scattered Camelots is soon upon us. I’ll explain.

Recently, I did five workshops at an old castle in France and sixty people from the Stuie Wilde Internet email “A” list showed up. It was exciting to meet people from the other end of the Internet phone lines. There were a few real warriors amongst the attendees.

I showed them the Morph and the doorway that’s just yards off the end of your fingertips at 90°, it takes a while to understand that. Then I showed them the vortex at the entrance that guards the Holy Grail and the hidden Camelots. It’s also a little hard to comprehend at first, because it is only about one inch across at this time. The doorway leads to the Grail castle and bliss.

But everyone saw it bit-by-bit, and then I showed each of the participants how to place one fingertip into that vortex, and they saw the end of their finger elongate and dematerialize. The door is surrounded by a gravitation anomaly that tugs on you a bit, which is why your finger elongates.

If you see the Morph just once then you will always see it. It’s like those 3-D holographic pictures that have a hidden image in them. You look and look and see nothing, and then suddenly you can see flying birds say in the picture, and once you’ve seen them the first time and you know how to do it and you can see the hidden image every time.

Then I had the participants in France sit in a chair at the threshold of the Morph door. If you are in the Morph anomaly it dematerializes your upper body. It’s not scary. It evokes bliss. All sixty people dematerialized and blipped back twenty-to-thirty seconds later. Everyone watched the others do it one-by-one.

After that I showed them how to pull visions from the Morph, as that is the best way to become safe. Once you can see into the Morph you are no longer blind. Once you get the visions, it teaches you. It is a vast database that loves you and it has your best interests at heart.

If you are fed up with the hackneyed repetition of the old format and you long for a world that is fresh and new, the Morph will show you - it will carry you back home to the eternal bliss of the feminine spirit. Once you can see that, the Camelot dimensions I’ve written about will open for you, though that may take a few years.

If you can’t see the Morph or the Grail vortex it might be because you are not as warm and tender as you could be. It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to be a saint, and anyway, you can come to one of my gigs and I’ll show you, or you find someone else that knows and have them show you.

But you have to make a move now, no more dithering. We strived for the door for over two decades, but it won’t be there forever, one day it will close again. This is it - our chance finally arrived.

Taxi anyone?


This is so exciting I’m fit to burst. There is a door opened now and three people in the Redeemer’s Club saw a number of different apparitions in the sky in several locations around the world. The apparitions were hundreds of feet high and they stayed in the sky for hours and hours, as I said they would. When the whole world sees them we will have a spiritual revolution over night. The apparitions in the sky were all within a few days of each other over the last weekend - huge goddess visions and the horsemen of the Fractal Queen crossing the sky.

And then the teacher that some of you on the “A” list are aware of from thirty years ago, the one that people called “OC” (Old Chinese) the one I studied with, he came back in the aluna. You could have knocked me down with a feather I would have never guessed that. Goodness knows what the teaching will be this time. He came from another world.

I am not worried about the dark and Iran and all that New World Order stuff. It is all good and a part of people’s karma. The faster the Nazis come the better they can’t be defeated while they are hiding inside people’s souls. We need them tromping about in their natty uniforms that will help us a whole bunch. There are two evolutions, you can belong to the world’s horrid stuff or you can go the other way. Perception helps and Aya’ is the why to go if you can afford it, as it replaces DMT in your brain, and so you start to vision naturally and you start to see the celestial and the beauty of it all. I’ve always felt that the power of visions is one of the main disciplines/gifts of your higher understanding and betterment, and to be able to see the beauty in everything and to understand that all the power of the universe is at your finger tips, resting in the simplicity of things. The less complicated the better, that’s the love of the Tao expressed over and over.

Our time is just about to arrive for with the Nazis come a higher perception and great spiritual powers…silent powers. Hell and heaven come hand-in-hand two sides of the same coin... very nice.

The Circuitous Journey

When I started the Redeemer’s Club I was surprised how many people came in that had been participants from my Warrior’s Wisdom seminars in Taos back in the early 1990s. There must be a karmic link between us like a family.

It’s been a long circuitous journey, and those of you that can’t join the club for financial or logistical reason please don’t worry there are a couple of inexpensive gigs I’m doing that you can come to if you wish, one in London (April 1st )and one in Las Vegas in May, see info here at NEW.

And I am sorry I couldn’t do the club on the cheap but I have to attend to members and their daily questions every day for a year, and there are up to four free seminars they get and a host of events at a 45% discount, and so I had to price the club at a level where it made commercial sense. So I pitched it at nine euros a day in the first year and four euros a day in the second and third year. The people that joined early got it a bit cheaper than that so I did what I could do given the work involved. The members get access into the Morph but in way you can get it without me, and many of you have a destiny there, I know that for sure.

Strangely looking back at the story it almost all came true in the end, and while a few bits and bobs are still in the becoming, essentially it is all there chapter and verse, and the Camelots will come as well, for we’ve seen them and so if that is your goal hold steady and you’ll get there one way or another.

You can search and search for the hidden door and go through endless pondering and wondering, thinking and confusion but the key to everything is the day you realize you ARE the hidden door. That is why no one’s potential is ever excluded; the only exclusion policy is inside your heart for if you have not processed your shadow and it remains in place then technical difficulties arise. I have said in the past the celestial is protected by two bands of evil that you have to cross to get there; it is like going over two fences while crossing a field. You over one into a ‘no man’s land’ and then a few months later you cross the next barrier and on toward the door. If your shadow is in still repressed and hidden inside as you approach the door that is within you, the ghouls come out in droves to stop you and they will give you a fright and you’ll be forced back.

We are on the cusp of the rebirth of Hitler. It sounds jolly spooky but it is a very good thing, the world needs it, here is why. While the global shadow is hiding it has great power to drive armies and cause death, torture and pain, but once it comes out for all to see and we go into an era of open fascism be it literal or the modern version of it ‘techno-fascism’ with Big Brother over our shoulder controlling every aspect of daily life, then everyone can see what is happening and it is no longer hidden.

Then people have to decide what they believe in, some will join the Police State others will go to love, respect and freedom. It is the process of indicting humanity, yes or no, each chooses. Once those choice have been made and each has proved his or her loyalty to one side or another then the record of that is locked in place in the global soul: With Gaia or against her, with the heart of the people and fairness, or against it, with justice or with repression and so forth.

Almost everyone has already made their choice but some remain on the cusp alternating between the two side, yes-no, maybe. And once the oil goes and the global-ego starts to die most will flip to the dark side. Imagine the first day when the chicken McNuggets fail to arrive in time for the waddling behemoth’s lunch. He or she will become angry and when the TV suddenly doesn’t work and the lights go on and off intermittently and when the family car sits motionless in the driveway, a testament to a bygone era, then you’ll see how most of the soul’s decisions are already made. Those vacillating can watch the postman peddle up the street delivering notices that the pensions have become worthless and the welfare has been cut in half as the government is a bit broke right now and so forth.

Once the darkness comes out of hiding it eventually dies and then the world changes. It is like a civil war that might tear a country apart for a decade or more and eventually the combatants that remain alive have no more heart for the fight and they make peace with each other and the country or the tribe or the family is re-unified. It is symbolic of the light and dark within you that comes back together in the end. While you insist you are all light and sweetness and all things bright and beautiful your shadow remain hidden with in you and you are in great danger, vulnerable to the shadow of others finding you. But once you process that darkness, the wounded child within, then you are safe for your little brother or your little sister becomes your shield and protector but first you have to bring it out and recognize it and love it for the pain that was inflicted upon it and the pain it subsequently inflicted on others. Gradually a peace treaty is struck and the civil war within is resolved.

In the end the dark has to be loved and made whole or it causes big trouble. So individually you have a great chance and then globally the dark has no chance because once it comes out for all to see and we go through all that palaver, the global dark falters, and in the end a great silence descends over us and all you will hear at the very end is the sound of running water.

Watch your visions and dreams for they are real and they will show you the way if you wish for it. And while the winter of the global discontent is made manifests in all its ugliness, go quietly and confront nothing, consume little, hold to beauty and agree to be last. That, as the Taoist say, is the water course way, to take the lowest spot.

The last will be first and when you are offer “first” you must bow and show a genuine reverence and gratitude for the great gift offered you and then you must politely decline and walk away. That is the secret trick to the Holy Grail, when you are offered it you must decline it for all those that accept it do so from their own importance so it is taken from them. Quirky eh?

Go placidly amid the waste and remember it is all true and it will all now come to pass.

Avoiding the Collective Karma

Your waking intellect (your personality) brings to you an instant karma. For example, if you are diligent and responsible, life tends to treat you the same way. If you are uncaring and irresponsible, you pull to you all sorts that will treat you erratically and let you down. If you are out of control emotionally and unattentive, you slip off the sidewalk and sprain your ankle. If you stay in control and focused, you complete your journeys without incident. If you are generous, people treat you warmly, if you are mean, life will treat you more harshly. Your waking intellect bends reality to suit your personality so quite naturally you see and comprehend life and events as you want to see them.

Beyond the intellect is your subconscious. Very few have much idea what their subconscious mind is or what information it contains. You will see it talking to you in your dreams but it may offer you such an incoherent hotch-potch of images and feelings, you haven’t much of a clue what it is saying.

The subconscious mind is more the ‘real’ you in that it doesn’t have the fake concoctions of the waking intellect; it just accepts your feelings and ideas without the ability to alter them. Simply put, you could say, beyond denial is the subconscious. It is the perpetual memory of everything that you are and all your innermost feelings. Your intellect ceases when your brain stops functioning at death. But I believe your subconscious lives on in a mirror-world dimension that is placed opposite to this one, right is left in the world of the subconscious mind. It effect, the subconscious is what we call ‘the soul’.

Jung discovered much about the collective unconscious. He said we are all linked by the same archetypes and symbols: mother, father, life, death, etc. Jung was right. We are all one mind, and while you have your own karma, which is fairly instant arising from balance and imbalance, you are also linked to a more distant collective karma of your society or nation, and that is linked into an even more distant global karma.

Deep in the subconscious are your archetypal feelings and impulses: love, hate, equanimity, arrogance, each is a defined compartment, you could say each is a dimension of it own birds of a feather flock together in the subconscious realms. You drift into that part of the mirror-world that is comfortable for you. Where you go your long-term karma goes with you for your subconscious mind can pull to you a long-term individual karma as well as a more distant collective karma that belong to you as well as many others.

Your instant karma can easily change by taking charge of your life and being more practical and living a healthier lifestyle, but your long-term collective karma is more trapping. You can’t escape that as easily unless you make moves very early on. For example, if you were a carpenter in Nagasaki in the 1940s, you had your daily instant karma, keeping your family fed say, but unbeknown to you a collective karma approached. If you were aware of your subconscious and that of the people around you, you would have left Nagasaki and many thousands probably did. Others traveled there the day before the bomb. They came to join the collective subconscious department that accommodates for 200,000 incinerations in one day.

The trick to understanding the collective karma is to listen to what people are saying about their feelings and to watch their innermost impulses. If you watch the news, you’ll see the national-ego running rampant. It’s all arrogance and disdain and self-interest - so you can see where the national karma might be headed. The trick is to uncouple from the collective feelings and try to discover who you really are. Do you agree with the ideals being expressed or do you differ? What are your innermost feelings and impulses? You may discover that you like the shared impulses you see on the news, and if you do, you will have to accept the collective fate that that might create. The problem is you don’t know exactly where the collective fate will end up. Is it Nagasaki or Nivarna?

Here is an example; the long-term karma of America is to go bankrupt. Americans consume more than the planet can provide, eventually the supply and demand lines will creak and fall apart. If you were a citizen hoping to avoid her karma, you would consume less and make your ego’s needs less demanding, so you could easily handle a sudden down-turn. If you were sophisticated at karma-avoidance, you’d be thinking Nagasaki-style and you’d plan a move to safety.

America, realizing she would run out of oil, went to war to capture supply lines and resources belonging to others. The long-term karma of that is she will have no oil at all. It will be taken from her. In the collective subconscious you can see it quite obviously. So karma avoidance would be to get rid of the gas-guzzler while you still can and downsize to a small car or even a scooter or moped.

It is part of the British collective mind-set to be right, people are endlessly arguing, sustaining their need to be right. In Britain it is very much more important to be right than to be nice. So people are rather nasty to each other while pretending to be right, and so their long-term karma is to be found to be terribly wrong. In then olden days, honor and a gentleman’s or gentlewoman’s code of conduct was what held up the British edifice of being right but that code is now lacking. So the country will rot and falter.

The trick to being British is to agree to be wrong and make changes now. If you go down the path of righteous-indignation, you will fall as the country falls. The British feel they are very superior so their long-term karma is to become inferior. They will lose their economic status. If you don’t feel you are superior, or right, and if status doesn’t bother you, the nation’s karma won’t bother you at all.

Each of us has the option of going with the collective karma of our people or you can vote “No” and walk in the other direction, but you have to make a move soon as a collective karma is the most trapping and the least easy to escape from. That is because people don’t see it coming. It is the result of a collective idea that everyone agrees to so that makes it seem right.

If you very reliant on others, you are linked to their karma. The more you become self-sufficent and self-reliant, the more you are in your own karma and the easier life is to control. If you can’t make major changes, make small ones.

Icons and Symbols in Your Visions

To develop you have to learn to have visions if you don’t already do so. Doing that, you access a data bank in the aluna mirror-world that is beyond books, teachers and scientific knowledge. It carries you along. Psychic development helps as does meditation, or if you get very stuck I can show you the morph and the mirror-world and I can teach you to vision. But I can’t explain it in words because if you try to work it out logically you get terrible confused.

You are standing inside a gap that you can’t see, you have to click your mind to an angle of 45°, and by 'click your mind' I don’t mean move your head. We humans are inside a bubble like a balloon (it is created by the double spin symmetry of certain subatomic particles), if you move your head the gap rotates round with you, so it doesn’t work. Your mind has to click round not your body. Once you see the gap, you will dematerialize and seconds later you’ll come back into view but once you can do that you are through to the aluna world.

I’ve showed seventy people so far, none failed. Though a few that were very logical resisted a bit and so they took me more effort but all seventy dematerialized in the end. Some did it in seconds. Other did it but they didn’t believe what they were not seeing, that’s natural. It’s good to question, you never want to just be towed along, not even by that Stuie Wilde chap.

The Morph is in the gap and in it are thousands of symbols that you see with your eyes open or with them shut. I call those symbols, icons, as each symbol represents a defined phrase or idea. It’s a language you learn as you go along. For example, if you see a zigzag line of gold color that marks or surrounds a dark space that is the icon that describes the boundary between the forces of light and those of the dark. It’s a symbol of the constant tussle between the two forces. If you see a cat that is the symbol of a fighter or many fighters that are here to liberate those humans that have the courage to be liberated.

A vision of a bicycle, it usually at an odd angle leaning over at 45°, it is always the icon of energy in motion, like when things change or they are about to change. For example, in the Matrix film, Neo sees a cat, it twitches and then he sees it again, a déjà vu. Trinity asks him if it was the same cat or a different cat that he saw the second time for she knows in the iconography of her world that the cat appearing twice is a warning of danger, a glitch in the Matrix. Something has changed.

The bicycle in the Morph is not a warning of danger necessarily more of energy that is now shifting. Sometimes the bike is doing strange things. For example, in a recent vision I saw a man in a boat on a lake, it was nighttime, moonlight bathed the lake. The man placed a bicycle over the side of the boat on top of the surface of the water then he got out of the boat and on to the bike and he rode across the lake. The bike is the icon of a shift to a faster oscillation and the riding across the lake is a symbol of a human or many humans waking on water.

If with your eyes shut, you see swirls or vortexes in color or just grey swirls on a dark background, it’s a symbol of an energy that is being granted to you. It’s a gift being prepared for you. The gift (vortex) has to have time to formulate (read) to the digital footprint of what you are. You are a vast complex mathematics that describes your body and its billions of cells, and it also describes what you know, your thoughts and feelings and of course your memories. If you could write out your personal formula on a piece of paper it would stretch to the outer edge of the universe and back.

As the vortex or vortexes swirl in front of your eyes they read your digital imprint adjusting the mathematics of how you and the vortex will lock like docking an orbiting space station to spacecraft that has come up from earth to join it. The vortex joins to a doorway inside of you that is unique. While the mathematical template for that doorway might be used for thousands of humans the final adjustments have to be prepared so that they are exactly ‘you-shaped’ mathematically, the same code can never be used twice. Your coordinates are specially calculated just for you.

The reason for this is that you have been inside the digital matrix of 3-D human for a long time so the celestial mathematics that is also a part of you is held as a memory, but it may not be very prominent. Babies come out of the aluna so at the instant of your conception you were 100% celestial but as cells divided and your body formed you became less predominantly celestial, and that celestial code was added to by an ever-expanding human code. It’s like a bank account number in which the first four letters are an abbreviation for the celestial hyperspace that you came from (7777 say), then the rest is your personal code, the DNA that shapes your human system, so let’s say your digital imprint is described as the number 7777-10386589-001 the last three digits (001) being a female, or (002) describing a male being. Of course, the 10386589 example I’ve used here is only an abbreviation of a massively long code with trillions of digits that describe you in every digital detail.

As the vortex reads that code it has to eek out that part of you that is formed of the celestial numbers, as that is the part that will access the multi-dimensional gap and so it first has to unlock that. Then a new code has to be entered into the rest of the mathematics that is you’re your human code with its emotions and feelings and that has to be asked it to change and become more than it used to be. It is programmed to go sideways, wider than before. As the program goes sideways your energy will twitch like the cat twitched in the Matrix film scene, that twitch occurs because the matrix that imprisons you starts to crack.

The changes may frighten you a bit at first, your long-time partner walks out for no reason at all, you lose your job, and you look around and everything seems meaningless and pointless. The code that imprisoned you is breaking and the new code has not overwritten the old code and so you will feel unaligned. It causes you to act differently, so you fly off to Mexico and hitch up with a guitar player from a mariachi band that’s thirty years older than you. Then the code breaks some more and you’ve had your fill of tostadas and mariachi and you’re now in a Buddhist temple in Thailand eating rice with bugs in it, and you discover the joys of the eight-fold path to the restroom. Then the code breaks the matrix a bit more and you are fed up of rice and pretending to be spiritual and you leave Thailand and onwards and more sideways. If you don’t leave then the ghouls have trapped you and the ‘overwrite code’ slows down and eventually stops until you break free of your own accord.

There are thousands of icons in the Morph and maybe a million more I have not as yet seen. I’ll write about them over time. If you see the paw of a lion and between the toes of the paw or between its claws if they are out, you see a crystal ball then that’s the icon for the celestial visionary. The lion is like the lion in the Narnia stories it’s a symbol for the God Force. If it is sitting it is a placid God Force, and if it is running it’s a more an offensive, military god, like the forces of retribution for example.

For a bit more info on the Redeemer’s Club -

Inner Warmth

I’ve noticed in teaching people (lots of them) that those that are very cold and heartless usually always think they are very nice. The archetypal Mr. Nice Guy may have a lot of disdain and silent hatred and elitism in his heart but he ignores that and goes through his people-pleasing routine as a methodology of survival and winning acceptance, and of course he does it for his own acclaim. He doesn’t see how rotten his soul is or how doomed he is.

In the piece I wrote for recently on the collective karma, I said to avoid being swept up in events out of your control you have to go to the opposite feelings than those held by the mass of people around you. So in a country that advocates war, vengeance, greed and elitism, one would take to sweetness and peace and acceptance of others as an act of contradicting the national karma.

To become genuinely warm is to become evermore safe. For cold heartless people become infested by ghouls and etheric entities they can’t see and those dark beings capture their soul over a long period of time; also they create listlessness and disease and dark paranoiac concerns and other mental problems. But most of all coldness pulls to one the same matching nastiness that is in the collective mindset. So there is a great danger in the immediate vicinity.

At a recent seminar event I taught, I noticed that many people had little black, fast-moving worms that looked like thin black slivers that existed in their etheric around their neck and skull. The black lines flew out a few inches from the body then they returned to the person’s force field, and then a while later they made another sortie, like UFOs leaving a mother-ship. It was fascinating to watch.

Other people that can see the Morph have also seen the same black worm-like slithers coming out of people’s mouths and flying back in and some people have a long black tongue that is thick and about six to eight inches long, like an eel. It’s rather scary I have been told as when the black tongue comes out one doesn’t expect it. It makes one jump.

I asked the Aluna beings that help me sometimes how to get rid of these black entities around people, and they said a shaman or an etheric healer can remove them but the dark etheric beings that live in people’s energy field will always return if a person is cruel or cold, or if they have arrogance or silent hatred in their heart.

It made me wonder how many human diseases are caused by these black etheric beings as they seem really ugly and dangerous, and I wondered how much the coldness of one’s heart pulls to one ghoulish entities that eventually make one really sick. There is much to learn. I can’t wait to find out more.

To change is easy - you just have to evaluate the level of your disdain and coldness toward humanity and animals, and if that egocentric frozen heart is not part of your mind and your soul then you are safe and protection will come to you, but if it is a part of your outlook on life then you are not safe and you can make a point of fixing it.

The New Dignity

In a world that is degrading in its moral standards, decency, and in the treatment of others, we seek to discover a new dignity, not a pomposity, or a grand, vain glorious stance, but a silent composure that speaks of one that is well-versed in his or her understanding of the eternal Tao and the way energy ebbs and flows; a person who's life is drawn in the parameters of an unspoken elegance of being.

I spoke in the recent article on the absence of malice on how if one seeks to achieve real composure one has to detach from the insidious nature of the mind that protests every little setback and takes up the cudgel of indignation for every injustice, while simultaneously seeing humanity as inferior beings, steeped in evil. That White Knight syndrome is part of the white shadow I speak of in the Visions event. Your white shadow is hard to see as it looks pure and worthwhile but often it is nothing more than our fake Mr. Nice Guy, Mrs. Trying-To-Be-Perfect, saviour-of-humanity pretence.

We can't save the world, we don't have the spiritual purity, and "yes" humanity is often evil and we have to allow that to be as it is. To fight evil is to wrestle in the dimensions where evil exists, locked in there so as to never leave. I have a PhD in tussling with the ghouls, and while it was a useful lesson, in the end you must let them have their world and we'll keep to the mystical Tao and our world.

To arrive in the transdimensional world of the misty lake of Avalon, you have to be finished with the affairs of man and the struggles of light and dark, blame and recrimination; you have to step instead into the magical world of the Aluna animals that can think and act in magical ways that react to love and soft emotions; animals that work tirelessly to bring about the Renewal that awaits up ahead.

It is a fairytale dimension of mythical beings except it is not a myth, it is real, and it is here right now, in our solid reality for you to stumble upon. Theirs is a real world just as our world is real, and the lake is at a real location, just a mile so up and over the little green hill that stands in the lands behind the pub, and the Camelot arches that are placed in the forests, and in other places (some are in cities), are also real to see. The multi-dimensional celestial world has gradually threaded its way into our world like the fingers of God interlocking with the fingers of our frail human hand, weaving the speckled ambience of the Aluna through our soul.

To arrive implies a journey that anyone can take, like a taxi ride from the railway station, but to understand it properly you have to substitute the words "the same as"instead of the verb to arrive. So to arrive at the Camelot arches you have to be "the same as" the arches. To see a hundred stags from the Aluna shoulder-to-shoulder on the shores of a moonlit lake, you have to be "the same as" a hundred stags with the same silent majesty, the same power and profound dignity and serenity. To see the Lion of Judah face-face-face inches from your nose so you can even feel its breath on your skin, you have to have the same courage and bravery, the same agility, the same endurance as the lion.

With a new dignity you shift your mind from travelling towards where you might want to go and striving endlessly to get there, to becoming instead, "the same as" the place you would like to find yourself in. It is an ambient resonance in your heart not a "residence" that is established by arriving someplace. It is very subtle.

The bearing of decorum and serenity we hope for takes a while to achieve but we have time, and the grace I speak of is an outcropping of a silent, spiritual nobility that seeks little for itself, that is settled and neutral towards all things, towards all matters as they arise; it is the settled heart that so few possess. The human that does not rush about hither and thither, or raise their voice, or act coarsely; he or she that does not need to exert them self in the company of others, they are the one that can listen without speaking that is happy to take the last place, happy to wait through all eternity if needs be. It's the heart that beats in time with all the collective hearts of multi-dimensional hyper-space, both human and non-human, rather than the solitary human heart that beats only to its desires.

The settled heart spreads out far and wide for it has few needs that it can not provide for itself, so that gives it a selfless decency, an intrinsic width that you could describe as the breadth of the person's etheric field (its sideways motion) and that width carries it naturally outwards towards the celestial, which you already know follows the same sideways path or direction of the transverse wave of light that is placed at 90° sideways to the normal path of light. The narrow mind installs a constrained, tight energy around a human that travels nowhere, in fact, it attempts to sucks energy from others to sustain itself. To radiate silently is dignified, to pillage is not so.

Certainly, we have to pay rent, raise children, arrive at work on time, but we must learn to do all these things without falling off balance and losing ourselves and our dignity in the struggle; walking slowly and deliberately through life in a calm and centered way with as much grace and dignity as possible, we arrive without moving very far, if at all.

It is undignified to lean into people demanding things, or to struggle to win their affection and acceptance, or to fight to get them to act in certain ways that they are often incapable of doing. Struggling will drag you down. So you smile on them and their weaknesses and you laud their every success while praying for their good fortune and wellbeing. That is why it is important to walk by the banks of the rivers of the Tao as the sages of old would say, and to be sustained and taught by that, and to have all your desires tempered, so in your clarity and simplicity you lack for nothing, as there is nothing much you want.

The dignity I speak of is not hard to achieve but you have to let go. You fought the good fight and you marched under the blood-red banners of your emotions and indignations, and you shunned evil often reacting to it, not realizing perhaps that you were only ever looking at an outer manifestation of yourself and your darkness.

What justice do we really seek? What pleasure will a hollow victory or vengeance over evil really offer? To struggle to be better than the hopelessly weak, or the indolent, or to be more handsome than the gnarly, narcissistic face of humanity, is of no great achievement. Squeaky-clean is irritating, like fingernails grating on a blackboard, and anyway the pretence of it serves no purpose for none of us is spiritually ever much more than various shades of dull grey, and anyway the 'squeak-squeak' of squeaky-clean are like hungry mice scurrying along the skirting boards of your sentiments and aspirations, keeping you awake at night judging yourself and worrying.

Let the banner of your protest drop from your blistered hand so you will have two arms free with which to embrace humanity, and allow the new dignity to carry you beyond the world of the mundane, justice and injustice, and the vicissitudes of a poorly understood karma. For in the end the only triumph is to return home, and the animals and the eternal Tao are the points of the compass we use to guide us to the resonance of that safe return, for the Tao is woven into the souls of the animals, and without the souls of animals to guide us one cannot arrive at the celestial for they are the keepers of the kingdom of God.

The Eternal Tao

The eternal Tao is the grace in all things. It is the living sprit from which the ten thousand things emerged. It has the power of a higher knowing for it perpetuates itself even in adverse circumstances. It is the digital-fractal order in all things. It is usually separate you and antagonistic towards you until love it and make a pact to join it. That pact comes from your higher mind for the intellect and logic can have no more than a fleeting perception of the Tao.

She is feminine and strong and she cares for what is hers. To say the Tao is simple is an understatement but she is complex as well for she is vast - bigger than the universe in which we observe her. She watched when the first child was born and she will be there when the last human dies. She was there when the white tiger left the mountains to drink by the river in the valley below and she was watching when the humming bird rose in the air to fly over the houses of those humans that had asked to be shown more.

She was present when 691,501 men of Napoleon’s Grand Armée marched to Moscow on June 23rd 1812 and she was there when a while later when just 22,000 returned. She cried for the human spirit - its ugliness troubled her greatly. You see, many of the men had no boots with which to march across the snow and the horses died of starvation, it wasn’t their fault they were loyal, their deaths did but please her.

The Tao: She was there when you were conceived and she will be with you when you take your last breath and she will count to make sure that none were missed...

When you are scared and sad and lonely perhaps you should go to her and stay in her arms a while. For she is the mountain mist and the dew on the magnolia tree, she is the song of the grass and the hopes of rabbits.

She is tender more tender than us, we can learn a lot from that.

The Law of Allowing

In a world where everyone likes to insist they are right and people judge and interfere all the time, the law of allowing stands apart as a spiritual idea.

In essence, it says that we ought to live and let live and allow others whatever perspective they wish, even if one thinks that perspective is very wrong. The way to practice the law of allowing is to agree with people you don’t agree with

Watching the news in the US one can see how they pump their views relentlessly. Fox News for example is a crass propaganda show, it has very little to do with the impartial disseminating of the days’ events. The power of a TV show to influence people to accept evil war-like ideas is a great shame. It is a global fault of the western ego to think others have to be like us, and it is a part of your maturity to allow others to be different.

When you watch the ludicrous nature of Blair and Bush with his Redneck Reich insisting on democracy, it looks so much like the southern preachers on TV that offer hell and damnation to all that don’t agree. Democracy never did anything for workers in the west, it has been a terrible disappointment for the most part; all it ever gave us was crippling laws and various political shades of the Fat Controllers. Why does anyone think it might help the Iraqis? Daft…such silliness.

Wouldn’t it be great if the law of allowing was installed and people didn’t have to be ruled by democracy’s endless stream of psychopaths, and people could be allowed to rule themselves. That is a novel idea. Imagine being able to think of your own accord without some redneck bovver boy from Fox News telling you what’s what and what is permissible and what is not.

I have always seen spirituality and individuality as the same thing, the act of developing a new consciousness, one that is original, and then the law of allowing follows naturally, whereby you allow the same individuality and freedom to others. Allowing is benevolent and warm, while insisting is ugly and nasty. And when people have to conform to some silly politician, or to a religious idea then that is usually someone’s ego in the act of empire building, corralling sheep.

And while it may pleasure the ego of those involved in these power trips it’s not a spiritual idea, as the truly spiritual man or woman is not keen on entrapment and empire building, they want to see people as creative and free.

To become that way yourself you have to offer it to others, that is why the law of allowing is a sophisticated idea. Of course, the first beneficiary of your law of allowing must be yourself because, if you are controlling and vindictive towards yourself, you become your own Fat Controller with supreme power over your life.

In letting others free you allow yourself to become more free. Nice

For a bit more info on the Redeemer’s Club -

The Third Principle

There is good and evil and the third principle is deliverance. It’s the point where you fuse your light and dark to become whole. No one can redeem you from your sins they are eternal, but then your goodness is also eternal, so redemption is a reconciliation not absolution. This idea comes at an appropriate time because people have traveled a long way, through books and study courses and spiritual practices. Concepts are good they can change your life, but it is in the fusion of your light and dark where the power lies. It’s the trick of embracing your darkness and making it your shield. If it all sounds backwards you are right. Many things have been spoon-fed to us the wrong way round to make sure we never escaped.

The hidden doorway is opening and things will get easier and so to that end I’m lunching the Redeemer’s Club soon. It’s mostly a club in virtual reality for the moment but the idea is to teach people to access the other worlds so they can teach it to others. Life is vapid for many and the madness of violence and war rots the collective human soul.

I used to do a seminar in New Mexico called, Warrior’s in the Mist, it was the most fun we ever had, people still talk about it ten years later. It was chivalrous and grand; we hovered in the early dawn fog over the forest on a ski lift, angelic music wafted through the trees fifty feet below us. It was truly mystical. We’re going back to the feeling of the Mist with a few added components. I want to give people a special key so they can belong to another evolution. It’s a shortcut, one that is so pretty and special and transdimensional you’ll wake every morning with a new sense of excitement and meaning.

But, I saw a vision about a week ago. It was a sign that said, “va volcano.” VA could mean Virginia; there are no volcanoes there that I know of and it could also be the Veteran’s Administration. I was confused. Then a couple of days later a volcano erupted in Java. I was missing the Ja out of Ja-va. I decided the omission was deliberate, telling me I’m not quite there. But I’ve been on this strange journey for thirty-one years so far, so what’s a month or two here and there? Our time will come. There is a confluence of destinies that are lacing themselves together. The great piglet in the sky is tottering on one slippery foot (poor thing), as it begins to topple over we’ll be on our way.

I’m in a rush. I’ll write in early June, and I look forward to meeting those of you that are coming to the Templar castle in France. It’s very old and mysterious - I think you’ll like it.

All the best

To a Great 2006

Dear Friends,

Happy Christmas and I hope that 2006 is a bright and wonderful year for you.

And thank you for being on the Stuie Wilde's “A” list. It feels like family to me even though I don't know you all. But this year I did manage to meet a about a hundred of you. So that was very nice.

Below I've listed a short winter solstice process you might use to liberate old energy and stuff from your life. It will only take a few minutes, you might find it moving and special.

Sorry I haven't sent you much recently but I've been traveling in South America. Also I stopped posting my visions not just because I made a mistake last November about the timing and location of the tsunami but also because the visions cause a conflict in me, there is so much that I would like to write about but it doesn't feel safe.

The action in the Mirror World has been extraordinary, it reminds me of the weeks just before the tsunami. Much of the wild and wonderful stuff I have written about that seemed so unlikely at the time I wrote it, seem to be on the horizon.

Systems are being taken down very surreptitiously from underneath and some of our venerated leaders are going down with them. Tony Blair is on his last legs politically; Ponker Plunket got back into the Government and then he got thrown out again once more for corruption, weird?

Then I read yesterday that Prince Charles was hauled into Scotland Yard this week for three hours to discuss the murder of Diana with the police. I have a feeling the coppers have a sniff of it now. And yet another refinery burst into flames for no reason at all. Meanwhile, avian flu is hiding for the moment but she'll be back but don't worry, it's a crock.

I am pulling back from all this New World Order stuff; I'm taking a new tack. We need solutions and exits not more worry.

I'm writing a special manual that I hope will help you. I want to lay out a simple methodology for those of you that are prepared to look at your shadow and redeem yourselves. I feel it is best to concentrate on those of you that are precious and committed, so that you can see/access the Morph worlds that I talk about. In this way, you will always know what to do next. I know I can help you get there but you will have to be prepared to accept the silence, isolation and disciplines involved.

Meanwhile, I will still write on the site for those that only have a passing interest in the subject but I am not going to go at it as full on as in late 2004 and early 2005. And I will email the “A” list whenever I have something that I feel will interest you.

All the very best,

Stuie Wilde

P.S. I have a new tapes series out called something like “Beyond Enlightenment”; people seem to love them. Nightingale Conant sell them and there's a blurb on them.

Five-Minute Winter Solstice Meditation

The First Liberation is to make peace with the world. You can use the night of the winter solstice, December 21st. It is the most powerful day of the year. At midnight go outside or stand on a balcony and face north. Take an ice cube with you in your left hand. And place your right hand on your heart and take three deep breaths and relax.

Then in your mind's eye, bring up anyone that you hold rancor or resentment toward - people that have ripped you off or treated you badly. Bring the first one in your mind's eye and breath them in eleven times and as you breath out send them love and wish them well in life, release them from your energy. Then bring up the next one and so forth until you are done.

Then finally when you are finished, take eleven very special breaths for yourself; forgive yourself for any shortcomings and vow to become a better person in this next year.

The ice cube is there to remind you of the freezing cold ambience of hell. And as it melts in your hand it also reminds you how energy draining are anger, resentment and conflict.

Deep Waiting

I say jokingly in one of my books, one needs to become a professional waiter. Amateur waiters wait inside their emotions, they fret and worry and pine, and they focus on what they don't have, rather than on what they do have. The professional waiter is more Zen, he or she waits inside their eternity. They sit and wait because it is in their nature to do so, nothing much moves them. They are detached from the tumbling mental scenarios usually associated with waiting.

Professional waiting usually deals with tangible things: planes, boats and train, waiting for stuff to arrive. But beyond that there is the intangible, the unseen things we wait for. I term that 'deep waiting'. It doesn't involve logic; it is a form of waiting that asks you to hold an idea sacrosanct in your feelings knowing it will come to pass, when there is no logic of any kind to support the idea. It's a kind of spiritual waiting, a deep sense of trust in God.

I am 'deep waiting' for a group of apparitions in the sky. They are enormous, some are six thousand feet high. They will be the most awe inspiring visions humans will ever see. The apparitions move, they are alive and very real, I love them. I need them. But they will only come when it is right. Maybe humanity has yet to become a bit more needy, if the apparitions came today they might be brushed off as an oddity.

There was a big apparition in the sky many hundreds of feet high in Austria recently (May 4, 2004), but it was only seen by a handful of people (see: Articles: Apparitions in the Austrian Mountains). The ones I am waiting for hang in the sky for days and they will be seen by millions. Waiting for that kind of thing is deep because it involves your soul and the odds against it are normally so extraordinary, even though I know for certain the apparitions are coming. Seen 'em.

Deep waiting is a resonant faith that lays far inside your soul, it comes from an ancient remembering, we are so much wiser than our minds. From that ancient remembering we know that there is an unseen force that carries us along. It's part of how grand everything is, but it is set in a place where we can't really know or claim that grandness, not yet anyway. So we prove ourselves in the meantime by believing in the unbelievable and never despairing. I feel it is not so much what you wait for, it's more the dignity you express while you are waiting. In the end, a divine order will emerge, it won't let us down. It can't because we are that divine order, deep within.

There is a massive power, a great light, that has finally arrived, it is beside us at 90°, less than three yards away. It's huge, beyond anything one can imagine, and it is only a few ticks of a cosmic clock from walking in and making itself known. I want it because it is a celebration—the descent of the Goddess. But I also want it because like many of you, I can't stand the pain of the world anymore. There is too much horror and too many demonic people at the top. I can't fix it myself, I'm way too powerless and marginalized. I want the Goddess to show up and spook the world into behaving better. She doesn't have to hurt anyone, she just has to show them 'the white terror'.

Three of us were carried off to an other world and shown that white terror. I am not sure why we got to see it but for some reason we had to know about it. There are no words to describe what it looks like—beyond spooky. Statements like 'the wrath of god' don't begin to describe the pent-up fury the angelic forces have for humanity and the injustice we have imposed on each other. We have become an abomination in their eyes. I know their fury will terrify people because just watching it for a few seconds scared the wits out of us, but in the end it will be a good thing as it will mark the commencement of a global healing and redemption.

More than a million people have been put in place, some from decades ago, ready to help: healers, therapists, and conscious people that will be able to explain what is happening and help others adjust. We are not just left out to dangle in oblivion. It's all been worked out over a very long time. Nothing is left to chance.

Redemption is another part of my deep waiting. I fought for it. It's one of the gifts, the promises that comes with the Goddess. Whatever humanity has to go through there has to be a resolution in the end, a redemption. At some point we have to re-connect with the source and be made whole.

We each have to redeem ourselves but we need a catalyst. First our denial has to be broken down, then each has to taste the misery of his or her shame, then we have to call on something or someone to forgive us and redeem us.

The process involves enormous pain as redemption has to first rise up through the feelings of humanity in order to deliver us, and those feeling are all hate and pain and ugliness. That's why it can't just waft down from above, the whole redemption force has to know and understand what it is redeeming. It has to touch the puss-filled wounds of our warped minds, and it must suffer the long walk through a hail of the ego's disingenuous self-righteousness.

So you can imagine the power has taken decades to maliciously prepare; to be brought up so cleverly and so carefully from within. A massive transdimensional protection had to built for it, one that straddles across twenty-six dimensions. The protectors stand ten thousand strong, shoulder-to-shoulder, nothing can touch them but without that transdimensional protection the power of our redemption wouldn't last five minutes. The global-ego would swamp it. The redeeming power is ready now, it will come just as the Goddess emerges, at the same time, I imagine. I feel we live in privileged times.

Professional waiting shows maturity and strength of character, and deep waiting shows that you embrace the divine; it says you are prepared to trust and serve in the meantime and wait. It shows there is a sacred notion deep within you that you care for, that you will wait for endlessly. A friend of mine calls it "a nostalgia for eternity". If you have that nostalgia you would be one in ten thousand. People don't understand a spiritual nostalgia because they are not usually connected to very much, and they are often enormously distracted by a narcissistic fascination with self. They are waiting to be discovered and raised up and made special. But that is not the game-plan right now. The last thing the world needs is any more prima donnas. We are suffocating on all that stuff, while the world rots at our feet.

The ultimate first lady, the Queen of the Universe is just about to present her credentials at the human court of justice and injustice—slightly spooky-dukey I'd say, but we asked for it and so we got it. Of course, she is not really a person, she is a primal force, a quantum trinity, a gossamer membrane that normally stands unseen next to our fabric of space and time. In that membrane everything is possible. You are going to love it! Trust me, I met a wizard once.

I am sure I sound like a cracked record, but if you are on the Stuie Wilde internet mailing list* and you have been following along here over the years, you can see that what I've have said is all happening bit-by-bit, and the rest follows shortly. The visions of the arrival have been coming in thick and fast.

Advanced, deep waiting, is a lay-down of your concept of self. It's when you finally quit on the idea of being something and you agree to serve and become nothing, and in this way you eventually become everything. There is a door you have to walk through, I have already told you how to go for that so I won't discuss it again now.

Bye for now.

The Infection of Goodness

A lot of my friends are trackers of sorts, not in the traditional sense but 'inner world' trackers. They take people across the great divide to other dimensions and back, delivering them home safely. I find some of these people quite heroic in their dedication. They take a risk because they love people.

Just such a one took me to the high mountains of the Mazatec Indian people in Mexico. We were looking for a way, a secret one, not often traveled. One night in a very remote Indian village we sat and ate from a stall on the side of the road. We were talking about the descent of the goddess and how that will now change everything for the better, my friend said, "You know, Stuart, all we are really doing here on earth is secretly infecting people with goodness."

That struck a cord.

Regular readers will have read that I talk about a transdimensional overlay that has descended on this earth that we call the Morph. Each one of us can become like a tent rope for the grounding of that energy, fastening it to the ground, so that it can now travel laterally across the earth. You have to be quite clear in your own energy field, and you can't get into any pomposity about it, it's just something you do silently. I'll touch an iron lamppost and say a Latin pray that translates as, 'Here is the cross of Christ, negative forces be gone, victory to the Lion of Judea.' I'm not Christian but it's my way of claiming that lamppost back for God. Say whatever prayer you want, if you are a follower of that Irish guru call on him saying, "O'Manny Paddy Om, I claim this lamppost for you Bubba, here's one you didn't have before."

When you touch a post and dedicate it, it will radiate for a few meters either side. People walk through that goodness and they are either elevated and healed a bit, or sometimes their ivory tower falls a bit. It's up to them, one never knows which way it goes. In the past the ghouls would have taken that post back very quickly but now their power and influence is waning they can't control the earth as they did before. I touch doorknobs, fences, gates, traffic poles, whatever; I would have done over ten thousand easily.

I have a high-tech torch that looks like a pen that comes from Germany.* It is a bio-resonance light-pen that re-phrases water making it more slippery. We drink that to clear cluster in our bodies but you can also use it to re-phase a room. So I'll shine the light in an elevator and leave it feeling like a waterfall rather than the stressed-out, tired energy, elevators often have. I re-phase crowds, buildings, street corners, whatever. Sometime I drive round deserted cities at night and re-phase ten city blocks of downtown. Shining the light on buildings, windows, shops, trash cans, as I go along. I go up and down the streets for an hour or two until the whole area is fixed up to a new level.

If a place is particularly putrid like a S&M club, or a shooting gallery for addicts, I walk in and give it extra attention; sometimes I talk to the people if they are up for it. Corners where street gangs operate drugs businesses are a bit tricky as they are dangerous so I am not suggesting that for you, but you can usually get in and out of loads of places if you are silent and not abrasive.

We are here to change the earth but we can't do it head on, it has to be done quietly and gradually, but we now have the help of unseen beings that come from an angelic world so what changes we make will now endure long enough for people to benefit. If a person looks you in the eye say the word 'love' silently. If they touch you, say, 'blessings and peace.' If they look sick say, 'good strength', if they look scared offer them courage. Sometimes I breathe into their hearts the word that I am silently saying, you can do this from behind as well from in front of them.

Sometimes, I touch them brushing past and I put a little energy in that way. I only do that if I know they are sick. There are five cones on the fingers of my left hand that look like pointed thimbles, if I imagine breathing down my arm to my fingertips the thimbles double in length to about four to six inches. They are cool. Sometimes when I am lonely, I watch them at night in the darkness of a hotel room; they look like Johnny Depp's hands in Edward Scissorhands. They offer me a bit of hope when my soul is crying.

You can leave little bubbles of energy in the street at about knee height for kids that come past, it's neat to watch a child react as it walks through one. They know. It is just the act of establishing goodness, moving energy or re-phasing reality so it is less glue-like and people feel less fear and impediments. The light pens help you but you don't have to use them you can use your mind and your breath and your hands. It's just caring and love that you are offering and the affirmation that says you have the silent power to reclaim spots of the planet back to the light. And you can. Evil never moves until you shove it, so everyone has to do his or her little bit.

We are here to rescue each other and bring people back to sanity and well being, but we have to do it silently without people knowing and without expecting any recognition or accolades. If you show off or make a performance of it all you become devilish and the Forces of Light may rub you out as a false prophet rather than pick you up.

Look at the God-force, it is everywhere, yet it doesn't advertise its presence, it is silent and secret. As my tracker friend says, we are secretly infecting the world with goodness and eventually that will spread to others and they in turn will affect the rest of the world. A silent goodness will now drift over the land like an early morning mist and one day we will wake to find there is no more fear and pain and all the darkness is gone. We have worked for that, we deserve it.

Dry Rain, Falling Upwards

I completed all the tasks set for me, they took twenty-one years. Then everything was fixed and ready. Looking back it was all linked, each task was one face of a multifaceted template that represents a human's flight to freedom. Unable to expose the lies or change the system very much, my mind turned to how will people survive? There has to be some way for people to get away. I was greatly influenced in this idea by my old teacher who said that initiates would appear and take people to safety.

Initially my plan was to create a new Camelot in Europe. A place where honor and love would prevail. To that end I sought to buy a castle, but nothing went right and people that I hoped would come in and assist never materialized. I did build a large house in Australia and there we tested out the transdimensional presence of another world descending on this one. In the end it came and found us, we didn't go to it. It worked beyond my wildest dreams. It is still on-going. But I suffered counter-attacks of various kinds from forces that didn't want to see this kind of thing happening, and I also had some incredible bad luck, and in the end I left Australia and gave away the house to a trust, and the European Camelot castle idea fell from my dreams, shot down in flames.

So I went looking for valleys, places where people could live sustainable lives in small houses in remote areas, away from Big Brother and harassment. I found several but I wondered how it would work as there was nothing to protect the people if the state decided to march in the door. Anything alternate is always marginalized and attacked; control has become endemic and technology will eventually make it total. Alternative thinking and its lifestyle will eventually be considered a threat to the state and it will be banned.

After three years and 30,000 visions, I saw that these Camelot locations have to be invisible, that's their only chance. How it finally came to me was partly through the visions and partly by traveling around England. I went to several hundred towns and cities and I visited all the remote areas. There isn't one square yard of that country that is safe. People don't understand what is coming, they can't imagine it. They are being tricked.

I've written about it here so I won't repeat myself. I'm sure many of you think I'm totally cracked. But imagine someone writing in 1923 about the arrival of the Nazis, ten years before Hitler took power: death camps, ten million German dead and the murder of the country’s intellectuals. The writer of such things would have been mercilessly attacked and ridiculed as quite mad. Germany saw itself as civilized at the time. We English also think we are civilized. But we’re entering the same phase now, except our evil is not just a military attack on humanity, it is also a technological fascism––total lockdown, a control system beyond anything the Nazis could have dreamt of.

Our leaders and their controlling minds will microchip the population and watch activity via satellites from above. The media will be used to make everything seem reasonable. “We need to microchip the children in case they get abducted. We need to track the cars to control pollution and congestion. We need to get rid of paper money to stop muggings and theft.” Blah, blah––,Jawohl!

The latest scheme is that the British Government wants to inject little children against cigarettes and drugs. The injection will tamper with the pleasure centers in the brain and put the children off in later life when they seek pleasurable experiences using substances disapproved of by the authorities. I kid you not. They are serious. The Medical Association agrees with the idea. These people are spooky; crippled in their souls.

After a while England got me down. It’s full of silent hate and violence and people being pompous and nasty to each other. I felt the only chance was to find exits for people, so I went looking for dry rain, falling upwards. It’s a Morph thing. It’s not exactly falling upwards, more swirling about. When you see it you know there is a doorway there. When you put your hand up in the dry rain, it dematerializes. (See: "Dematerialization" article at the site).

The idea of people walking out of here isn’t so daft anymore. I don’t know how my teacher knew these things thirty years ago but he did. He said the journey from this dimension to the next is nothing more than walking casually across a room. He was right. But he added, “You have to leave your overcoat on a peg before you cross.” Thirty years later, I now know what he meant.

Tales of wizards and witches appearing and disappearing always sounded so mysterious and interesting but the fables don’t explain the process. When your body dematerializes you loose your sense of identity and your ego melts. It can’t understand what is happening and it can’t control the process because it has no authority over the dimension you are walking into. Everything you normally hold on to, like your identity, say, suddenly isn’t there anymore. You are just pure mind, freaked out pure mind! Letting go is jolly difficult. People are hindered by the structure and imagined importance of their ideas. It is their overcoat. To walk across you have to lose the ego and become terribly unimportant.

Here’s something you might consider.

Have a very deep respect for the God Force and all its manifestations, and extend that respect to everyone you meet, no matter how ugly they are in the way they comport themselves. A lack of respect and politeness will exclude you. It shows you up as too self-important. Here is an example: I bumped into a lad I know, who told me I had helped him enormously in this life, and he went on to say how diligently he follows what I write. I like him a lot. He has a nice sense of humor. So I invited him to dinner the next day. He arrived five hours late with no particular excuse, he just didn’t bother. I thought, how odd? If someone had turned my life around I’d be very grateful and I’d make sure to arrive early, and I would offer to buy dinner every night for a week if needs be. No respect, you see? The lad is a nice person but doesn’t have much chance because he is still too important. I would guess something terribly painful will come to wound his ego and destroy his importance, and save him from himself. You’ve seen that one before, haven’t you? I’ve seen it more times than I can count. The Higher Self is amazing in how it rescues you even if that rescue hurts a bit.

Here, I ought to talk about a proper gratitude as that is part of respect, but I don’t want to wound you while you might feel a bit fragile. It can tear you to shreds if you ever go deep within and look at what it is really like at a profound spiritual level. You are going to need it. Proper gratitude is a dimension, a place in the inner worlds that you can go and visit, as are all human emotions and sentiments. They are vast boxes in a conglomeration of inter-linked parts that are trillions of times bigger than our Universe. I’ll talk about that next time.

Back to the Camelot idea. At first, I imagined the initiates my teacher spoke of as mysterious men with cloaks and white beards, Merlin types. I worried about how I would ever find them. Then I did find some, twenty-nine anyway. They are all very ordinary. Two are American kids just finishing high school, another is a chubby, middle-aged housewife that likes bonking a lot. The Fed Ex man is very prompt round there––very prompt indeed! Another is a very good-looking African that sells something boring in tick-tock, like refrigerators. I don’t remember. Then there are three musicians in various obscure bands. One is a doctor that is a heavy drug user and another is a waitress in a hip cocktail bar. They are all very imperfect and ordinary. You could never spot them in a million years, not unless you had some help as I did. But they all have one quality, they are all charismatic, they radiate and pull people to them. As I said in God’s Gladiators, you don’t have to look for help, it will pull you and find you. These initiates––there maybe thousands of them, are already dotted about, standing right next to you in the line at the supermarket. You may be one yourself, as only three of the twenty-nine people that were identified for me, know who they are. The rest are unaware as yet.

Imagine it like this, let us say there are fifty million people in England and let’s say you have volunteered to get a few of them across the Great Divide to the Camelot world. You know that you can only take one in forty-thousand, it’s a terrible decision you face, who will you pick? Will you pick the lad that doesn’t care that he comes five hours late, or what about the business woman with the big house, who swore unswerving love and support, that wouldn’t lift a finger when a little shelter was desperately needed? Or, what about the manic accumulators, those that pamper themselves and accumulate and spend, and ignore the world and other people? Shall we load them on? Do we need them? What about the guy you hauled from the gutter who then quietly siphoned eighty grand from your account? Who is on the bus and who isn’t? If it were down to me, I’d load them all on and hope they straighten out later, but it isn’t down to me. I just plonk down invisible bus stops. I wouldn’t have the authority to decide who is on the bus and who is not. Some great spiritual being will have to arrive and sort that out, hopefully.

Meanwhile people have to be made ready, they are very inadequate and not properly prepared for walking into another world. There is a lot of shame and guilt to work through and many have no idea a dark shadow exists inside them. I am glad I’m out of the seminar business. After twenty years I couldn’t hack it anymore, other people’s pain is a terrible thing, it’s as much as I can do to watch the global pain and handle my own. And anyway ‘dry rain’ and the bus business is not a bed of roses either, it has its ups and downs. At times it is crushing in its loneliness, really crushing.

So for now, be humble, be gracious, be polite, be generous, forgive everyone, be respectful, be brave and “skim the lake” as my old teacher would say. Meaning, clean up, get rid of things, lighten the load––fast, drink green juice, whatever you need. Stay light and flexible. That gets you to the bus stop. Then you have to wait. The schedule is a bit erratic, I’m afraid. There is only one bus every twelve thousand years as far as I can tell. Public transport in Camelot is a bit of a nightmare! Sorry about that.

But you won’t fault the parcel service––spot-on!

P.S. I know some of you are a bit confused right now but have hope. This is the most clouded it will ever become because so much of it is necessarily obscured and hidden, but from here it will gradually dawn on you and become clearer. If you have even a modicum of goodness in you, use that as a rope in the dark to find your way, you’ll get there, I’m sure of that.

When you see the extraordinary efforts that have been made silently and secretly on your behalf you will be dumbfounded. It is not just certain humans that may become vital to you, but heroic beings that are fighting their way into this world to help rescue you.

The Great Generosity


Many are mired in a deep sense of hopelessness and futility. They don't see how the world will ever heal of its woes, and economically they experience the ground shifting under their feet. The way the news is manipulated brings despair for many, there seems no hope for peace, decency and truth. The very soul of mankind is being taken to the gallows and shredded of its dignity along the way.

Yet, in the middle of all the chaos, a Great Generosity is also about to come upon us; a generosity that none of us deserve. One so big you could never comprehend it, let alone imagine yourself a part of it. It's a celestial force, radiant beyond words, a force that is already here to teach you how to redeem yourself. And while it teaches you, it will protect you so you don't falter on the way.

What it will do is show you how to comprehend your place in the vast panorama of time and space, and it will show you how you stand not just on the earth but inside an invisible field--one that is bigger than a trillion universes. But mostly what this great goodness will teach you is how to dematerialize your ego and your body. It will show you how you belong to another world just as you belong to this one. It will show you that evil has no real power; that it is pre-programmed to destroy itself. Nice.

The Death of Evil

Imagine evil as a pilot in a plane with lots of fuel. He takes off thrilled with himself--his cleverness so to speak, and he or she flies around robbing people and killing them, and exercising authority over them. He is thrilled by his imagined wonderfulness, but he can only fly in one direction, as his mind will broach no alternative flight plan. So after a while he circumnavigates the world and he is back where he started from. Besotted, he takes off again, but he is only ever flying around a little ball and he doesn't notice that his altitude is slightly lower this time as he has less energy than before. Eventually, one of the more brave citizens below takes a potshot at him. He's not hurt, but now the wing has a dent in it and the plane flies even less well. His control trip has no place to go except down.

Now another pilot senses his weakness and decides he'll take to the air. He wants the thrill of it all and he wants to be the top gun, and he'll fight with the original pilot. Then sixty more take off and now there's a dogfight in the sky over who will control the territory and its people below. It's called government, which is nothing more than a rabble of pomposities barging into each other like blimps colliding in mid-air.

But all evil is bound, as is the pilot, by the force of gravity. In fact, in a very vast sense of the concept we could say that gravity is evil, as it captures an object and holds it without first discovering if that object seeks to be restrained in that way. Gravity is what usually kills people. As their heart has to pump blood against gravity and eventually gravity wins.

Karma is a trajectory enforced by gravity. It's your ideas and actions traveling all the way round a bent force-field to find you. It's the pilot stupidly returning back to where he started. He never noticed he was going around a ball, it looked flat to him. The Great Generosity will show you a world where there is no gravity. Well more correctly, a world where you are unaffected by gravity, it doesn't control you.

Celestial Beings

I know some of you that have followed what I suggested have already seen or felt the generosity I speak of. You may not understand it, and you may not as yet see that you stand in something very special. You stand inside a deliverance without realizing it as yet. This is a rescue in the making.

Four times in three years, I have been present with others, when celestial beings walked through a wall into the room. They bring with them a speckled ambiance of little colored dots that sparkle in the air like fairy lights, and then a serene covering of bliss falls over you. They evoke a silent awe.

I just gaze at them grinning like a fool. I don't know where to put myself in their presence. They tend to stand a little way off leaning over slightly, radiating a caring that says everything is safe and that all will be well in the end. Sometimes, the beings move very slowly as if they are dancing but it's not like our dancing, it flows in a very graceful way. They are not inhibited by joints and ligaments that define how a human moves. The longest we have seen the beings stay in the room is six hours.

I think their kindness and sacrifice knows no bounds. Imagine leaving the bliss of their world to fight their way into this world that is so terribly afflicted by the ugliness of the human mind. It must be an awful experience for them--talk about culture shock; a double somersault into a sewage pond, I reckon. The greatest sacrifice you can make is to risk yourself to save others. Goodness knows how we would evaluate their risk and love for humanity. It would be beyond definition.

What I found initially so strange to comprehend is that some of the beings are fighters, which is odd when you think about how celestial and magnanimous they are. They exercise their strength in an unusual way. It is because they are part of an enormous power that their goodness invites reason to attend in situations that are often unreasonable.

Imagine a group of bullyboys tormenting a village with violence and crime. One day, four blokes show up that are eight-feet tall; they can run like the wind. All they have to do is stand in the city square, clean their fingernails and whistle. End of torment. That is how the celestial beings operate as far as I can tell.

Our world is controlled and sustained by another that you can't normally see. That mirror-world is infested by transdimensional bullyboys that control what is happening over the ground here. They legislate for a tyranny over us: The bank that is secretly weeding your money, the bent lawyers, the crooked rulers, the disreputable doctors, the liars in the media, etc. It's all sustained by an evil that exists but a few feet from you head. It's hovering in the room right now figuring how to undermine your day; talking your neighbor into suing because he tripped over your garden gnome one night when drunk.

The first big battle had to be against these ghoulish forces from the mirror-world. And once they get shoved out then the tyrants and the liars here on earth will no longer be assisted and supported. They will fall one after the next as their transdimensional support collapses. So the battle was first fought to remove the influence the ghouls have over human life. Then as places are cleared and tyrants brought down, people are liberated and the celestial beings will move to the next place.

From these battles comes the final healing. One that protects you from negative forces so you can heal yourself. Most people are a little unwell all of the time. This is because as soon as you heal a bit the transdimensional ghouls scratch back at you, irritating the healing process and so you falter. Once the umbrella of protection comes over you, you gradually heal over time with no sets backs.

No more pain. And gradually the confusion melts, predicated on how fast you dump the old flight plan. Helplessness, futility and despair--forget it. It came from sitting in that ridiculous plane, pretending you knew where you were going. You never went anywhere, which is why your life probably looks much the same ten years later--twenty years later. Silly eh?

The Lesson

You may wonder how best to invite the Great Generosity into your life. I'll give you some ideas as we go along. There is more than I can say in one email. In essence you have to become the same as the Great Generosity, magnanimous and selfless, generous and brave. Can you do it? Maybe, or maybe you are too infested. It's not for me to say.

The sad thing is people don't believe in goodness. If I say to you, "See that guy over there, togged up like a Christmas tree in the Lama's outfit, he is a saint." You would probably believe me as there is a reflected glory in it for you. Anyway, you are programmed to believe it. But if I say, "See that man in the jeans and the tatty tee-shirt, he is the real saint." At first you'll be intrigued and you may want to befriend him, but sooner or later you'll want to stab him in the back and hurt him. He's an affront to your competitiveness and feigned specialness. That is because he looks ordinary but he is better than you.

If I say, "See that innocuous girl over there, she's very brave." As a female it will assail your womanly competitiveness, you won't like it, or if you are male it will irritate your macho. "How can she be brave, she is only a girl?" And I would probably say, "Well dude, compared to the wimp and the coward that you are, it wouldn't be hard to be brave, would it?" If I tell you a person is selfless you may sneer and you'll want to know what the angle is. But what if there is no angle, no trick? What if that person really is eternally good in their imperfect sort of way?

Right now, most of you aren't ready. Because if the Great Generosity sends someone to rescue you tomorrow, you will engage your mind and fight and argue, and you will soon figure a way to hurt them and do them down. I've seen it so many times. It was one of the things that really impacted me in this lifetime--it always made me sad.

But one day you will have to go past that and recognize goodness, because on that day a rather tatty person with no particular status or importance, will walk up to you and he or she will say to you in a quiet but authoritative tone, "Come with me." You will only have about fifteen seconds to recognize what is in front of you. If you stop to react or resist, or if you try to compare yourself to him or her, it will be too late; hesitation will be your downfall.


The Great Generosity is already here, it will spread and grow stronger as the forces fight their way in, eventually it will be everywhere. Then you will hear strange tales of people that gave everything away and disappeared. And you may scoff and say, "What's the catch, what is the angle?" Then a very short, rather scruffy little man, wearing a strange leather jerkin, will rise from the corner of the pub and come across and he will say to you, "There never was a catch or any devious angle. The only really devious one was you." And, as you glance down at him, you will notice his fingers morphing at an incredible speed, so fast in fact it will seem that he has no fingers at all and a great fear will engulf you. You will know it's too late.

Or, you put aside your antagonism for humanity--your competitiveness, and you open your heart like never before, agreeing not to bite the hand that is trying to feed you. Then you go out over the next few years and exhibit the same selflessness, grace and gentility, as the Great Generosity, and eventually she will agree to carry you out of here to her world.

V for Vendetta

The Wachowski brothers that made the Matrix films have a new film out today, V for Vendetta. It tells the story of a totalitarian Britain and a vigilante that sets out to assassinate the hierarchy of control and blow up the Houses of Parliament. The film is stunning. I came out in silence, shock and awe.

The Matrix told the story of the inner control of mankind, the matrix of Mr. Smith and his anal agents, and the transdimensional Squiddies that could come out of another dimension to attack Neo and his comrades. When I first saw the Matrix I didn't really understand it, but as time went by I saw the film many times and I realized that in the Mirror-World that we watch via the Morph, you can see the alliance between the discarnate entities that exercise mind control over humans and the transdimensionals that also seek control.

The Matrix tells the story of the inner collapse of the forces of control and V for Vendetta tells of the demise of the outer forces of control. I've always said that the inner transdimensional forces and the Fat Controllers that actually run the world are in league with each other; each operates from the same vile sentiment, for the desire to control is demonic.

In the early days, I used to think that the Forces of Light would break through to this world and wrap up the dark controllers. I think I was wrong on that one as it never happened. I think the best the angelic forces can do is to contain evil like wrapping it in a trash bag, rather than causing it harm. We have to love everybody even if they are violent and nasty.

A million Brits marched to protest the war in Iraq and the government ignored them and sent 46,000 troops to support the Americans, so nothing much has changed. How ordinary people come out from under the torment of it all is difficult to see right now, we have to wait and trust and concentrate on beauty all-the-while. It is going to be alright in the end.

Rising Feelings and Descending Emotions

I went to visit my friend Ralph Miller who runs the Heart of the Initiate Ayahuasca temples in Brazil. He told me a very interesting perception he had about the nature of rising and descending emotions.

Ideas that begin in the mind and drift down to the heart to become emotions are considered to be descending. They are often the result of an affirmation or a contradiction of the ego's opinions. So pleasing events that confirm what your intellect wants in life evoke happiness, while events that contradict your intellect's desires evoke negative emotions. So a descending emotion is a reaction in your heart to an intellectual opinion.

Ascending feelings are more primal; they are initiated in the heart and they rise up to the intellect to be unraveled and understood. Sometimes they are not easily put into words. There is a beauty and an empathy to them. It's a mother's love for a child, it's crying at the beauty of a sunset, it's being mesmerized by the sound of flowing water and so forth. It's a moment when your mind stands still and you feel yourself suddenly connected to all things. That is the ascendant feeling. It's like falling back into the arms of God.

Miller told me that because western civilization is almost totally devoid of DMT (dymethyaltriptomine) in the pineal, the rising feelings and primal emotions of humanity are almost completely lost. The natural empathy we should have for each other just doesn't feel natural, no matter how hard we try. We have cut ourselves off from nature and other humans. We say, "I love you", but they are hollow words from the mind without any real warmth or feelings behind them; it's not an invocation to another's divinity, a connection to the God Force within them that would come from the primal connection of the heart.

Humans fire DMT in large quantities at birth and at death. So we arrive on earth in a trance state and we depart the same way. The near-death experience of trauma victims is thought to be a DMT firing and the pineal is known to be active for about forty-five minutes after death, which is very mysterious. Why the modern western lifestyle destroys DMT in the pineal is not readily understood; it may be due to stress and nutrition but it is also because the visionary function of the pineal is crushed and beaten out of us early in childhood. So the pineal's DMT activity atrophies for lack of use. As a society we only endorse logic. We don't support a child's imaginary friends or his or her phantasmagorical dream world. We train a child to become a thinker, a performer in a commercial world, a follower of logic and socially approved assumptions.

So you can better understand our world of yang and war and the competitiveness of dog-eat-dog. It's the manifestation of cruel descending emotions of a mind devoid of the one critical chemical; it's the cold world of thinkers with their judgments, parameters, rules and evaluations, rather than the natural warmth of visionaries and dreamers. Democracy is intellectualized as the relatively inconsequential act of one man, one vote. In fact, democracy in its primal emotion is a connection to others. It's being able to love a complete stranger and to care for them and be polite and respect who they are, especially if they are very different to you. Democracy is an empathy—a natural compassion. It's feeling the same as others, allowing them into your soul, rather than distancing yourself from them.

Our linear world doesn't allow for other dimensions and the vast inner universe of transdimensional perception. It's often ridiculed as not there. But quantum physics has proven mathematically it is there. In fact, we exist in those dimensions all of the time; it's a hyperspace potential we all have as a birthright. Ayahuasca replaces DMT in the pineal and that is why it opens the inner door to the other worlds. You can't take aya' and ever remain the same. Once DMT levels are restored in your brain, the primal emotion of ‘remembering' begins. You remember who you are and those emotions ascend from the heart to the mind and they instantly change the way you think. We become less fake and more authentic. It's the difference between pretending to be warm and actually being loving and warm.

In the 90s, I wrote a book called Whispering Winds of Change, in it I said the world would split into three evolutions: the curved path of dogma and elitism, the technological path of global control via electronic wizardry and the open parabola of the visionary path. Only the visionary path survives long-term. This is because the ten dimensional phantasmagorical world eventually folds over our three dimensional world, and as it does, dogma, technology and logic will become meaningless. The world we know will be swept away.

Dogma and technological control are cold and devilish, while the open path is warm and potentially god-like. It's the ability to walk into those other dimensions and see and remember that allows you to evolve away from the curved trajectories of ego, logic and dogma and control toward the next evolution.

So the choice is an evolution of descending emotions of a mind depleted of DMT, or the ascending emotions of a heart that has the language of the shamans as its poetry. That is why I have felt that Ayahuasca is so vital to people's perception and spirituality for without a boost of DMT that aya' provides they may never arrive at the transdimensional door no matter how genuine they are, or how hard they try. We need the language of the shamans to read and understand the book of our evolution.

It's weird to think that almost all the mayhem of the world comes only from a very slight chemical imbalance in the pineal, and all the human angels and would-be rescuers and kind people, comes from a slight surplus of the same chemical.

Strange but true.

An Awesome Journey

You may have noticed that since January things have gotten lighter. From time to time, little invisible ‘hope bubbles’ burst around you, and for a brief moment you glimpse the answers and you know everything will be fine. There is a shift underway. Loads of people have felt it. It’s very exciting. I’ll explain below.

Years ago, I wrote that we are like mice scurrying about in a garden. The cats sit on the roof and watch us; they control our lives. They are the transdimensional ghouls that control the subconscious mind of this planet in secret, and then there are their human representatives, who are possessed by the ghouls, often without knowing it. Those people act as prison guards over us. We are in a slave camp under a dual domination––human and non-human. 

I knew by the mid 90s that one day someone would have to make a run for it. At first, I naively thought I’d act as a guard for the first ‘runner’. After the mid-90s I kept watching everyone I met. I’d look them in the eye to see if they had the knowledge and the courage to become the bolter. I searched through ten thousand people or more. Some might have had the knowledge but they didn’t have the courage, and some had courage but no tenacity.

Most were too cozy or too scared, or they were too self-obsessed or ineffectual to be any good. Many would talk about themselves endlessly, pontificating, but they would never lift a finger to help. I remember one chap, a spiritual teacher, a back belt, martial arts master, announcing in a loud voice to a group that he would stand with me shoulder-to-shoulder to the very end. I was a bit embarrassed by the way he was showing off. I said, “Thank you Sir, I have very few allies.” The next day, I looked round and he was gone, off to a Tantra temple for a bit of ceremonial bonking. I never heard from that man ever again, not one word. Funny eh?

I never found the bolter; she found me. It was March 2001—the Morph had arrived, beings walked through the walls, the world went soapy-looking and a massive “Q” hundreds of yards wide appeared in the sky for eight hours over the house in Australia. In May of that year, the bolter and I started our run. I thought I was protecting her but I soon saw that she was protecting me just as much, if not more. It was a combined operation. In certain types of perception and situations, she was way faster than me, and in other forms, I was faster than her. Between the two of us we made a good team. One slept, the other stayed awake and so forth.

You have to imagine two journeys at once. One across an inner world that is utterly demonic and the other across this physical plane, so, we were chased by ghouls in both worlds all the way.

The ghouls can enter the mind of any human and influence him or her to attack haphazardly for no reason at all. The person doesn’t really know why they are doing it. Semi-trucks would cross the road to wipe us out, six on one day at the height of it. Spooky men would attack in bars, getting furious at two strangers that had not said a word. They would come for us. We’d stand our ground. Usually they would back off but a few times they didn’t. The girl is five foot two and one hundred and ten pounds but I never once saw her back down. She was always there, front foot forward, fists up. I can’t tell you much about her, she is a very private person, but I will say she’s jolly brave and very fast.

We had a lot of help. With the “Q” came an eye, a very beautiful female eye. We’d lay in meditation and watch it. It would show us what to do and where to go, and if there was extreme danger it would appear suddenly, even when we had our eyes open, hovering in front of us. In those moments, the eye would go really spooky-looking as a warning to us, and then it would show us what was coming up the street or round the next corner. Usually I drove and the girl watched with her eyes shut. We ran at night and hid by day. We did that for one hundred and sixteen days. Twice we fought a full-on war with the flying ghouls—once at Tudela in northern Spain and then at La Napoule, near Cannes, in France. Imagine the sky suddenly full of sixty to a hundred flying objects, UFOs of various shapes, all going crazy chasing you, trying to harm you.

I had no respect for them in the end, I’d give them the middle-finger and I’d drop my jeans and moon them. The celestial forces had given us a form of flying triangle; it fired off the left wrist, acting like a boomerang. It would lob through the air as if guided and whack the ghouls and bring them down. The ghouls had never seen one of their own bought down. It scared them and made them crazy. They attacked all the more.

Then a wobbly snowball-looking vortex appeared getting closer and stronger all the time. With it came a gravitational anomaly that vibrated one’s leg uncontrollably. My friend fell into an enchanted sleep like a coma. I was really frightened. I shook her and screamed in her ear but she didn’t hear me. I thought she was dead.

Eventually, later that night, I went down a very tight tube and I got sucked out of the ghouls’ land and out of 3-D, into a new universe, another dimension. It was the most frightening moment of my life. Eventually, I came back. It took eight hours. I couldn’t find my legs for a bit. I fell over and through the floor. Later my friend came out of the coma. That sure was a rainy night in Georgia, I’m telling you––never been through anything like that before or since.

Once the hole was breeched I thought the war was over. Not so. The ghouls went ballistic. They knew intuitively their end would now come. Beings started to pour into this world—celestial ones. We called them ‘Tall Boys’. Not many at first, but more later. Meanwhile, we had to make the journey back across the ghouls’ land to be fully restored in 3-D. That took a further thirty months. It was the worse hell one could ever imagine. We were getting whacked all the way; at times we were close to suicidal.

You see, going in, we had a lot of speed and the element of surprise; the ghouls never expected two humans to make a run for it. Further, we had a lot of help from the celestial transdimensional beings that wanted us to succeed. We couldn’t have done it without them. As much as we tried to fool the ghouls, we couldn’t shake them very often. The beings helped enormously—teaching us new tricks, hiding us at times, sending the ghouls round the wrong way in error.

We initially got through to the other world in one hundred and sixteen days, but the way back was long and hard and very different. It was as if now, the demonic had a good fix on our exact position and everything nasty in the human shadow and all the flying ghouls were there to greet us. The journey back was thirty months of hell with the ghouls tormenting us all the way. But the ‘eye in the sky’ that we called Sheesh, was always there. She never let us down. At times, unbeknown to us, we seemed to sucker the ghouls out of hiding. They’d chase us; we’d run wherever instructed, and the celestial forces would lay traps for them.

There was a major ambush set in the Scottish Highlands in November 2002, at the time of the lunar eclipse. The ghouls were badly hurt and even more celestial beings poured in. In January 2003 there was another hit but a small one, and then the big one came with the lunar eclipse on May 4th 2004. For some reason I don’t understand, the lunar eclipses disorient the ghouls; they go spongy and slow, and they don’t know where there are. That night was Armageddon for the ghouls, “hasta la effin’ vista, baby”. The early pinprick of a hole was now a massive crack in the fabric of space and time; a hole so big it could not be defended by the ghouls. The celestial beings poured in here, into our 3-D world by the millions on that night and the few days that followed.

It will take several months for the celestial forces of the Goddess to spread out and establish themselves, and as they go they have to battle the ghouls and back them off, so it’s not a clear run, though the final result is now guaranteed. It is very difficult to comprehend idea of angelic forces that go to war—celestial beings that are here on earth that you can’t normally see, fighting battles against demonic beings that are also mostly invisible. But that is the story, trust me.

I saw a vision as a video clip in the mind’s eye, of an aerial fight over England, that was just a few days ago. The celestials were taking on the flying ghouls, some of which are UFOs. The battle is on. Luckily we don’t have to fight it. It’s being done for us. Certainly, there may be minor set backs and delays because no matter how hard you hit the ghouls, they always bounce back but never at the same level that they were before. It’s slow progress bit-by-bit.

What this new victory means is that the influence of the negative forces in your mind will die down and you’ll feel an ever-increasing sense of worth and a connectedness to all things divine. In addition, irritating medical complaints that haven’t healed for years will gradually clear up once the ghouls aren’t feeding the irritations. Part of what they do is to feed imbalance in the body to make you uncomfortable. So you operate less effectively.

The other thing you will find is that your inner light that was covered and clouded deliberately by the forces of darkness, will suddenly start to shine at its normal level—its true level. People will react to you in a more positive way. You’ll see them smile at you in the street. You will start to get better results. Your light has been deliberately cluttered and polluted by the ghouls so that you wouldn’t make much headway, but now, gradually, it will shine more and more and it will go out to others and they will react positively.

Globally, things will change. Right now, the world is run in secret by racist elitists that are cruel beyond words; they manipulate everything to their terrible ends. These are the modern black magicians—the closet Nazis, the racist elitist rulers hand-in-hand with the industrial-military machine. These people may not worship at a temple necessarily, though many do, but they are still initiates of the dark none-the-less. They use fear and the dark and their institutional power to dominate and milk humanity. They have utter disdain for the well-being of others. They are the pompous purveyors of the Grand Lies, fed to us by their media. And of course, they are beyond the law. They can do with us as they wish but that will all change.

These big families and groupings of the elite are fortresses of the ghouls’ power base; they can’t be easily wiped out. So they will be degraded and softened up over time. The ghouls are quick but they are anal and stupidly predictable. Yet the forces of the Fractal Queen, which is what we call the military part of the celestial armies, operate slowly, but they are clever beyond anything you can imagine. They will work to pull governments and the big families into a sucker’s trap, one that has been carefully prepared for them. It doesn’t matter if it takes years. These people will not escape, not even one of them. They are already trapped without realizing it as yet.

There is much about the celestial forces and their world that we don’t know but when they act to strip the ghouls away from a protected person or a protected system, let us say, a gang of slave traders in Gabon, then those individuals begin to see their shadow. It is their evil coming back at them that destroys them. They start to fight amongst each other and their shadow literally eats them. It is an evil that is now no longer hidden. Imagine a terrible monster suddenly let loose after years of captivity. It wants vengeance for its entrapment now that it is loose and free to operate, and the nearest thing is the human that created it, the human from which it came. The shadow is a real being, an identity in the global mind, not just a ‘collective’ of ideas in a person’s psychology. In the end, the dark will go crazy and destroy themselves. Or in some cases, the shadow of other humans rises up and kills them.

In the next few years, you’ll see institutions that have been callously sold to people as holy and good begin to crumble, and the people involved will be seen as the dripping slime that they really are: The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, various churches, the Mormons are in for the high jump, bent charities, the Royals, Mafia politicians in South America, sex slavers in Asia, and so on. The mighty will fall one after the next, crying like a stuck pig, protesting their innocence. It won’t help them because their darkness will be obvious for all to see. This will create great fear and many people will straighten up double quick and come clean.

For others, it’s a time of celebration as goodness will finally break out everywhere, out of its stranglehold, and communities will become warm once more, and the milk of human kindness will be seen where previously it has been totally absent. The stingy, fearing sudden collapse, will suddenly become open and generous. The world will change.

In the past, it has been said everything rests in a divine order, but while we lived in the empire of the ghouls that wasn’t always the case. But they have had their time, now it’s our time. The reign of the Goddess will now begin and gradually you really will see a divine order emerge. It is all meticulously planned. Nothing is left to chance.

We don’t really have to do very much, just be yourself and enjoy life. It will all work itself out. Just become a good person, make peace with humanity, become warm and generous, live and let live, forgive and forget, and look around to see how you will serve others if you don’t already do so.

I went on this awesome and terrible journey as grown man but inside I was a terrified little boy. When I got back three years later, I was in awe of what I saw, I will never be the same. I’m still a little boy. The only difference now is I am no longer pretending to be a grown-up.

I saw the celestial beings that truly do have command over this planet, and I was sucked down a tube into their world. At times, it was love and bliss so painful I begged to be let released of it; I felt I would die. My heart was too small to cope with their world. The word ‘god’ does not even come close; my concept of god was pathetically inadequate. The celestial beings are eons beyond human evolution. They are the light of a trillion universes.

Their power is that of love but it is also very frightening. They are not bound by the laws of physics as we know them. And they are not going to allow the world to continue along its current path any longer. They will not let these people destroy the heart and soul of the world. They will not let us ecologically destroy the planet. But you need have no fear of them, just surrender to the love that is in the light and let it show you the way. Simple. Remember, it has come to set you free.

I finally see what it means when the book says, “The meek will inherit the earth.” They are all that is left after the arrogance falls. No one has to fight anymore, you just wait for the fat controllers and all the ones that think they are so chosen and special to tumble. Just stand back and watch the death of the global-ego, we are pallbearers at its funeral.

So that is the story, morning glory, in very simple terms––a thumbnail sketch of the first chapter, ‘how the beings arrived’. That was the war in heaven. How the war on earth pans out against the institutions and the black magicians will be on the nightly news.

The glory follows naturally as the power of Light is re-established on earth, for a long while anyway.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been plugging away since 1960 with no success. I predict that that is about to change. It won’t be quite what they expect. But they will get very excited; they will think they have discovered intelligent life in outer space but then they will realize the sounds are from inner space. A bit like Carl Sagan’s film Contact that starred Jodi Foster.

The story of Carl Sagan and his film is interesting. He was a brilliant astronomer. He was one of the first to suggest that the red shift method of measuring distances in space is in error and that distant galaxies are much closer than originally thought. He will be proved right in time. But beyond his brilliance, he was an evil man. He sold his soul for prestige and money. He would regularly get up on TV and lie through his teeth to support whatever theory the authorities wanted people to believe.

In the early 80s I worked in an office in Maryland, next-door was a small company that specialized in graphics and art for major magazines. They were commissioned to do a series of paintings and line drawings for a major Carl Sagan article that said that we faced an imminent, global, nuclear ice age. The paintings were really dramatic and cataclysmic, it article was real fear mongering. The story was serialized in major American magazines over many weeks. It was complete rubbish, a political concoction.

Sagan was a great supporter of Edward Teller, the man who gave us the hydrogen bomb. Nice one Ed! Spew-dom. Teller was a man of copiously, vomitoso qualities; tragically he lived to a ripe old age. Our sweet, vulnerable planet didn’t need Edward Teller. He was a bit of rotten karma for us to deal with. When after the cold war hydrogen bombs fell out of favor, Teller came up with a concocted horror story saying the planet was under threat from asteroids and that we needed nuclear bombs in space to get shot of any pesky rocks headed our way. The idea was the government would give shonky Ed a few billion so we could have his ghoulish invention hovering over us for decades to come. Carl Sagan got behind Teller and he backed the bombs-in-space idea. Sagan wasn’t stupid, so you’d reckon a few quid changed hands for him to support the nutty professor. Certainly we are at a very slight risk of getting hit by something from outer space but hundreds of bombs in space is not a safe or realistic way of tackling the problem.

Sagan was very much the “grand liar” especially for NASA whenever there were any awkward questions to be answered. He provided the quivering, rubber-lip, hired to spout the party line. He was also virulent about the non-existence of UFOs. He’d regularly give us the official, “expert” opinion, poo-pooing the idea as ridiculous. UFOs are etheric beings; they are real and deadly. They are here in their millions. Their dimension is cold and dark and they are extremely intrusive, sneaky and intelligent; they like to operate under a cloud of confusion and secrecy. Having their man regularly tell the world they didn’t exist was perfect for them. I reckon Sagan was one of them, in the sense he was one of those humans abducted by evil without ever knowing it—a reptile in human skin.

Sagan’s Contact starred Jodi Foster. In the film, she picks up a SETI signal and then she is supposed to travel through a wormhole in space where the signal came from. The experiment fails and instead she goes through to a celestial dimension where she meets her father who had died early in her character’s life. I think Sagan had a change of heart. He realized as his death approached he had lied and misled people all of his life, and so he was desperately trying to make it right, injecting a spiritual connotation, hoping to make good. I don’t think it would have helped him much as he was as deeply demonic and possessed as anyone could ever be. The ghouls would have been waiting for ‘ice-age Carl’ a long time before he died. It’s a pity really.

But I reckon the film was a forerunner of what will happen next, a clue. I reckon SETI will find a signal and they will wonder if it is from a planet orbiting a distant star, and gradually they will realize it comes from inner space not outer space. It will still be a very important discovery and it will help with people’s perception of dimensions and the nature of the universe.

The reason why I am fairly sure about this SETI breakthrough is because of two sounds that come from inner space via the Morph. One is a high-pitched whine; it has a ripple-wave configuration like when you throw a pebble into a pond, with one important difference. The wave pattern of the whine does not go out in all directions in a circle as you might expect, it only goes out in a half circle from the source not a complete circle.

That is because the missing half of the wave pattern is beyond the singularity between here in 3-D and over there in 10-D, so half the wave pattern is not visible to us. In the Morph you can see sound waves while on earth you need an audio version of an oscilloscope to see sound waves as you would in a recording studio.

Next, there is a tick-tick formatting sound that also comes from those inner worlds. The sound is caused by a short, red, pulse that is beamed down a protective cone. It travels inside the cone close to its right-hand side, which is our left from where we watch it.

I call it the formatting sound, as it is exactly like how old computer disks clicked when you had to format them before use. It is the red pulse that emits the slightly mechanical, tick-tick sound; it operates at about four clicks a second. The SETI people are currently fixed on broadcasting signals into space associated with the mathematics of the hydrogen atom, and they are looking for radio signals in space in the same format, but they have recently realized that that might be futile.

The reason is that even radio and TV signals from earth are changing. In the past, our TV signals went directly out into space at the speed of light, but as technology has progressed we now have broadcast signals that don’t go out into space at all, cable TV for example, and satellite systems where the signal is being beamed back to earth not outwards. So a technological advanced society in outer space might also have no detectable radio/TV emissions, depending on how sophisticated their broadcast systems are.

The formatting sound from the Morph rises and falls in pitch and intensity, and while it normally pulses as said, at about four cycles a second, from time-to-time it hiccups, missing a couple of beats and then it continues on. The sound seems intelligently driven to me, I don’t think it’s random at all. It also slows down and speeds up periodically. I reckon it’s a form of download to take us to a higher level of awareness. Like everything in the Morph it’s available to everyone. There’s no fancy spiritual country club you have to join. You just have to listen for the whine or the formatting. The whine comes usually comes first by a couple of years. It is very loud; you can’t miss it. When you first hear it you may notice one of your eyes twitching for a few days. The formatting pulse is very much quieter than the whine.

The SETI people are going to find the whine and the formatting sound and then it will take them a short while to figure they are from inner space not outer space. Once they turn their resources upon these mysterious sounds we’ll know a lot more about them. It’s all very exciting in my view. There may well be planets in outer space with intelligent life but the closest intelligent life is near at hand, just past a gap in reality, in a dimension we can’t normally see, just a few feet away at 90° from us.

My prediction is that the celestial beings in there will allow SETI to find them. It is probably only a matter of tuning or panning the SETI system slightly. Once people get that there are other highly advanced beings in another world and if that is proven to science’s satisfaction it will help humanity enormously. People will go through a bit of a shock at first but after that they will become more humble, less dogmatic and more spiritual. Once people ‘get’ that they are being watched, many will shift from being predators to becoming helpers of others.

Of course, there will always be those who will ridicule the idea of a transdimensional world even if it is proven, but once the beings I speak of walk through their kitchen wall they may well change their mind. It might be a bit too late by then, it’s not for me to say. SETI’s breakthrough is coming soon. It’s good news for humanity. It will be an inspiring moment in our comprehension and development.

The Initiates

My old teacher was decades ahead of his time and a master of the gap. He knew this place wasn't solid and he was fearless in the way he moved in and out through the Hidden Door. The supernatural was natural to him; he knew the secrets of backwards and forwards, so he could see the future. He knew about the initiates.

My old teacher said many strange things. I can see them coming true now almost thirty years later. One thing he said was that at the end, initiates would appear to take people to safety. He called the initiates the Purple Sages. I think at the time I imagined wise old men in cloaks. But I didn't know Arthur from Martha in those days. I was very green.

Then one day, I saw the mark on the forehead appear on some people I was having dinner with. Four of them had a mini-spiral galaxy that moved around their foreheads, the spirals didn't stay in the center necessarily. And the other person had a mark that looked like a donut but it was very small, only about the size of a quarter. It was also off-set, about two inches from the center of her forehead and slightly up towards her hairline. Three were women, two were men.

I came to see that the supposed link between the third eye and the mark may not be correct, as the mark is several inches away from where we think the third eye is in the center. Plus the mark never stops moving; it's oscillating and shimmering and darting about all of the time. I liked the mark—it was kind of cool, very alive.

I thought perhaps the people with the mark are the initiates, but I wasn't sure as then I was still expecting old men in long cloaks. Then gradually I came to see that the initiates are very ordinary looking and not necessarily old or male. They all have the same quality in that they are really magical people that live in the reality of the supernatural. Each expresses it slightly differently, but they all seem very comfortable with transdimensional states of being.

Over the years, I found I could pick them out of a group real quick. I just look and I know. There is an etheric depth inside their heart that others don't have. They are custodians of the gap, so there is an eternity inside them. It is as if you could fly into their heart and wind up at a distant star system. I am not sure if some of the initiates are born to, or if they fall into it over time, like train for it. But there is one thing they almost all have in common, none of them knows they are an initiate. They know they have the power and the connection to the sacred ways, but they don't know who they are—that is so cool. Years ago this baffled me, but later, once I saw the ghouls and their control here in this world, I realized the initiates have to remain a secret. They would be attacked into submission if not. But one day they have to come out of hiding and make a move and that day is coming.

I have met about two dozen or so, and there are some others "in the making" so I can't be sure, I imagine they will all get there in the end. And there would be hundreds that I will never meet but what I have noticed from the ones I know is that the initiates are all so less-than-perfect. There is one I saw in the Mirror Worlds and I was shocked to see him there. Here in 3-D, he is a quite well-known author and he's about as egotistical and self-centered as anyone I have ever met. He is completely stuck up; totally obsessed with his wonderfulness. Strange. Then there is another that is a bit of a liar and a drunk, and she was involved in a fraud and got away with ten grand. Very strange. No doubt they all straighten up in time.

One is a teacher, one is a medicine man and then there are others that are young in their twenties, and then there are housewives in the suburbs. It is all so odd. It is nothing like what I expected. Plum sages in robes, forget it! This is much more interesting. What I found out only recently is that all the initiates will learn to breath in the Morph, maybe they already know deep within. Maybe that is the gap. Now this next bit is quite interesting.

The Morph takes oxygen out of the air and that is why if you are watching it laying on your bed say, the active cloud of the morph phenomena will stay about three feet above you all the time. Only twice have we seen it come down lower. When it came down to just inches from our faces, we found we got cardiac symptoms of sharp pains down the right arm. You have to be very trusting in that situation and not get too spooked and lay very still even though you are going through the makings of a heart attack. I found that very hard it was quite a test, being on the verge of death like that for several hours. What we learned is awe provoking in that the Morph could wipe out humanity in less than twenty minutes.

It just has to come down and stay down. There would be no need for Armageddon or pole shifts or any other cataclysm. The Morph would be fast and gentle and six billion hearts would stop.


Right now the gap inside the initiates, with one or two exceptions, is very small, let us say the size of a tennis ball for those that are working it out and the size of a cranberry for those that are still getting pissed and ripping people off. But what I imagine happens is that gradually the gap gets bigger and bigger and eventually it may radiate from the initiate for maybe a hundred yards or even to the size of an entire valley, and that gap can hold back the Morph and so oxygen levels are normal there. The Camelots are already being made safe as the ghouls are being beaten out of there by the Forces of Light—God's Gladiators, but it will take the arrival of an initiate to hold them open. Without the initiate's presence the Camelots would probably eventually close and fade away. So the journey to safety is not really a defensive thing—head to the hills and buy dry food—it's more being in the right place at the right time.

Now you might think it all a terrible crap shoot but it is not, it's an inner sacrament waiting to be shown to people, everything is minutely worked out. Even how the leaves fall is not by chance. Nothing is by chance, there is no such thing. There is a divine order everywhere at a higher level. All along I have said with utter monotony, "process your dark, open your heart and simplify your life and then follow whatever promptings you sense from within."

Here is why. First you could be one of the hidden initiates and you need to make real progress now and get on with it and start to make contact with humanity if you have not already done so. Secondly, even if you are not one of those you need a big open heart to take you the right way. You can only find the way if the gap develops inside you. If for example, you are still busy here obsessed with 3-D stuff, fighting with people and feeding off them and so forth, you'll never see it.

It is not as if anyone would ever be excluded, it's just that people who are closed down or they are unaware of the darkness within them, will never find the way. They could be standing in the right place and still never see it. Imagine a tiny torchlight shining from the end of a very dark tunnel, just a very feint pinprick of light, that is the only guiding light. Only children that are too young to be tainted by life because of their youth and those adults open hearts will ever see it.

There is a strange line in the Gospel of Thomas, which was found with the Nag Hammadi scrolls, where Jesus is quoted as saying, "The kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth and men do not see it." That is so like the Morph and the story of the initiates.

If you are on the mailing list here I'll send you a piece I wrote a while ago that may help you get moving and it will hopefully show you how everything is round the wrong way. Remember hell is cold not hot, and deliverance is not perfection nor it is the acquiring of any new dogma, it's more letting go of what dogma you have acquired in the past.

Ascension is not up it's sideways, and that is because there is a heavenly dimension here at 90º. Spread your arms out and it's at the end of your fingertips. If you spin round it follows you. You are in the center of the wheel and the wheel rotates with you.

If Jesus did ascend to heaven he didn't go up, there is no up. Up creates altitude problems and your lungs burst, sideways is the only way. With a little proper sideways you'll dematerialize. If you can do that then you don't need the gap, you are the gap. Nice eh? There is always more. The plan is vast and way beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

The First Judgment

In Revelation there is an incident called the First Death. It is, in effect, the first judgment, when people are initially judged according to their lives and actions. That scenario has just begun in the mirror-world; it is going to help us enormously, but first I’ll have to put it into context so you can better understand it. It’s a bit long I am afraid but I hope you find it informative.

You might wonder what the Book of Revelation has to do with modern times, I always thought it was irrelevant. But when we started to see the Morph back in the spring of 2001, we began to see all sorts of symbols from Revelation that were in there––hundreds and hundreds. For example, we first saw the red horse, with it comes war, and the American attack on Afghanistan and Iraq followed a little while later.

To keep the story short and simple, the Forces of Light decided to make an attack on humanity’s darkness. It was decided that evil had had its day and now goodness would be re-established. There was a technical problem as to how they would get into our dimension as it is an enclosed bubble. The Forces of Light exists outside our space-time continuum. I won’t labor you with a lengthy explanation of that right now.

You may remember that I have written in the past that we all exist in a mirror-world, and that that existence is concurrent with your life here on earth. There are two versions of you. Your physical, intellectual, waking-self and your mirror-world identity. It looks and acts exactly like you do but it is your hidden alter-ego, your subconscious personality made manifest in another world. Because the darkness that is sometimes known as the human shadow, is deep inside the subconscious, vast parts of the mirror-world are very evil and spooky; the human shadow reigns supreme there. It dominates how we think and feel here, which is why this world is also corrupt and dark.

Suffice to say, before any such penetration of our 3-D world could be successful, the Forces of Light had to fight the demonic humans in the mirror-world. If they didn’t do that first then any change they attempted here on earth would soon be countermanded by impulses and feelings coming through from the mirror-world. Their plan would be doomed to failure. Imagine a dimension where billions of unfettered human impulses exist inside human beings that are in a spirit form in which they can move around and ‘act out’ at high speed. It’s a hellish place.

The battle against the ghoulish humans in the mirror-world is known in the Book of Revelation as the ‘war in heaven’. The mirror-world is certainly no heaven but that is what Revelation calls it. As far as I could tell from watching the mirror-world daily via the Morph, that battle raged for three and a half years. It’s not yet over. That part is referred to in the holy book as Michael and his angels fighting with the demonic forces. Michael is a human in the mirror-world, as are his angels. He is a Che Guevara type, a revolutionary brave enough to take on the demonic. The mirror-world contains the spirits of dead humans, as well as all those humans alive today on earth. The alive humans and the dead ones are mixed together and they interact. So it is impossible to say if Michael is a human that is living on earth right now, or one that died some time in the past.

On with the story. While the mirror-world battles took place the Forces of Light simultaneously managed to create a tear in the fabric of our space and time, here in 3-D. If you could see it, it would look like a small flash of blue/white light. If you hold your hand at arm’s length, the light would be the size of one quarter of the breadth of your thumbnail. It’s a hole in the sky, a crack in the symmetry of space/time, and beyond, instead of stars and galaxies you would see a vast, very fast moving, lush dimension that stretches beyond eternity. As far as we could tell, the attempt to make that tear began in August 2001, but whenever it exactly began is less important than when it was completed, which was December 26th, 2001.

That is the singularly most important date in the history of our humanity. It was the day that our rescuers first arrived. Once the tear was made, etheric beings that we call Tall Boys and Tall Girls started to filter into our 3-D world. At first they came in just a few at a time. With them came etheric dogs. I know that might sound utterly ridiculous but I can’t modify the details just so you’ll believe it. The dogs came in the thousands. They acted as protectors. There were not enough Tall Boys or Tall Girls to go around, so the dogs sat and guarded people and places. If the ghouls mounted an attack here in 3-D against a particular human, or a place, the dogs barked and the Tall Ones arrived at speed. So the dogs allowed the Tall Ones to cover and protect a greater geographical area than would have been possible without the dogs.

Here in 3-D, in this world, are trillions of demonic beings that exist in a transdimensional hyper-space that we can’t normally see. That hyper-space is close at hand between the molecules of our reality. Heaven and hell are in the space between your eyes and the computer screen that you are using to read these words. It’s a lattice of inter-locking worlds slotted between the spaces of 3-D. The etheric beings that are right here on earth vastly outnumber humans, and of course, they operate in secret for the most part. Sometimes they blip in and out of our perception in certain circumstances. Ghosts, UFOs and the Grays are examples most people know of.

So when the Tall Boys got in here they didn’t have a free run of things, they were hindered, just as we humans are perpetually hindered by our inter-dimensional controllers at every turn. All the ghouls, including the UFOs, can talk to your mind, this is THEIR world, not our world. They run everything, they control the thought forms of our world governments, and they make sure people that are aligned to the demonic get to the top. If you are a good person you aren’t going to want to control others, but whatever you choose to do there will be endless obstacles for you to overcome. And you will perpetually feel slightly unwell. The ghouls hinder you with fear and they incite other humans under their control to oppose your every move, but mostly they degrade your energy robbing it, so you feel slightly lack-luster all of the time.

Conversely, if you are overtly or covertly rotten, you will be whizzed to the top of the pile. Great amounts of energy will be sent your way to help you along. People will feel your darkness and they will become scared and move out of your way, or they will assist you, hoping for some social or commercial benefit to flow to them in the future. Tyrants have massive unseen power; they are strong and healthy. Success comes effortlessly and automatically from an inner alignment to the demonic and its controlling principals. I found that very interesting when I was first shown it.

You have been in a double-whammy, a nasty one. The ghoulish humans in the mirror-word have been attacking you in there altering your mood and making you despair here in this world. Then the transdimensional ghouls that are here in 3-D on this side, have been scaring you and eroding your confidence and making you slightly sick all of time. They electrify your nervous system below the navel, throwing you out of balance. You get a minor complaint and you heal it, and it comes back over and over. You never really get better and you find you are always traveling in slight pain and discomfort. That’s their electric world touching yours, degrading you as much as possible.

The good news is that the battle in the mirror-world seems as if it might be won or at least partially won. About a week ago, myself and others started to see the First Death mentioned in Revelation. Between us we saw hundreds of visions of people being led away. These are humans alive here on earth right now that have been captured in the mirror-world by the Forcers of Light, much like prisoners of war. These people are not harmed when caught, they are just “enclosed” in another part of the mirror-world, so that their human counter-part can’t cause any more trouble here on earth.

I first saw a group of about sixty of these mirror-world prisoners; they were lining up as if waiting for tickets. They were traveling somewhere. They grumbled a bit but they thought it would be okay, but I knew looking at them that they were being shipped out against their will. Most of the people I watched I didn’t know, and then there were one or two I knew from decades ago, lads I was at school with. Sometimes complaints against the prisoners were called out, “She stole from her mother.” “He sued for money he wasn’t owed.” “He lied to the doctor to secure the state’s benefits,” and so on. That part was weird as you could see quite clearly how truly ugly these people were/are; inhuman towards others and often arrogant in their denials.

As far I could tell, they go to some kind of re-education facility, as later I saw them all in gowns like university students. I think they are offered the chance to see the error of their ways. I also saw one woman that I know from recent times, she was a real trouble maker in this world. She lived like an heiress, but she didn’t have the money. She accused a man I know of stealing $25,000 from her. She told loads of people she had been robbed by him. They believed her but it turned out to be a complete lie. She was trying to get money from him. She never apologized for trashing his reputation or the lies she told. She was a heavy pot smoker and that is almost always a fatal sign that a person is possessed by the ghouls. Someone on pot can’t defend themselves well from entrapment. They don’t have the mind to, and the ghouls trick them subtly into thinking that pot is helping them relax and understand things. The pot tears your etheric and the ghouls walk in and out of your energy as they please, that is partly why pot makes you paranoiac, you feel their darkness inside your mind. This is because the ghouls are inside your etheric rather than outside. You and they are one. They have you as their slave. The THC oil in pot and marijuana is the other reason for paranoia. Over a long period of time, it gets into your brain and alters the electrical pulse of normal neural synapses. There is no known way to get rid of the poisonous oil once it is in there.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens to a person here on earth once their mirror-self has been captured by the Forces of Light. I imagine they experience shame and a great loss of vitality, as they are no longer using the dark side to keep themselves going. I think these people will fall to very reduced circumstances here on earth, unable to operate effectively. Eventually, I presume, they come out of it but I’d imagine ten or more years will pass here before that happens. Remember, it’s their inner-self in the mirror-world that has been captured but that will greatly affect their outer, human-self—the self that is living here on earth.

I think, the Second Death and Resurrection spoken of in Revelation comes once all those people captured in the mirror-world eventually die on earth. At that point, they submit to a final evaluation to see if they have improved or not. If they are still sub-human and mean to others, then they are cast down. You can’t kill evil, it is eternal, you can only degrade it and marginalize it and hope it transmutes itself into good eventually. That is why the Book of Revelation says that after a thousand years the Devil comes back to reign on earth once more. The control over the mirror-world by the Forces of Light can’t last forever, eventually they will have to retreat and allow humanity back into its shadow and its darkness.

You might wonder why the Forces of Light decided to attack. The answer is to liberate all those humans that were ready to escape. And once it is all over, the Forces will control the first thousand years because they will have control of the mirror-world. So all those on earth that incarnate in that special time will automatically evolve to a higher plane away from any ghoulish influences. So the Forces of Light win people right now, and they have the promise of a thousand years of those who will live here and evolve in that time. They have the promise of the children and the children’s children. You might remember, I said in the past that in the end it will all come down to how well we managed to protect the children.

But what is fantastic for us about the First Death is that it wraps-up ghoulish humans in the mirror-world. That will help us feel more liberated as a lot of negative energy will suddenly disappear from your life. This will be the first time there will ever be any proper justice for ordinary people. Imagine if all the people that are working behind your back to trash you and undermine you, suddenly get a terrible scare. Imagine the serial killer as the Tall Boys come through his or her kitchen wall. Or, the street gang on the corner suddenly going to ‘white terror’ and melting into the night. ’Should be interesting.

I’m not sure if we can pray to have someone we know removed, there might be a Mother-in-Law Protection Law in there, but it is worth a chance. I have seen the Tall Boys go after specific people that are causing trouble but I’m not sure if we can dispatch the Tall Boys. I think they make up their minds which situations to tackle and which to leave alone for now. It is certainly worth an ‘ask’ if you are being unreasonably tormented.

I see this First Death as the beginning of a new day, but there is much I don’t know about the process as it is still on-going, we are watching it everyday right now. It may be months or even years before it is all done. There are a lot of people in this world that are long-due a ‘spiritual whack in the head,’ there may not be enough baseball bats in the mirror-world to go around. We might have to take a number and wait. But I trust the Tall Boys. They are endlessly brave and good, they will get it done eventually. In addition there are other light beings coming now that have massive power, beyond the Tall Boys and anything we humans can imagine.

P.S. There are two other benefits of the First Death if you fancy reading them, clicketh here, if thou

More Lessons of the Shadow

In Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of Christ, there is a strange scene in the Garden of Gethsemane at night. A pale, devilish-looking being appears, and a maggot comes out of her nose and goes back in again. She says to Jesus, "No one man can bear the full burden of sin...saving souls is too costly." In essence she was saying no man is big enough to take away the sins of the world. She was Gibson's addition to the script, her line is not in the Gospels. But he was very clever in adding it because he obviously sees the truth of it. The maggot-lady represents Jesus' subconscious shadow talking to him about his darkness. She is his feminine softness appearing in the moonlight pointing out his arrogance, foolishness and macho.

Jesus always denied his dark side. He was tempted three times in the desert by that darkness. First, the Devil said, "If you are who you say you are turn these stones into bread." It is part of our dark side to want to become the great provider, and have millions admire us and thank us for our success and generosity. It is how we get to play god. The film Pretty Woman was a huge hit because it tells the story of a street girl raised up by a billionaire to become his queen. The ego wants to be miraculously raised up, or it wants to be the one that does the raising--the god-like being that can descend from a great height to bestow grace and favor and healing upon ordinary people. It is the narcissistic psychosis of the would-be savior. The problem in the desert was that Jesus couldn't turn stones into bread. His shadow was showing him that.

Then the Devil said (paraphrased), "Listen up JC-Buba, if you really are so divine chuck yourself off this cliff and fly, and have angels administer to you. I am asking you to do this because I'm your shadow-self and I know for a fact you are a big liar and a topnotch bullsh.t merchant. How I know it is because I have been inside your mind for decades."

Again, the Devil caught Jesus out for we all want to be considered divine and specially chosen and endowed with magical powers. Jesus was no different, he'd spent three years adopting that pose and his darkness knew it, so it taunted him to show him. In a strange way the shadow was trying to keep Jesus safe, for it knew the narcissism of assuming a divine pose, can get you killed. It killed the great Indian guru, OSHO. The authorities went after him and poisoned him.

Then the Devil says, "I will give you all the wealth in the world if you will only kneel down and call me brother." Jesus declined. He wouldn't call his shadow "brother” because he couldn't accept that both light and dark were a part of him and his soul. He couldn't see that his mind had been corrupted by a narcissistic psychosis that told him he was the one and only, Son of God. That put him at the top of the pile, better than others, because if he were the only Son of God then everyone else could not be the Sons of God. It's an expression of the elitism of the ego and its desire for separation, as opposed to the unity of God that would have us all as sons and daughters of God.

But Jesus' narcissistic psychosis vacillated from time-to-time because as he came into Jerusalem and people were throwing down palm leaves to honor him he said, "Who do they say I am?" So he had a moment of doubt. For if you really are the only Son of God you wouldn't need to ask, would you? Meanwhile, his shadow-self that by now had had enough of Jesus' BS and his denial, linked up with the shadow inside the Jewish hierarchy. Soon their arrogance and self-proclaimed divinity was threatened by Jesus' arrogance and self-proclaimed divinity and so they plotted to kill him. The three nails of the crucifixion are said to represent the three denials.

Then a religion formed that said that Jesus would take away the sins of the world. People only had to put themselves aside and worship Jesus and pay money to the church, and their darkness would miraculously disappear. But this kind of denial didn't work for Jesus, for in denying his shadow he denied himself; he denied God. For God is the God of light and the God of dark, and the shadow is part of God, not separate from the divine. And the advice that said, "Love one another,” didn't say love one another except if the person is gay, or black, or anti-social, or from another religion, or if that person is considered by you to be dark.

People took the message of Jesus to mean love the light and all that which is similar to you and whatever views you hold. They didn't see it properly. What it should have said is, "Love everything and especially love those things that are dark and those people that are different to you." The light was praised; the dark denied. Over the centuries people never felt the need to look within and process their shadow. They wanted to be raised up quickly and easily. They only had to mumble a few prayers; dish the priest a few bob, and all their darkness would be washed away. They would become special. Dream on--it is a trap, a psychological trick that will take you to a crucifixion--yours.

The collective, repressed, Christian shadow that Jesus set in motion, grew stronger and stronger by the fact that it was disempowered and ignored. Very few had the courage to acknowledge it and call it 'brother'. But your darkness IS your brother or your sister because it is in your subconscious, and your squeaky-white, waking intellect holds only a minute part of the total information that makes up who you are. The greater memory of you is almost all in your subconscious mind hidden away. So the dark brother or the devilish sister was driven down in the collective unconscious where it became angry and vindictive and hundreds of millions went to proper a Christian death with a maggot up their nose.

They blamed God for their pain, claiming they had been let down. Excuse me! Didn't the victims vilify the dark and deny it? Didn't they pretend they were not connected to it? Didn't they swear blind it was no part of them, believing themselves to be elevated and special? Didn't they make exactly the same narcissistic mistake that Jesus made? What did they expect to happen over time? If you have ever been on a transdimensional journey and you have seen the primal forces in all their magnificence you will know they are both light and dark. You will also know we exist in a vast unified field and the God Force is the ultimate expression of love and unity, and what God has unified is both light and dark. You can't go to God hopping on one white-clad leg, with the greater part of you, the dark, unresolved.

Further, you have to travel to God inwardly through the dark because humanity is surrounded by the dark. And those demonic forces are massively powerful, you will never get through, as much as your inner fool, might pretend it will. For your unprocessed shadow allows those demonic forces into your force field; it allows them to gather round and encircle you. It gives them power. God is the god of dark. If you don't understand that and you deny your darkness you will find yourself up against a terrible force, which of course is all the darkness that exists. To become safe you have to embrace the dark and admit to it, and join it and love it, and make it a part of who you are. It is hard to embrace the shadow but it is a lot easier than to be out on a limb in La-La Land and vulnerable.

I so much don't want you to be crushed by the disappointment that awaits the one-legged fool. Trust me on this one. Try, if you can, to avoid becoming the one and only begotten leg-of-God. It's a fatal mistake. The ghouls have great power here. They are the rulers of these lands and this age, and they are nasty to the extreme. By processing your shadow you disempower their potential influence over you. And you move away on an energy level from other people's shadows that might soon run amok.

'Nuff said.

For three more articles by SW on the narcissism of the Jesus complex and how it affects men and women go to ...... Claridad, the Primal Trick at

©2009, Stuart Wilde

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