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Menstuff® has compiled the following information on these weird antilust laws that are actually on the books...even if they're not enforced.

In Alaska, it's illegal to intentionally expose your bare butt to someone.

In Indiana, it's illegal for a man to have a visible erection in public, even if it is covered by clothing.

In Oklahoma, it's illegal to seduce a virgin by promising that you'll marry her. (What about seducing a male virgin?)

In South Carolina, it's illegal for any unmarried man or woman to "make a habit" of engaging in sexual intercourse.

In Utah, it's illegal to have oral sex.

More to come.

Source: A Guide to America's Sex Laws

But Is It Legal

While, admittedly, this may be outdated information, it was the law stated in the last information we have been able to find. It shows that it is still a crime to cohabitate (live together as if husband and wife) in 20 states and fornication (sexual intercourse between a man and a woman who are unmarried) is illegal in 17 states with 3 other states, Alabama, Alaska and Michigan, where the law is ambiguous. In some circumstances, mere acts of sexual intercourse may be considered to violate the statue prohibiting cohabitation. Furthermore, if one of you is married and you have intercourse or live together, you are committing adultery, which is a crime in many states. You may also be vulnerable to a charge of bigamy. Here's the most recent information we could find. Please update us if you have new information. C=cohabitation, F=fornication.

Alabama: C: First conviction: min $100 fine and/or sentence to prison or hard labor for max. 6 mos. Second: min $300 fine and/or sentence to prison or hard labor for 1 yr. Third: 2 yrs sentence.
Alaska: C: Max $500 fine and/or 1-2 yrs sentence.
Arizona C: Felony. Max 3 yrs sentence.
Arkansas C: Misdemeanor. First conviction: $20-$100 fine. Second: $100 and max. 1 yr sentence. Third: 1-3 yrs sentence.
Florida C: Misdemeanor Max 60 days. F: Same
Georgia: F: Misdemeanor.
Hawaii: F: $15-50 fine and/or 1-3 mos. sentence.
Idaho: C: Misdemeanor. Max $300 fine and/or max. 6 mos. sentence. F:  Same
Illinois: C: Misdemeanor. Less than 1 yr sentence. F:  Same
Indiana: C: Max. $500 fine and/or max. 6 mos. sentence. F:  Same
Kansas:  C: Misdemeanor. $500-$1000 fine and/or 1-3 mos. sentence.
Massachusetts: C: Max. $300 fine or max. 3 yrs sentence. F: Max $30 fine or max. 3 mos. sentence.
Michigan: C: Misdemeanor. Max. $500 fine or max. 1 yr. sentence
Mississippi: C: Max. $500 fine and 6 mos. sentence. F:  Same
Nebraska: Max. $100 fine and 6 mos. sentence.
New Jersey: F: Misdemeanor. Max $50 fine and/or 6 mos. sentence.
New Mexico: C: Warning by judge.
North Carolina: C: Misdemeanor. Max $500 fine and/or 6 mos. sentence. F: Same
Rhode Island: F: Max $10 fine.
South Carolina: C: $100-500 fine and/or 6 mos-1 yr. sentence. F:  Same
Utah:  F: Max. $299 fine or 6 mos. sentence. Makes you think you're not being punished as severely as in Idaho.)
Virginia:  C: Misdemeanor. First conviction: $500 max. fine. Thereafter: $1,000 max. fine and/or 1 yr. sentence. F: Misdemeanor. Max $100 fine.
West Virginia: C: Misdemeanor. Min. $50 fine and/or min. 6 mos. sentence. F: Misdemeanor. Min. $20 fine.
Wisconsin: C: Max. $500 fine and/or max. 1 yr. sentence. F: Max. $200 fine and/or 6 mos. sentence.
Wyoming: C: Max. $100 fine and/or max. 3 mos. sentence.
Washington, DC: F: Max $300 fine and/or 6 mos. sentence.

I wonder if once convicted you are then termed a sex offender. This isn't a flippant question. Read on.

The fact that few people have been prosecuted under these laws doesn't remove the possibility for some Assistant DA to try to make a name for himself. While the laws still exists, there exists the danger of them being applied. On, I believe, Oprah, within the past year, there was a boy 18 and a girl 19. They had a child out-of-wedlock, but the boy committed to raise the child and both sets of parents were supporting the couple. However, the two had conceived while both under 18 and the local DA was charging the boy, and asking for a prison sentence. The girl, who as an adult at 18 was having sex with the boy, then 17 (a minor), was not charged because she needed to raise the child. But that's not the end to what can happen. If convicted, the boy would be listed as a sex offender and would never be able to visit his daughter without supervised visitation. Tell me there isn't a strong connection between church and state. And, these laws need to be eliminated before they end up putting one of us or our children in prison for a personal choice.

Don't Have Sex in Mississippi

Did you know that adultery is against the law in Mississippi. So is having sex if you're not married. So is living together. It's illegal to have an erection, even if you're dressed. You can't legally have oral or anal sex, even with your wife or husband. But it's not all bad news. Although 32 states prohibit having sex with or marrying a first cousin - that's perfectly legal in Mississippi. (It's also legal in Alabama and Louisiana.) I guess Jeff Foxworthy's joke, "Rednecks go to family reunions to meet women" isn't a joke after all.

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